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Internet Of Things (IOT)

We at Mont Digital offer digitalized solutions through the Internet of Things where we make use of the best devices, sensors and data collectors to provide the most powerful AI analytics and representation tools.

IoT is an all-inclusive term used for multiple data extracting devices, which are all around us. It is connected to a multitude of devices sending information in the form of images, videos, documents and other files through devices like smartphones and computers.

It is part of anything from farming equipment to thermostat and can track everyday instantaneous information like the blood pressure changes, respiration, heart rate and even emotional reactions, where the data collected by voice recognition devices can accurately conduct sentiment analysis.

Our IoT solutions help create intelligent cloud-based interoperable dynamic networks where multiple connecting platforms- mechanical, electrical and electromechanical systems are integrated, and these systems can monitor themselves to provide data and analytics required to facilitate managers to optimize performance and create smart buildings.

The technology helps in a significant price reduction on wireless sensors, based on smart building technologies, creating an affordable and strong case for companies to increase performance.

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