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Paid search marketing
A search engine displays paid ads on the top of searches that are followed by the non-paid ones. Mont Digital PPC campaign can drive traffic quickly and consistently, as we work to give you the best suggestions to ensure our consultancy service takes the website where it needs to be through relevant ads, landing page value, the ad position and the cost-per-click bid on the keywords with Paid Search.

We make use of sophisticated and refined strategies to make sure that your business and the site reaches the top rank to stay ahead of the crowd.

Mont Digital PPC agency London takes care of the entire SEO campaign and considers every aspect of your business to make it a roaring success where our clients can be sure that the PPC services UK is fully accountable and produces tangible results.

We begin from the initial process of keyword research, perform competitor analysis, technical fixes, and content creation and ensure a powerful and proactive strategy built upon reliable and real-time data to launch your business in a way to prepare for the future.

What is paid search

What is paid search?

Paid search or PPC (pay per click) is an of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) method used to regulate the cost of marketing. 

It is a unique method that is adopted by firms to make it easy to budget advertising price and track ROI, at the same time as, it attracts valuable traffic to the site and gets qualified leads and sales for the business. 

Paid search is the digital marketing method in which the marketers place ads on search engine results pages and pay for the response gained by those ads. 

Such ads appear on the top of search engine result pages and it helps drive relevant traffic back to a business website. 

  • The firm that wants its products or services to come on the top place on searches, pay for the listing for such ads and one has to pay either for the links on the top or right of the organic search listing. 

  • The keywords used to promote the ad matches keywords actively searched by the users online. In such a case, one is buying visitors to the site instead of getting an organic rank for the pages. 

  • The method does not work as an alternative marketing strategy. It is a complementary strategy where firms need to invest. 

How does paid search work

How does paid search work?

Paid search helps to give an advantage over other competitors, while, driving the more qualified leads back to the site.

The businesses seeking to promote their products or services can bid on certain keywords. These are the search terms with which the organization wants itself to be identified with, and it is searched by the target visitors.

For the purpose, the company should find out the best terms that are more closely linked to the business and match the user's query.

Earlier companies used to pay for yellow page listings where they used to run or give details about their businesses in the classified sections. 

Firms pay for paid search option as they do not have much time or resources to spend on getting the natural higher rank.

The basic formula used for giving a rank is - Ad Rank = Bid x Quality Score

Landing page experience – The landing page experience send the ad to the relative user searches and it also shows how the page can be used by the visitors. The criteria include mobile-friendliness and load time. 

Ad relevance – The factor like ad relevance is used to know what the user is looking for in the ad and how relevant it is.

Expected Click Through Rate (CTR) – It provides the estimation by Google that is based on the historical performance of similar advertisers, and it is used to tell how likely the ad is expected to be clicked. 

What is paid search marketing

What is paid search marketing?

  • On the top of each search engine result, the first listing is about the advertisement that is labelled as "ad." Before one can realize that you are clicking on an ad, you may click it because it is placed strategically.

  • It appears at the location where most users will first click even before looking for the links below on the same page.  Businesses spend on such paid search marketing as 93 per cent of the experience on the internet starts through the search engines. 

  • 75 per cent of the users say paid ads make it easier for them to look for information online.  Such ads are most efficient and provide a quick fix solution to any problem. PPC can get an immediate response on setting up, whereas, SEO takes months or years to get the due response from users.

Who is a paid search specialist

Who is a paid search specialist?

The goals of a PPC specialist is to create, design and target impact from campaigns to drive traffic to the websites. The job requires handling a lot of communication back and forth. 

The person may have to work with clients and co-workers to send them emails and check the order of business on time to tackle the related issues, or answer queries and put out the fires. 

Internet marketing firms require such specialized individuals, who can make ad purchasing decisions on behalf of the firm, analyze the results, change the course of marketing strategy to optimize results, and have focused skills to get highest ROI through different online marketing strategies. 

The work involves daily tasks to check the online ad results and each day one may have to manage the campaigns and set it up and analyze the keywords, groups, the traffic, the latest trends, monitor the results, and device a plan for future implementation. 

The one who is an expert should have a great deal of control on the paid searches onboard to decide to get higher returns. 

He /she should enjoy the field of marketing and have an analytical bent of mind, and the ability to manage and implement predetermined strategies efficiently. 

  • Depending on the size of organization one may have to manage the tasks regularly, related to the online advertising strategies, writing ad copies, the displays, the optimized landing pages, the placement of ads on the sites and the keywords/phrases reports. 

  • They should be able to get a detailed analysis of the money spent in each field of work to deliver the highest ROI. 

  • An SEO expert may have to work with others where they will have to prepare keywords to send to the content marketing, social media, and designers and web development teams. 

  • They need to oversee the budgetary side of the project to ensure the money is spent judiciously on each field of work. 

  • They need to search for the latest trends in PPC to match up to the latest modifications / technological changes made in search algorithms or search strategies. 

What is Paid Search Advertising and Why Use It

What is Paid Search Advertising and Why Use It?

PPC is the method used for online advertising through internet search engines, content sites, networks, blogs and other types of businesses, where one can display ads that appear alongside the results of internet searches. 

When a consumer conducts such searches, he/she can see ads from a variety of merchants. 

There are two ways an advertiser can place such ads - bid or flat rate. 

The two methods are based on different business models and it is always very important for the advertiser to carefully consider the potential value of the leads or the clicks that is derived from the given source. 

The value can be based on the type of customer the advertiser expects to attract and the sales gained. If you're in charge of developing ads for your website or business, you'll likely need an advertisement maker.

