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How Do I Stop Pop Up Ads on My Android Phone


Popup advertisements are sufficiently irritating mostly on the web but much worse on something like a small-screen handheld display. We would demonstrate how to remove pop-up advertising from your Android device whether you're impaired through pop-up disturbing one’s user experience. 

Most of the users are often irritated by the ads that constantly pop up on the desktop or mobile screen. But, as the mobile screen has a restricted sphere of access, the pop-up ads perform more difficulties for the users while doing related duties or jobs.

Hence, people look for methods through which they can simply block these pop-up ads on their android phone. This article will simply supervise you with ideas through which you can quickly stop the ads from resembling on the screen.

By Using Default Chrome's Pop-Up Blocker 

As Chrome is the default most frequently used Smartphone browser, removing Pop-Ups initially makes good sense. The fast setting disables popup entirely. Launch Chrome then press on the 3-point menu to find this. Settings are selected, therefore the site settings are managed to navigate.

A list of properties that control how domains interface with the device can also be viewed throughout this menu. Just touch the Pop-ups, switch the input to the place of the toggle. Whatever the site, you don't like to visit; Chrome will block pop-ups and domains as well.

A further thing that should be done is allowing the Chrome data saving feature if it does not rectify the issues for any instance. Although its main purpose should be to decrease the amount of data usage that needs to access websites, switching it on often eliminates certain irrelevant attributes from sites. Go to Menu > Settings > Data Saver option and turn on the toggle to allow this. 

You Should Try A Different Browser While Using Your Android Device   

You might think about using a different browser whether you can't stay out of pop-ups throughout Chrome. There are several solutions available in the Google Play Store to disable disruptive pop-ups as well as provide a secure user interface.

Blocking Android Full-Screen Popup Ads 

Whenever you see pop-ups while a game or program is in use, the running application is expected to be the reason. In these kinds of circumstances, you need to think if the software to be used is worthwhile without such advertising. Ads allow developers to earn profit from free software, but perhaps you may not want disruptive pop up. 

You will often buy Pro as well as ad-free versions of the software to avoid pop up ads inside of an app. These are typically used as an in-app buy, but often you can find them as a different Play Store application. Not all developers offer such, sad to say. 

In contrast to rooting your system, you just have to avoid utilizing pop ups inside an application. You can use the airplane mode to block ads from any application and game however if you want access to the internet to operate, it will not run even if you may not operate also.


What Are Pop Up Ads? 

What Are Pop Up AdsPop up ads seems to be an aspect of internet publicity that attracts web transmission. Typically they are created by JavaScript as well as Adobe Flash inside the latest web browser. While these commercials are amongst the most common web advertising tactics, on average Internet surfers are still not prominent and so many products as well as approaches being accessible to suppress them. 

The aspect ratio as well as the type of pop-up advertising is not usual. Pop up ads frequently tend to be separate blogs, websites most of which are sponsored, online games, or some mode of interaction.

A few of the attributes of pop-up advertising seems to be that users must remove it before entering so that the message becomes displayed throughout the pop up ads. A game, video, or audio may also be included in a pop-up display to entice users

Pop-up advertisements seem to be more noticeable and efficient than banner ads in web advertisements. They are scalable and can have any promotional forms onboard. As a click-through rate becomes greater than most other ads for marketers, this tends to be amongst the most common strategies for targeting online users.

Such that, investment returns for pop-up advertising are large. If the website is used right, it will boost branding and it is capable of making a permanent influence on audiences. 

Sometimes pop up ads annoy consumers because they normally overwhelm the device and take longer to complete to shut the advertising screen. Some see these publicity commercials as annoying and intrusive while they block other screens. For publishers, pop-up advertisements remain typically costly in comparison with other formats.

Pop Up Blocker Android

Pop Up Blocker AndroidOften you get irritated as pop-ups arrive during viewing an informative post on the Internet using your Android Smartphone. Some commercials are floating across the screen as well as hiding your posts.

The annoying scenario is where you inadvertently press pop-up publicity whenever you navigate the tab. But even on mobile devices, you may avoid such pop-up advertisements. 

However, there is no pop-up preventing the process with 100% certainty assurances. Although with the appropriate security protocols on your Android device, you may drive most pop-ups hidden. Any of the following are approaches that can suppress pop-ups when surfing the web. 

You ought to use some third-party browser to block ads as well as a pop-up on some other browsers. The Chrome web browser edition for Android runs with no other extensions from other 3rd parties. Multiple browsers like Samsung Internet or Firefox though can.

You can also block pop-up ads on the default Android browser. Follow the appropriate steps which may help to block pop-ups mostly on your main Android browser: 

  • Initiate Android's default browser as well as tap on Menu. 
  • Then, touch on the settings option. 
  • After that, visits the advanced settings option 
  • Lastly, enable the pop-ups Block feature.

