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5 Free Tools for Digital Marketing Startups


Digital marketing startups have many different responsibilities. This means creating quality content, analyzing website performance, and ensuring proper outreach. So, which free tools can a digital marketing startup use today? Let’s find out.  

Why Do You Need Tools in Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is all about the quality content. It's not just about how many words you can pack into a single sentence, but it's about how much value you are giving to your readers. That’s why using optimization and content tools is important for this.

Because they help create content and optimize it for search engines, improve its quality, and avoid plagiarism to generate traffic to your website. However, tools in digital marketing come in many forms.

But they all have the same goal: providing high-quality, engaging content that is optimized for Google and your target audience.


5 Free Tools for Digital Marketing Startups

Now without further ado, let’s check out our five free tools for digital marketing startups:


1.   Plagiarism Checker by Editpad

EditPad’s plagiarism checker is going most popular many writers and marketers nowadays. Its ability to help and find plagiarism in content has made it one of the leading options used by people in all niches and industries.

As a startup in digital marketing, you need this tool to help ensure your content's originality. 

Plagiarism Checker by Editpad


Not only because it’s free but also because of its deep search algorithm. Then, it’ll show you the percentage of plagiarism in your content—if it’s duplicated at all. And you’ll find the source of original content, too, so you can cite and avoid plagiarism. Also you can download the plagiarism report.

This is why it’s one of our top picks for startups, as it makes original content creation a lot easier. 


2.  Paraphrase Online is another option for new digital marketers. This tool can paraphrase any kind of text, paragraphs and essay etc., and it has four AI modes to help you out with each aspect. For instance, the word changer is ideal for alternative words with better synonyms. 

Paraphrase Online


The sentence rephraser mode can make your content more readable. Then, the paraphrase text mode will help you remove plagiarism. And finally, you can use the text improver to elevate the quality a bit.

These factors make it an ideal option for many reasons, and one of them is its free nature- and ability to rephrase 2500 words at a time. 


3. Answer The Public is yet another great option for startups. If you’re looking to find the right keywords to use, this is the tool you should use. There are times when startups are unsure of which premium or complicated program to use for keyword research. 

Answer The Public
So, instead of diving into that, using this software will save you a lot of hassle. It has location-based searches, making it easier for even the most novice in SEO. Besides that, it allows you to find relevant keywords according to your location and industry. 


4. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is another free tool that allows you to conduct a thorough analysis of your website. Since no other platforms understand SEO better, Google Analytics gives you the right information and tracks important data. 

Google Analytics
So, you can study and analyze these metrics of your website to understand which elements are performing well. Then, you can use those metrics to improve the quality of your website and content.


5.   Canva

Canva is one of the most intriguing free tools online. It specializes in graphic design, but only to an extent. Therefore, if you’re looking for an option that allows you to create intriguing images, then this one is it. 


There are thousands of templates for various digital marketing aspects, such as Ads, social media banners, etc. These factors make it an ideal starting tool for digital marketing startups today. 


These are the best tools that you can use today in digital marketing. Each one of these tools can help a brand stand out. So, as a digital marketing beginner, you need all of these tools to tend to any marketing strategy's technical, content, and visual elements. 

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