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Cloud Services

Cloud Services
We advise on private cloud services to enable you to meet complex data storage requirements where physical servers, which have decent storage options but may get expensive and unmanageable due to growing future requirements, can be replaced with a single platform, equipped to handle any complexity related to your business.

The traditional systems require hardware necessary to store more information and it may become expensive to maintain the servers as it may occupy a large part of the organization's physical area.  

Mont Digital offers simple to set up and start purpose-built IT services that are ready for all your business needs. Our cloud technology solutions provide a pre-built database and a library of resources to eliminate the need for storing computing for each project.

There are many other collaborative simpler solutions where you no more need to worry about reconfiguring the database to run a project. We provide guidance and services regarding a range of technologies to develop and deploy your applications. 

Our cloud technology solutions London storage providers take care of updates and secure the data using a multitenant approach where you can avail our services to move your enterprise applications into the new environment consisting of advanced infrastructure, applications, and managed services.

We are one of the leading cloud computing consulting companies well equipped to help you conduct low -cost business operations in a simple and secure way. Whether you want to create new applications or migrate legacy workloads, we provide all the solutions that work the best for your IT model. 

Earlier the enterprise apps were expensive and difficult to deploy. The upfront cost of license and additional hardware charges were very high. The annual cost of deployment and maintenance added to the overall cost, while, companies had to spend on the third-party software apps to integrate certain customized/ critical features.

Such solutions rarely achieved the ROI - expected at the start of the project and the total cost of ownership was very high. Many small organizations avoided such installations due to the higher cost of implementation. 

The introduction of cloud offered companies not only software but also infrastructure and platform for low-cost long term maintenance. Over 83% of the enterprise workloads are on such systems these days, which is ready to evolve and stay ahead due to the introduction of several pioneering methods.

Nowadays companies can ensure digital-first technology and they can embrace the array of the unpredictability of the technology. Today the critical standing point harnesses and developed skilled workforce can understand how the enterprise can collaborate and migrate to such applications to provide one of the best outcomes for customers. 

What are cloud services

What are cloud services?

Cloud computing providers helped firms of all sizes to install innovative apps and generate greater business value from the investment. The attention shifted from deployment to operation, and this forced companies to focus on the new strategy, which was not based on the software apps. It did not require the hard drive of the user machine. The software runs on the internet and this makes it different from other types of internet-based solutions. 

It provides an environment where you can send data over the internet and this can be stored on the vendor managed device. The features like video sharing by websites like Netflix can stream data on the viewing device without the constraint of downloading on physical discs. 

Popular providers of the services are Amazon (AWS), Microsoft (Azure), Google, IBM, and Oracle.

Who is a cloud consultant

Who is a cloud consultant?

A cloud consultant is an architect who can bring wealth through experience and technical knowledge. They may be able to earn premium salaries, flexibility to get a decent work-life balance and transferable tech skills. Such people work remotely and get contractual jobs instead of regular long term roles in any organization. They can provide the organization with critical skills to transform strategies to attain long term growth. 

The points that a consultant needs to confirm before starting work on a project are –

  • They ensure the system security is maintained, where the system access is offered only to most reliable team members.

  • They help to get data and system configuration and backup. They need to work towards system development, integration and migration to ensure the process is conducted safely and securely. 

  • They maintain the data stores and backups of the system. They need to assure that the onsite and offsite resources are managed properly. The consultants make strategies for automatically backed ups of the system file, which helps to prevent loss of data. 

  • They try to get the speed impact analysis that helps to lower the risk of destructive errors.

  • They need to accommodate changing client's behavior where they can use the 24X7 feature. 

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Cloud Consulting and Strategy

Cloud Consulting and Strategy

Today the IT functions are core provisions integrated to all the departments and it is not an independent work. Digitally-first firms enable the employees and team to work competently to complete projects. Due to such benefits cloud consultant promotes certain elements where they can enjoy the freedom to carry out the role that suits their requirements. 

  • The consultant designs strategies and indulges in customer interaction to get innovative solutions. They need to inform the user about the new features using effective communication skills to generate awareness. 

  • They are in-charge of strategies used in the implementation which can include the full end-to-end adoption through migration management, monitoring, and continued access.

