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Do you know that around 68% of the population spends approx 162 minutes on their smartphones daily? Just think about it. It simply means that there is a good business opportunity when we start tapping the high percentage of Mobiles user.

When we talk about business through mobiles, then Mobile applications come firstly into the mind. Just installing an application, a person can do a different type of work on the go.

By developing applications, Companies try to widen the audience base and generate more profit from the existing business.

Companies make dynamic, interactive, and user-friendly mobile applications based on various platforms like IOS, Android, and Hybrid depending upon the client preference. We all have heard the name of the I-Phone, the world-famous mobile brand developed by Apple Company. It runs on the Ios platform.

Other famous companies like Samsung, Nokia, Mi, Oppo, vivo all works on the android platform. Android is agreeably the world's best popular platform for all types of mobile devices.

The newly developed platform is a hybrid platform. It comes as a solution being a synthesis of a native application and web application elements. It is the next-generation techniques that work efficiently and smoothly with all kind of mobiles and tablets.

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Mobile apps development services increased the adaptability of such apps in the business world where the handy device proved to have a better customer reach.   Today average user spends more than 80 percent of the time on it as compared to other devices.

The innovative era of AR and VR is not just limited to gaming; it has beyond-imagination imposing screen influence on people's mind which can deliver breathtaking experiences to revolutionize online marketing strategies and e-commerce.

We can help clients to identify the app to be built, define the budget, and offer custom features and marketing for the software.  We determine the scope and functionalities and pay crucial attention to get the customer base to pitch, or target audience to promote the app. 

The app market is worth millions and Mont Digital is the mobile application development company offering cutting edge strategies, the ideas, and the technological support where new opportunities in the IT sector are integrated to the websites to offer highly user-friendly sites, which do not require downloading or memory to store.

These are simple to use mobile-friendly features that facilitate great performance. Such technologies are set to change the face of customer service in the coming years and we can provide all the support to you to take advantage of the next gold rush. 

We offer such services for

  • iPhone

  • iPad

  • Android

  • Blackberry

  • Other Mobile

What are Mobile Apps

What are Mobile Apps?

Have you heard the name of Whats APP, Face book, Make My trip, Zomato, Paytm, Netflix, Hotstar, etc? I am sure you all have heard the name of all or some of them.

Some of you have downloaded any of the applications mentioned above. They are a famous application being used for different utility. A person willing to use a mobile app has to download by simply searching in the app store in his/her phones or tablets without paying any charge or with paying some charge.

It depends on the application developing company whether the application is chargeable or not. A well-designed application is far better in user experience and utility than the website.

Applications store some data in the mobile itself, thus loading unloading of web pages is faster through the application. If you have installed an application, you can simply open it in one click and do the desired work.

It is more accessible, personal, and focused on the end-user. It has now become a great medium to stay connected with the entire word and to do a range of things. You can order food, grocery, clothes.

You can watch movies/Web series. You can book tickets for movies, travel, and exhibition. No need to go to banks and being in a queue to do some simple banking transactions. You just need to download the application of the concerned banks and do mobile banking. It is very useful.

What are the types of apps

What are the types of apps

There are there three types of application depending upon the platform they are using-

  • Native apps: iOS, Android, and Windows Phone

  • Hybrid apps:- Like Xamarin, React Native, Ionic, Angular Mobile Sencha Touch, etc.

  • Web apps:- These types of applications are developed with keeping eye on the platforms.

Additionally, there are Lakhs of application based on their type of services.

Some of the examples are as follows

  • Gaming Apps: - Clash of Clans, Temple Run, PUBG, Angry Birds Go, Solitaire, etc.

  • Business Apps: - Indeed Job Search, Dragon Dictation, Adobe Acrobat Reader, etc.

  • Educational Apps:- Unacademy, Jagran Josh, Byju, NCERT, CBSE, IGNOU Etc.

  • Lifestyle Apps: - Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Tinder Etc.

  • Entertainment apps: - Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Spotify, Tik Tok Etc. Utility apps: - Paytm, Freecharge, Swiggy, Zomato, MMT Etc.

  • Media App: - Facebook, Twitter, Time of India, Hindustan Times, the Hindu Etc.

These apps are secure, scalable, and sustainable for both the developer and the end-user. No matter they are Startups, Small and medium-sized businesses, or Large Enterprises.

How to Create a Mobile App

How to Create a Mobile App

If you are a developer you may have to develop applications for your own company or some other business. The following process step by step is required for the development.

  • Data Preparation in Convertible format.

  • Connecting data to the Appsheet.

  • Coding in the Appsheet regarding the usages of data.

  • Coding in Appsheet regarding presenting of your data.

  • Adding Actions, Workflows, and Reports in your App.

  • Setting security parameters.

  • Testing of the application by a different set of users.

  • Popularize your application by sharing and through all other mediums of information transmission including social media.

  • Get feedback from the end-user, Improve your applications accordingly. App development is a continuous process. Simply developing is not enough.You have to keep your eyes and ears open for related offerings in the field, and you need to improve your applications accordingly.

