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Email Cost Per Lead (CPL)

Parallex_Email Cost Per Lead (CPL) £35 to £70 + VAT Per Lead

Our Cost Per Lead (CPL) model means you pay a fixed amount for a guaranteed volume of leads over a set time period.

  • Consult & Brief Us
  • We deliver the task within agreed time scales
Per Lead
Email Cost Per Lead (CPL) £35 to £70 + VAT Per Lead
  • Campaign development & execution
  • Campaign diversification via multiple publishers
  • Consultation and briefing
  • Email marketing cost per lead
  • High- quality & intent leads
  • Online lead management & reports
  • Re-targeting
  • Real-time delivery
  • Social media marketing
  • virtual designer banner
  • virtual digital marketing manager banner
  • virtual social media manager banner
  • virtual it manager banner

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