Pop Up Blocker Chrome

Pop Up Blocker ChromeChrome is renowned as the most using Android mobile browsers that provide an optimized functionality to suppress unnecessary pop-ups as well as commercials. In the Chrome preferences, you may deactivate this option to block pop-up advertising.

While using this function, let's all evaluate whether it works properly or not. Make the following Chrome browser configurations: 

  • Launch your Android Smartphone’s Chrome browser. 

  • Tap Alternate options (three vertical points) in the upper right corner of your screen. 

  • Choose the settings 

  • Scroll down and select site settings.   

  • Tap Popups as well as redirects to disable pop-ups. 

  • Tap the choices Pop-ups including Commercials and turn it off to block Ads. 

  • To uninstall the function, tap and tweak the toggle button once more.


Google-Chrome Virus Android

Google-Chrome Virus AndroidUninstall Trouble Applications Through Compatibility Mode 

  • Touch on the Settings option. 

  • Launch biometrics and security

  • Touch Additional Settings for Protection. 

  • Open applications for Device Admin. 

  • You have to revoke the authorization of the system administrator for unauthorized third-party applications there. 

  • The system management authorization can even be required before you can disable the application throughout Safe mode. Take the next actions to uninstall the software after access has been revoked. 

  • To get the power menu, tap or hold down the power button. 

  • Keep the power off icon on your phone. 

  • Tap again just to reboot safe mode whenever you see the Compatibility Mode display. At the bottom of the display, you'll see protected mode after restarting. 

  • Then, one after another delete the latest applications. 

  • Press and hold the application launcher to uninstall the program. 

  • Choose Uninstall as well as confirm your move. 

  • Just start the device properly after all suspicious programs have been deleted. 

  • Start Google Chrome on your Smartphone to see whether the issue is fixed or not.

  • Trigger the feature called play protect  

  • Launch the Android device's Play Store application. 

  • Touch the menu (3 dots). 

  • Choose Protect Play. 

  • Switch mostly on the safety hazards feature of the Review system. 

  • Touch the Search feature if it's still triggered. 

  • Google can check for security concerns with your installed applications as well as suggest acts. 

  • Activated Play Protect defends the computer against problem applications. 

Alerts Regarding Block Websites 

  • On your Android Smartphone, launch Google Chrome. 

  • Go to a site. 

  • Touch More (3 dots) 

  • Choose the Setting option. 

  • Touch on the Site Settings option. 

  • Toggle Alerts under Authorization. 

  • Shut off the website alert. 

If you don't view the Notice as well as Consent selection, it implies that the site is not alerted. Which should avoid distracting advertisements as well as pop-up Browser alerts?

By Using Reset Data Factory 

As per concern, the reset factory may delete everything including all data or information from the internal storage of your device. Make a copy before going through the following steps. 

First, touch on the settings  

  • Toggle to General management

  • Choose Reset option 

  • Keep choosing the Reset Data Factory. 

  • Ensure that you keep safe your all-important files before touching on the factory data reset option. 

  • You may therefore need to enter your current pin in either pattern. 

  • Lastly, touch on Delete all  

  • It can take a while to reboot so wait until it is finished. Upon completion, Google Play Store can download and install applications as well as restore all information.

How to Stop Pop-Up Ads on Google Chrome?

How to Stop Pop-Up Ads on Google ChromeAt times, it is quite suitable that by default the pop-up ads on google chrome are initiated. In case the pop-up is blocked earlier, you can notice a message stating - “pop-up blocked”. However, in case you are still able to see the pop-up ads arriving on the screen even after you have already disabled it, then might be:

  • That selective channel or brand ads remained subscribed by you initially so that you can perceive notifications. It is easy to block this notification simply by unsubscribing it. 

  • Your device is influenced by malware; as a result, it is not letting you block the ads 

Steps To Disable Pop-Up Ads On Android Google Chrome:
 Follow these easy steps to block pop-up ads on Google Chrome.

  1. Open the Google Chrome app.
  2. Now discover the more buttons symbolized as three dots located on the right corner of the address bar.
  3. Now, select the option site settings followed by pop-ups and redirects.
  4. Lastly, turn off the pop-up and redirect options.

 In case you are still able to see the notification even after disabling the option, here are the steps to block a specific site notification. Follow, exactly as directed below:

  1. First, open the Google Chrome tab on your phone. 
  2. Redirect to the desired website from where you do not want any notifications.
  3. Now, continue to the address bar and click on the more option.
  4. Next, tick on the info icon.
  5. Select site settings followed by the notification tab.
  6. Lastly, determine the block option.


How to Stop Ads on Android Home Screen?