What solutions are provided by mobile app development services

What solutions are provided by mobile app development services

App developer has an in-house mobile consultant along with a User Interface expert and strong web backend development team. Their team comprises of highly skilled developers, experienced quality testers, UX experts along with the senior-level business analysts. They all come together and give superior experience for the user.

They all have the precise vision and business acumen of building the native and cross-platform apps for any business' and end customers. The following types of solutions are provided in a nutshell.

  • GPS tracking and Battery life improvement testing.

  • Software performance and server monitoring


    App optimization based on user reviews
  • Social media integration

  • Data-flow analysis

  • Monetization strategy

  • The graphical user interface testing

  • Seamless communication via email and phone Along with the above-mentioned services, some application developing company also provides the facility of inbound and outbound call center facility to popularize the application among the large user base.

How to Become a Mobile App Developer

How to Become a Mobile App Developer

As the career of a web developer is a lucrative one, everyone wants to try his/her hand on these awesome options. It is one of the best ways to earn more and more money if you are completely settled in this field.

The first and foremost thing is you must love coding. If your first love is coding then you should have a creative mind that is capable of thinking out of the box.

Being creative is very much required for being a web developer. Below are the basic things, which should be kept in mind before starting this as a career option.

Learning and Experience: - If you wish to become a mobile app developer, Learning and Experience is very much required. You can have a formal degree in computer application by doing any degree or diploma from various universities/colleges/institutes.

Alternatively, you have also learned some good coding online with the help of some reputed applications but online learning will not give you any in-hand experience.

Experience also plays a good role. If you start doing today, after one or two years when you already have gained some experience then you will be able to earn more money. Knowledge of other Areas except coding: - Coding is not everything in application development, however another skill is also required in-person willing to explore this career.

Marketing Mind, Business Expertise, Cash in hand, a well-motivated team are other requirements. Communication skill is also much in demand. As this career is very competitive, you need to complete with other developers, you need to have good communication skills.

How to run mobile apps on pc

How to run mobile apps on pc?

There are so many different ways to use apk files on a pc. first, go to the play store in your pc Find the app which you want to download. Next copy the app name. now go to the new window go to Then past it here copy name.

Click on the download button chose a location safely. After downloading the app, it is now ready to run on your computer. Your computer needs to have sufficient ram to tolerate the pressure to use the app file. If you have 2 GB or 4 GB ram then it is suitable to use them.

how to use mobile apps on a laptop

how to use mobile apps on a laptop?

Bluestacks is one of the most popular android emulators out there. It is made to run android on a laptop using the virtualization technology to run an android application. BlueStacks was the first release since 2011 It is continued to grow along with the android. This emulator is free to use and supported.

With a premium subscription, you can remove advertising options and priority tech support. BlueStacks is available to download on any laptop. At first go to the official website of you will see the download option there, start downloading. It may take a while depending on your network speed.

Once you installed blue stacks next step is nog into your google account just like you are setting up any other Android smartphone or tablet. This also allows you to your google play account from blue stacks so you can also install your previous purchase app. There are so many facilities of using blue stacks you can capture your screen at one click. Although new generation laptops prove you this facility.

BlueSracks is easy to use and you will get every feature on android on your laptop through Bluestacs otherwise you can install every sort of app on your laptop and play any kind of mobile game. Keep using this for some days and you will be known with every feature.

how to hide apps in mobile

how to hide apps in mobile?

There are many reasons that you want to hide the app on your phone. You can use the most secure screen lock on your phone that nobody can break but at some point, you will give your phone someone for use then you might not want them to see your most important app likes your dating apps or WhatsApp messages or email.

So today we are going to tell you how to hide an app from an android phone and an iPhone. Android phone - The one method you can use without installing any third-party app by disabling the particular apps. Nut in this case you lost your all data. The best way you can hide any apps on your phone is by installing the app called Apex launcher. First, go to google play store and search for the app once you find this app just install it.

After installing this app go to your settings panel and click on the home screen option. And select the default launcher as Apex. Now hide the apps open the apex launcher app and select the hidden option Once you select the app that you want to hide then you can select the save option now these apps will be hidden on your phone and won't show anywhere on your phone.

iPhone - Without any third-party, you can hide your apps on your OS device. At first, On the screen time make sure you have set a passcode then go content privacy and restrictions this option allows you to hide certain apps from the view.

What is Mobile Application PDF

What is Mobile Application PDF?

In a simple term, Mobile application is program-based software that is developed to work in Mobiles/Tablets in with or without the internet. Whenever we purchase a new mobile phone, we must have seen that there are many pre-downloaded applications in the mobiles.

These are called basic apps like Camera, Gallery, Alarm, Music Player, etc. which cannot be removed. However, if any requirements arise and when we download any application from the play store or any other store, this is called Non-Basic Applications. Both types of applications are used for various services depending upon there are of work.

