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Hosted VOIP Solutions

Hosted VOIP Solutions p

Mont Digital provides Hosted PBX or Hosted VoIP solutions, the cloud-based phone system having a number of added advantages, in comparison to, traditional systems. The provider hosts the IP PBX at their data centres that are based on the technology, where the desk sets connect to the network at customer site through the internet, while, it keeps the equipment at an offsite cloud data centre.

Voice Over IP is based on the internet instead of standard phone lines, where the internet assists the phone number. It provides ways to direct phone calls from the same number without branching out, or physically changing locations, or forcing others to move from one office area to another. It is the method where the customer may not know the real location of the call, as it is redirected over the internet.

Buying a consistent Hosted VoIP solution is challenging. Mont Digital offers easy, reliable and smooth Hosted VoIP solutions having undisrupted call features that allows the customer to maintain the image of a large company without paying for the office space. This makes outsourcing a natural task at a low bill. Research finds such systems can increase productivity by over 49 per cent. Mont digital Hosted VoIP features include call control, mobility, collaboration, call management, voicemail, and web-based management and call training at a lower set up cost.

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