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Lead Generation Funnel

Introduction: The lead generation method in business is not an easy task. The sales and marketing team works hard 24/7 to give their best to the company. Several strategies were applied to get valuable prospects. If the higher authority and sales team carefully invest their effort and strategy, they will get their possible leads.

Not all clients are leads. The sales and marketing team requires a filtration process besides strategies to generate leads. That process is known as the lead generation funnel.

Creating a leads funnel system is very challenging. It also varies from one company to another. The procedure of generating the lead funnel of the two companies will never match.

The management process of the lead funnel is even more tricky but not impossible. To make your lead funnel management smooth, ensure it is not complex. Otherwise, it will affect your whole business.

What Is Lead Funnel? How Does It Work? 

A lead funnel is a route through which leads are crossed to be an interested candidate. It is a great turn for the leads to become a potent client. Structuring a lead funnel is crucial for any business to achieve its aims. But anything requires a proper method to gain an ultimate result.

Through several stages, leads must pass until they become strong buyers. An organization needs to stay careful while structuring a lead funnel.

It may not be easy to make out different stages of lead funnels. But as it is essential for business, the sales and marketing team must include themselves. After all, this may get potent clients to enhance the business. Let's move on to different stages of the lead funnel. In short, we will check out how the lead funnels function.


1. Generate Perception

The first thing in generating leads through a lead funnel is to spread consciousness about your brand. Besides a company's inbound marketing methods (marketing process to attract prospects through content and other strategies), they must also watch out for their leads funnel management.

Your inbound marketing strategy may indeed bring you a lot of genuine traffic. But here, in the first stage of the lead funnel, the main motto is to generate consciousness through social media channels, strong content marketing, and SEO. 


2. Contact Names Must be noted

The next stage is to enlist the detailed contact information of those who are not so far genuine leads. You and your marketing team gathered these most important things from webinars, business campaigns, or several media sites. It will help you to precede your business connection and to be a part of future marketing planning.


3. Make Them Busy

After getting enough contact details from your leads, move to stage three. That is making your prospects busy with your live sessions, subscribing to get newsletters, following up your content on social media sites, installing e-books, etc. These are all necessary strategies to get your leads a little closer. 


4. Possibly Lead or Not

A person or a contact will respond to your marketing ways; you may proceed further. You can now apply the necessary steps, and you will be sure whether that person is your lead. You can apply different business strategies to earn leads. But make sure that the selected one is perfectly suitable or not.


5. Qualified As Marketing Leads

At this marketing lead funnel stage, if you are sure enough about what you have as your possible lead, then the lead has qualified for marketing. Lead must show their genuine interest in purchasing your product. Only then will you apply further marketing plans.


6. Qualified As Sales Leads: - 

After the marketing stage, leads are qualified in the sales-to-funnel stages. If your lead shows interest in the brand's products and services, the sales team performs the next step. Your sales and accounts department will deal with your lead.

How to Create a Lead Generation Funnel?

You must go through the proper steps to create a lead generation funnel. Without applying any meaningful steps, you cannot earn a potent lead. Here are some steps that are beneficial to build a lead generation funnel.


1. Build a Strong Content

When you have an idea about your targeted clients, create enough content to surprise your client. Your content should contain your clients throughout their work life, struggles, and achievements. Provide free e-books, short videos, social media blogs, etc., to easily connect with your clients.


2. Make a Note on Your Client's Journey

Before planning any strategy, first, you must know your client thoroughly. Naturally, you can't set any plan without knowing anyone. You may fix a meeting to discuss their previous business records, some points where they are stuck every time, and what they feel about your content.


3. Navigate Online Traffic

When you have strong content, the next step is to focus on generating online traffic. You can get huge online traffic with the help of different social media channels, expert SEO, and paid advertisements. That can help you earn leads for creating your lead generation conversion funnel.

Lead Funnel vs. Sales Funnel

The marketing lead funnel is a stage where the candidate or the prospect learns about the company's products and services. Here, the company has a chance to confirm whether they are treated as potent leads or not.

In lead generation, sales funnel leads are possibly converted into customers if they gather interest in buying a product from the company; only they can move towards the sales funnel.

There is a minute contrast between the marketing and sales funnel. In the marketing section, candidate or lead grows their attentiveness, and if a prospect finds any trouble regarding the brand's product, the marketing team will guide them.

In the sales funnel, the sales team is geared up by the marketing team's result, raising the demand for the product. Sales and marketing are two different segments of a business.

But nowadays many companies join these two parts into one team or group. Both segment's functions are not similar, but both have supportive material for both. Therefore, there is a very fine difference between the sales and marketing funnel.

How to Create A Flourishing B2B Lead Generation Funnel?

One of the most important aspects of a B2B business is to generate effective leads. Several companies will be present near your location in today's marketing world. They might have the same objects and types of products. It would be best to have different approaches to gain leads in such competitive situations.

