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Exploring the Power of Print

The amount spent on advertising reached £20bn in the UK, for the first time in the year, where more than 60 percent of the investment was made into digital platforms.

The report by GroupM found the spending on traditional media will fall 0.7 percent in 2019, which includes the combination of TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, and other ads.  

Individually, a rise in investment in radio ads by 7 percent (up to £535million) has been forecasted. Outdoor advertising expense is expected to grow at a rate of 2.7 percent and cinema will increase at 1 percent. 

Some companies reduced their spending on digital media such as Procter and Gamble that cut millions in the digital ads as they found it unproductive. Unilever is the second-largest advertiser where its marketers find - digital media advertisements are no better than a swamp. 

Digitalization made changes to the way people access to print. Both online flyers and paper-based are similar, in terms of, purchase behavior, while one can select the best of two depending on a number of factors such as cost and reach. 

Print vs. Digital

Print vs. Digital

  • Research by the Journal of Advertising Research (JAR) found the impact of online promotional communication e.g. online flyers and print, on buyer's memory or purchase behavior was analogous.

  • For e-commerce websites, the strategies should target to reach new buyers rather than to reduce costs.  

  • Marketers have now shifted to online media but most high profile marketing strategies include videos, social media, websites, and printed booklets, where booklets are offered to executives during conferences and exhibitions.

  • Such printed materials are published and distributed to people who control spending.  

  • In many significant cases, brand managers and agencies will provide such documents, notes, and prints, worth more than online marketing banners or other tools.

  • Such material is extraordinarily versatile, practical, and malleable. People mostly keep such items to read during leisure where there exists a lot of information that validates the use of print media. 

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Reliable and Engaging

Reliable and Engaging

Most organizations are shifting to digital marketing but there are some exciting opportunities available through traditional media. The use of emerging technologies and choosing the right path can help growth.

Many brands are realizing that only digital marketing strategies can limit their audience and scope. All marketing campaigns should involve a balance of available technologies and include multimedia, internet, and other strategies. 

Last year 3.6 million people used paper information where it is considered as most trusted. It helps foster relationships with the buyers and offers exclusive information where some complex information can be easily absorbed into the brain. 

Although online media is growing, print has a staying power where it makes up for longevity and shareability.  It can captivate readers and offer better engagement where one can find the in-depth analysis on a single topic and spend hours reading the same, at the same time as; some digital ad messages provide messages hurriedly - that are distracting, disconcerting, and vague. 

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