  • The on-demand presence of the consultant helps the company to deliver long-term solutions.

  • These people guide through each digital transformation. They have to understand the user requirements, the customers' behavior and build relationships.

  • Their job can be high in demand, especially, in conditions when the firm is aiming to get collaboration and innovation. 

What is cloud professional service

What is cloud professional service? 

Professional services allow users' access to download data on a device like a laptop, smartphone or tablet. The storage can be used to edit documents to make it easier for users to work from anywhere. Such requirements are provided at all costs and one can select the type of service depending on individual requirements of storage, prices and security obligations. 

The prices are charged monthly or yearly, depending on the type of service accessed. 

Companies like RackSpace use the features for hosting where it can divide the system into front-end and back-end. 

What is cloud computing in simple terms

What is cloud computing in simple terms?

  1. It serves the business by offering virtual IT space where firms can deploy remotely the external servers. It offers applications for remote access.

  2. One can even develop or promote custom build apps on it.

  3. Network storage is offered to hold data without investing in physical devices. It is designed in the manner to closely track the resources and enable the provider to charge the customer a monthly fee or annual fee for the network, storage, and processing usages. It offers metered-service and the users can access it through flat-rate subscriptions. 

  4. It can initially disrupt the normal work process but offers modern ways to provide the right methods to operate and adapt to new technological requirements. 

  5. The systems are connected through a network, where the front-end is the user or client, while the back-end is the cloud. 

Explain What are the different types of cloud services

Explain - What are the different types of cloud services (with an example)?

The website Amazon is not on the cloud, whereas, Facebook is considered to be it because Amazon provides a service that is delivered on the internet and the data is not uploaded to the website by the users. 

Different types of solutions are -

  1. SaaS provides ways to the user to interact with the provider using a client mobile app. The provider offers the applications and software that is scalable but is different. Examples of SaaS are Instagram and Pinterest. 

  2. PaaS provides the platform to build an app that is delivered through a database, OS and programming language. It involves the use of web servers but the end-users may not directly interact with it.

  3. IaaS provides the platform to offer the raw computing power to the service provider. It includes the servers' load balancers, object storage, network firewall, CDNs, etc. It can deliver capabilities on-demand through a cluster of data centers. Amazon AWS and RackSpace are some examples of sites working on IaaS. 

  4. One of the upcoming and popular types of solution is the Private Cloud that allows the vendors to provide a data center to the firm in the form of hardware and virtual provision where elastic computing concepts are offered.

What is cloud computing architecture

What is cloud computing architecture?

There are three layers involved in the architecture –

  • The first layer is the network which includes the servers, storage, and memory.

  • Second is the platform that is needed for application building, identity management and OS, the on-demand application that offers the content, streaming, and collaboration. Platforms are the locations where the apps are built, the identities are managed and the files executed. These layers are accessed by the developers. 

  • And the third layer is the infrastructure that is the physical layer which includes the hardware like the servers, memory and storage capacity. The application layer holds the service and it offers features like space to hold the content to communicate and collaborate. 

People who run these layers are mostly IT administrators. 

What is Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing refers to storing and accessing data and programs over the internet instead of storing it on the local devices. Earlier a lot of resources were allocated for the storage of data and the demand for more storage increased each year.

Many companies maintained multiple copies of data at different places and sometimes, redundant and worthless data remained in machines for years, while, the machine OS required a regular update to hold new features. Cloud computing providers eliminate the need for a dedicated network-attached storage system as it provides a mechanism to sync the data with the previous data to eliminate duplicity. 

What is a cloud computing application

What is a cloud computing application?

Google Drive is one of the examples of cloud computing applications that provide storage to documents, sheets, slides and it is accessible to multiple devices and can be used through separate apps.

Some experts believe such features raise concerns about intellectual property issues as the users may not know who the real owner of the data stored online is, or he may be unaware of the firm offering the service or holding the data. Currently, there is no central government body authorized to handle it, although, a set of standards was created by IEEE in 2011.

These days cloud services are not about resources, it is about running your apps on own hardware which makes it highly versatile and flexible for vivid business requirement. It has the distributed service which reduces the risk of losing data even when one data center is down, which helps it to offer higher resilience and redundancy.

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