In addition, locating potential customers is an essential criterion for determining your company's success. A lead funnel is a method to target such potential clients in an organized way. It consists of various stages to increase your company's engagement level. Here are some ways to create a promising lead-generation conversion funnel:

1. Catching the customers: 

The most important step of a sales funnel stage is to make the audience aware of your organization. You need to entice the customers so that they contact your company automatically. Ads, popups, content videos, etc., are shared among individuals interested in buying similar commodities. Generate more surveys and conduct interviews to have proper knowledge about your customers. 

2. A Strong Website: 

Customers won't just see the advertisements and contact your employees directly. They will use their devices to get more information about the company's credibility. Hence, the B2B lead generation funnel requires an interesting landing page. This will increase the amount of traffic and high-quality reviews.

Hire a potential team to post blogs, articles, videos, product samples, etc. Using more structured data and links can lead to better SEO services. It is also wise to analyze the content that other companies near you are generating. You can provide free trials and other offers through the websites so that the audience shares them more.

3. Social Media Campaigns: 

Lastly, you must invest your efforts and time in social media, emails, advertising sites, etc. These will multiply your followers and generate an enormous customer base. A company needs to explore methods that can increase its rate of subscribers. Convince your audience using these campaigns to view your website and get more details.

Publishing a new blog won't automatically increase the reach. You must share those links at the right stages and ask the audience to share them. The social media lead generation funnel allows people from various sections and societies to rate your company.

4. Steps to Make Your Lead Generation Funnel Optimum: 

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected large parts of businesses globally. The economy of our country has declined due to these traumatic events. The year 2021 has led to the creation of various techniques that can improve the level of the marketing lead funnel significantly. Let us check them out to get the basic idea:

5. Establishing Video Marketing: 

Offline seminars and conferences are no longer preferable due to the rising cases of COVID-19. That is why the companies have shifted towards the concept of video marketing.

Otherwise, the customers will get bored if they have to read each point in detail. Quick trailers and glimpses of the objectives allow the organization to invoke interest. Many customers try to find out about the company through video snippets and clippings.

6. Using Automated Methods: 

Nowadays employees don't have the option to reach their office. Thus, companies must rely on automation software and applications to communicate with the users. Such automated lead generation funnel methods not only save time but also save resources. Customers can get solutions to their basic doubts and continue their experience.

7. Analyze and Upgrade the Performance Level: 

Certain website analytic tools help business owners to get instant reports about their operations and performances. It displays the number of customers who have reached your website and purchased the products.

It also lets the company understand the category of audience they must target. Knowing your business's strong channels and centre of attraction lets you refresh the objectives.

What Is A Lead Generating Sales Funnel?

Funnelling the large number of customers who reach your website requires strategic planning. The first part of this funnel focuses on providing the basic agenda of the company. Once it grabs the customer's attention, the next process is to show them the products. They will get an idea of the price range and other details.
The most important reason to have strong lead funnel management is that it recognizes the target audience. It becomes much easier to run a business once you know who desires the products. Each step of the funnel focuses on increasing sales and generating more revenue. It is a planned method to multiply the profit percentage of your company.

If the steps are effective, the customers will enjoy purchasing the products. This will leave behind a strong business reputation and positive reviews. Instead of wasting time creating prospects, you can sell the products in high demand. 

How to Build a Social Media Sales Funnel? 

Undoubtedly, social media has turned the tables for companies with fewer resources and client reach. Companies have separate teams to explore social media channels and promote digital marketing.

It has the option to upload every detail and characteristic of the products. Here are some ways you can use social media to increase brand awareness and convert leads: 

1. Comparison: 

One of the main reasons that have made social media famous is that the audience can compare and submit reviews. It gives the audience a lot of power to control the flow of products. Create a support team to provide the answers the customers seek. Establish more review pages and platforms that let the audience share their product experience. 

2. Use Social Media to Sell Products: 

Not only can you promote the products, but also sell them using different tactics. Certain email sign-ups allow the employees to send direct invoices to the customers. Some contests can increase the level of purchase. It initiates communication with the audience as well. 

3. Fix A Posting Schedule: 

Not every employee will have the time to look after the content on your landing page. Make sure the appointed developers are constantly updating the social media page. Knowing the time and situation to upload certain content is very crucial.

The audience won't always be interested in navigating through your page. Instead of posting frequently, give some gaps and plan your uploads accordingly.

4. Analyze ``the Campaigns: 

Some numerous tools and accessories allow your company to monitor ad campaigns. Besides the regular likes and comments, you can gain more insight with a paid business account.

Social media sites can display the quality of traffic control and other specifications. Go through them effectively to understand the areas of strength and weaknesses within the company.

Conclusion: -

To acquire well-lead funnel management, you must get potent leads. Unqualified leads will waste your time and marketing strategies. It will hurt your business. So it is better to wait for good leads. That will not cause a clog in your lead generation funnel management further.

Apart from that, keep your sales team updated with new sales techniques. Through regular practising of assignments, they can learn new methods of tackling issues and gather more knowledge. Whenever they perform new challenges, they will learn more ways to solve them.

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