As with other forms of advertising, selecting the target audience is critical where the factors one has to consider is to include the targets, the internet, the content of the pages one is browsing, the time and location of browsing. 

The flat-rate PPC advertising model is based on a fixed amount paid by the potential customer clicks through the advertisers' website. 

Such a method is used by websites which are dedicated to particular interests and search engines and it enables comparison shopping. 

  • The publishers of the sites have rate cards which can list cost per click (CPC) from different areas of the site or networks. 

  • Such an amount is often based on the content of individual pages where the content that attracts more valuable visitors carry higher CPC than content that attracts less valuable visitors. 

  • The bid-based model is the common one where the advertisers compete against each other in private auctions hosted by individual publishers or advertising networks. 

  • The networks – Google Adwords, Bing and Yahoo use the bidding method to allocate the individual advertiser with a specified bid price or the proposed CPC, which is often based on the level of competition of the particular keyword and ad placement. 

  • Yahoo and Microsoft Adcenter have joined together to form a single entity under the Microsoft adCenter.

  • The advertisers' pay only when the consumer clicks on the ad and when a customer clicks, it is assumed that it is a pre-qualified lead where the customer has shown interest in the product. 

  • Since it has proven effectiveness, the type of advertising grows significantly among businesses large or small. As per predictions, more than 50% of the total spending in digital marketing in the next few years is expected to go into PPC. 

What does a paid search analyst do

What does a paid search analyst do?

The one who excels in the fields is industry-ready to lead in the fast track career with a clear, structured path which is recommended by the experts.

As a part of the training, one may have to work in display advertising, conversion optimization, web analytics and other fields to manage paid marketing initiatives. One can complete the training to create compelling, targeted campaigns to drive traffic to the site. 

Get paid to search the web

Get paid to search the web

Some websites can pay for getting the best-researched answers to their queries or for just surfing across 

Playing around on the internet - One can register to site like inbox dollar to earn for watching videos, taking up surveys, playing games, reading emails, shopping online and even searching the web. 

Posting opinion - There are some platforms on the internet where you can voice your opinion and earn by answering certain important questions.

Get paid for taking up surveys. Some websites pay for selected surveys where you complete the survey in exchange for cash or gift cards like cashback on Amazon or iTunes. 

Such websites may offer to earn entries' into occasional cash drawings up to $10,000.

Download app and earn – 

  • One can earn a nominal amount of money through Smart Panel where you need to complete a three-minute questionnaire to see if you qualify to get paid.  

  • Some sites pay small layout like $5 per month for keeping the app installed, on your system, and for earning it, you need to meet certain basic system qualification. 

  • Some systems provide smart panel or methods to earn for just using the phone or computer. In such a case, one can earn up to $230 for doing nothing. 

  • MobileXpresion is the site that can pay for installing the app and answering to an array of questions and the user may be asked to run all kinds of rewards and free merchandise. 

  • To meet the requirement the device should be compliant and one must sign in to it. After meeting the qualification, the software works independently on the device and it can be used for analyzing and researching, without doing any extra efforts. 

Why is paid search important

Why is paid search important?

Paid search provides a method where one can pay some amount of money to the search engine and target a specific list of keywords or phrases.

The SERP displays the ad and it is shown to the viewers on your site.

The fee paid is based on the number of clicks generated for the ad.

This means you pay to get a top rank for your sponsored search listing. 

According to eMarketers, paid search is one of the fastest-growing ad formats in the retail and e-commerce business.

In the year 2019, US advertisers paid about$13.12bn on it and it was almost 22.5 per cent higher as compared to the year before. The forecast for the current year expenditure on the same is $15.65bn. 

What's the Difference Between Organic and Paid Search

What's the Difference Between Organic and Paid Search?

Organic searches are unpaid that provide natural ranking to pages determined by the Google (or other search engines) algorithms and the owner of the website need to make use of content and technology that can optimize the page. 

Organic is considered a most reliable way to create a brand where the user searches for keywords and clicks the links that come on the top of the search engine results to reach the web page they want to visit. 

To get a regular visitor to the site, organic strategies should be adopted but when a product or service is launched, PPC advertising can help the user know about it. It is the marketing method where one has to pay to get user clicks.  

Organic SEO methods provide long term visitors but it takes time to get the magic, whereas, a PPC can drive traffic immediately. 

It is important to make use of appropriate creative aspects and get well organized and implemented PPC advertising campaigns. The more strategic one is about the campaign, the higher one gets the potential returns on investment. 

In the case of organic search, the websites can get clicks from several sources, but it may be difficult to find users who are interested in buying the products offered by the website. 

No matter how much one has optimized content, the results will not come right away on posting. It is necessary to use a method to bring back visitors to the pages to enhance its traffic that can be served by the paid searches.  

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Paid search specialist salary

Paid search specialist salary

As per payscale, the average hourly rate given to a Paid search specialist is $16 to $26 per hour. The average salary per annum is $54, 673. 

The bottom 10 per cent make $40,000 a year and top ten per cent can earn up to $74,000 a year. The salary depends on the job responsibilities and geographical location of work. 

What is Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

What is Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising?

Paid search keyword strategy allows the user's query for the ad for higher ranks. The ads appear based on the auction and the owner of the ad knows where their ads will be shown and which ads will be placed where. 

Several factors can determine the rank of the ad from the landing page to the relevance of the ad to the searcher's query. Businesses bid on certain keywords when they want to place their ads with certain chosen keywords. 

Such methods can help to generate more qualified leads. Further, the leads coming to the site from PPC ads is considered relevant as it strategically targets the specific category of visitors and helps to get qualified leads. 

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