How to Stop Ads on Android Home ScreenYou often notice the ads on the android home screen because some of the apps display their ads on mobile screens. Now, this can be an annoying part as you might get distracted from doing tasks. Hence, here are a few ways that you can apply in order to stop seeing these ads. So, implement the following steps:

Uninstall the Application That Is Recently Installed

In case, you are unable to detect ads earlier and have just begun noticing, then it will occur if you recently install some applications on your Android phone. If you frequently encounter this situation, then you need to uninstall those applications. Follow the steps mentioned in the section below to uninstall those applications from your Android phone.

  • Simply, move to the Google Play Store and identify the applications that you have installed recently.
  • Now, select the Application and tap on the Uninstall option to remove them from your phone.

After eliminating them, reboot the phone and examine whether you are getting the ads or not.

Check Recently Active Applications

In case the problem still persists then you should check some Settings of the running applications. Due to this, you can recognize the causes that are responsible for the problem.

Many times, some apps will initiate automatically and start presenting ads on your phone. To narrow down the problem, simply move to the Google Play Store and check which apps are begun recently.

If you found any app activated recently, but you have not used recently, tap on the Force Stop option. You can also uninstall the Application from your phone to fix the problem.

How to Remove Ads from Android Phone?

How to Remove Ads from Android PhoneIf your Android device constantly shows unwanted ads, then some malicious apps may be installed automatically on your phone. 
But you can solve the problem on your own by removing those applications from your phone. To do this, go through the steps that are mentioned in the section below.
Step 1. Restart Your Phone in Safe Mode

Firstly, restart the phone in Safe Mode. In this Mode, your phone will begin only with the factory settings and installed applications. Go through the actions to restart your phone in Safe Mode.

  • Point-1: Long press the Power Button. Then, On the Power Off option and wait for a few seconds.

  • A list of choices will appear on the screen, tap on the Safe Mode option. Now, your phone will start in the Safe Mode option. 

In case, you are unable to find the Safe Mode option, you can activate the Airplane Mode.
Step 2. Remove Malicious Apps from Your Device

Now, you need to check if there are several malicious apps installed on your phone. To do that, apply the steps.

  • Open the Settings option and later move to the Device Admin Apps section. Now, Turn Off the administrator privileges for the malicious application.

  • In case there are no before-mentioned applications present, simply move to the next steps.

Step 3. Remove the Malicious Apps

After receiving the malicious apps on your phone, you need to transfer the apps from your Android device. To uninstall them, go through the following steps.

  • First of all, open the Settings menu. Then proceed to the Apps section and find the malicious apps.

  • Tap on them to uninstall the apps forever. After that, a confirmation box will pop-up, click on the OK button.

Step 4. Exit from Safe Mode

After successfully completing the steps, you need to tap and hold the Power Button and select the Restart option from the menu.


How To Block Adverts On Mozilla?

How To Block Adverts On MozillaThe pop-up ads on Mozilla Firefox may be activated automatically. As a result, you will get ads frequently while working on the browser. To get rid of this situation, you need to employ some steps. Here, we will share some handy tips to block adverts on Mozilla. I Hope, after applying these, you will no longer get any ads on Mozilla.

Locate the Perfect Ads Blocker for the Browser

First, You require to discover the right ads blocker for the Browser. Some of the AdBlocker block some important websites, and you will not get any notification from that website. Hence, choose the ad blockers carefully, which will block the third-party Application on your phone.
Choose Level of Protection In Mozilla Firefox

To do this, open Firefox and drive to the Menu section, which is available in the top right corner. A drop-down menu will appear. Now, tap on Content Blocking.
Standard Mode

You can also start the Browser in the Standard Model. You can also do the Private Browsing window to block adverts on Mozilla.
Check the Enhanced Tracking Protection Settings

Through these Settings, Firefox will automatically block third-party trackers. But sometimes, you need to alter the settings. To do that, apply the steps.

  • First, click on the shield option and select the Protection Settings.

  • Click on the STandard or Strict option.

  • Reload all the tabs and then click on the Apply option to change the Settings.

You can also attach other Firefox Ads blockers to block adverts on Mozilla. You should also check the FIrefox monitor to block the advertisement on Mozilla. It is a unique feature of Mozilla. You need to Sign up by providing your mail address to activate this feature.


Hope, we have successfully resolved the problem by applying the methods that are discussed in the above section. It is really an annoying situation for you when some unwanted ads frequently appear on your phone.
Sometimes, it is not possible to locate the apps which are responsible for this issue. Then you should Reset your Android device. If you do this, you will lose all the media, messages, and applications.

But, you can restore the important documents if you take back up those documents. But do not back up the applications. After doing so, you will no longer get any such issue.
You can also block the apps that are frequently showing ads after opening the Application on your phone while doing important work on it. Hence, it is better to remove those applications from your Android phone.

Some of the browsers offer plug-ins and show ads frequently. To avoid such a situation, you need to locate plug-ins from the Settings section. It is not a difficult job to do. After doing so, you can easily remove ads from your phone.
Hence, you can easily block or remove ads from your phone after doing the steps that are mentioned in the above section.

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