The Popularity of application is increasing day by day due to various reasons. Better notifications receiving, personalize layout, Offline feature, and above more Applications works faster than the Websites are some of the main reasons for the popularity.

As per some recent surveys conducted by various companies, an average user spends 86 percent of his/her mobile time on Application and remaining only 14 percent on Websites. Just take an example of yourself. You will realize the importance. Additionally, the user percentage on Application is also increasing day by day. Thus future is mobile applications, not websites.

How do Mobile App Development Company work

How do Mobile App Development Company work

Mobile development companies do a range of work after developing the application? Application development is the core area of any development company, but their work does not end here. Before an application is rolled out for general use, various types of quality testing are done to ensure that the application is safe and reliable.

Testing is done for efficiency and speed on various mobiles of different companies. It is also very much required to understand what percentage of battery and data the application is using. Any application which is draining battery fast or consuming a large volume of data cannot be called user friendly.

The general public avoids those types of applications. Battery and data testing is done by the company. You have also seen that many applications are having less size and many having more size.

A lot of research and energy goes into determining the size of the application. It is all done by the company. Data flow, Data storage, Data synchronization is also done by the company.

An application is connected to a server in the backend. To keep the application going, a good amount of effort is pushed towards maintaining the server. Server maintenance is critical work.

If the server is crashed, your application will not work in any of the installed mobiles. Lastly, App development is a continuous process. Whenever any feedback/Complaints receive from the client or end-users, the App development company incorporates those changes by pushing new updates.

What is the difference between cross-platform app development and hybrid mobile app development
What is the difference between cross-platform app development and hybrid mobile app development?

We understand that in the case of an application, the process of placing that application on multiple platforms without using a single codebase without developing that application multiple times is called cross-platform app development.

The cross-platform builds are mainly based on JavaScript. The function of this cross-platform application is created by JavaScript function as well as CSS and HTML are used in the design of this application.

  • Cross-platform play a key role in providing uninterrupted functionality for OS mobile app development.

  • This cross-platform app development method is very easy to use code repeatability so it is very effective for developing a variety of applications.

  • In many cases, the performance of cross-platform development tools is not so good.

  • Cross-platform app development tools are not able to provide you with the best graphics. Hybrid mobile app development Applications created by Hybrid Mobile App Development are a type of application that can be easily installed on any device.

  • Hybrid mobile applications are mainly placed in a native container using a mobile web view object. Hybrid applications also rely on platforms that provide the JavaScript API if that functionality is called into that web view.

  • The same code can be used across different platforms with very few changes in this up to the development method.

  • This development method allows the application to be accessed both offline and online.

  • In many cases, the hybrid app development method may not work on all devices.

  • You may have to pay for this hybrid app development method.

  • This app is not old, so there is not much support for this application, so if there is a problem in the future, there is no way to solve the problem of these applications.

What does the mobile app development process
What does the mobile app development process?

Nowadays, mobile phones have become the most important part of our life. It features almost all those things which are more than our expectations. As it goes day after day, several types of mobile apps evolve or launch with various entertaining as well as useful elements.

So the necessity of mobile application development enhances significantly. The entire process of it goes through six crucial stages including,

1. Development Strategy

For every field of development, a strategy is one of the key factors. In this stage, you need to build a useful application by converting your thoughts in mind. You have to follow the strategy of business mobility in which your concept has to be exceptional from others. To make this perfect, you need to do such things that include,

  • Research well

  • Identify the mobile app users

  • Establish the objectives and goals of your app concept

  • Choose an ideal mobile platform for your application

2. Analysis and Planning

Your app concept begins to get a shape as well as becomes a reality at this point. It starts with identifying criteria and the recognition of compilation of comprehensive practical needs

3. Design of UI or UX

At this stage, mobile apps are modifying as wee as designs for great consumer experience. Wireframes, Mockups, Information Architecture & Workflows, Style Guide, Prototype, these all are the essential features of UI or Ux design.

4. App Programming

Programming of an app is the most crucial part of mobile app development. The entire process of app programming done by using a few techniques including,

  • Back-End or Server Technology

  • Application Programming Interface (API)

  • Front-End of the Mobile App

5. Testing

After programming an app, test the quality assurance (QA) is a must. During the process of development, you need to check frequently the stability, security, and quality of your programmed app. To ensure this, a developer has to go through some steps below,

  • Testing of Platform and Device

  • Testing of User Experience

  • Testing of the App Functions

  • Testing of App Performance

  • Testing of the App Security

6. Deployment of the App & 24*7 Customer Support

App Launching is the last and final stage of an entire app development process. In this stage, mobile apps launch in such app stores like Apple App Store or Google Play Store. And 24*7 support team requires for the betterment or updates of such newly launched apps.

Cross-platform and hybrid are two applications that can be easily installed on any device. However, applications developed by cross-platforms are less costly, resulting in higher usage. Also, hybrid applications are complex, compared to applications that use cross-platform development are easily usable.

If you have a low budget and you want to get the experience of optimizing mobile in it, you can do application development in a hybrid method.

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