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We are a leading Web design agency Birmingham, presenting steps to improve the site's performance by first identifying the problem areas, for instance, the sites loaded with eye-catching whizbang look-at-me elements or animated GIFs, a video that starts without the visitors click, huge elements, too quick interfaces, misleading navigation, confusing icons that do not convey the right messages or the websites built on a too bright combination of colours or graphics with missing calls to action or omitting common navigation elements such as search, login, support or contact, or full of unwanted notifications, user errors or JavaScript errors can be the problem areas that need to be resolved.

Web Design Agency Birmingham

We optimise such sites in terms of design and content by taking action to optimise the image size, code formatting, and external script usage. We advise you on choosing the best hosting providers, load balancing, and content caching.

User-centric websites are based on standard approaches and practices. It is not always the visual design that determines the success rate of a website; instead, a thoughtful layout and functional features attract visitors to the pages, keep the viewer engaged, and help to earn profits.

Many websites use apps, tools, and certain elements in egregious ways to delight and help customers, but, in turn, they may confuse and frustrate them with the UI / UX display.

A well-planned approach must be followed, where the developer team first learns how the user will interact via the website, how they will proceed, what they will search for, and the basic patterns of user activities. Then, they must present simplified ways to perceive the information.

Birmingham Web Design Company

Consumers abandon sites with lengthy checkout processes, form filling, or navigation issues. A website with quick loading and reliable content ranks higher on organic searches and is more visible to new clients, ensuring better conversion rates.

If your site has too many PDFs, use web content that can be generated on runtime. Our Birmingham web design company developers try to comply with WCAG to make the content accessible. 

E-commerce Web Design Birmingham

We tailor your e-commerce project to assemble your brand's style and have brand establishment strategies based on your target audience. Our e-commerce web design plan includes website design, product catalogue, payment gateway integration, security, SEO, mobile responsiveness and customer service. 

Web Design Birmingham UK

Web performance is a catch-all term for measuring the quality of user experience offered, which mainly depends on the speed and reliability of the content. Most web pages need browsers to make multiple HTTP requests for various resources on the page, and each request requires a round trip to and from the server hosting the resource.

The roundtrip to the server can be lowered by reducing the elements and resources on the page. Our web designer performs speed tests to identify which HTTP requests take the most time and reduce load time.

Our developer instructs browsers to cache elements to reduce the data the server needs to transfer to the browser. It reduces load times for users who frequently visit the site.

Some large websites with many owners independently add code and content to the web pages, creating unnecessary code that runs every time visitors click on the pages; our developers use tools to identify and remove unnecessary code to enhance performance.

Web Design Services Birmingham

If the website is not converting users, the problem can be confusing content or hidden / unclear CTAs. Sometimes, users are not sure what will happen when they click on a link or button, and if there are too many CTAs, it can further confuse the buyers.

The website must limit external scripts—the external commenting systems, CTA buttons, CMS plugins, or lead-generation popups—that are loaded every time the page loads. Depending on the size of the script, such elements can slow the webpage down or cause it not to load all at once; that is called 'content jumping' or 'layout shifting.' 

We have guidelines for scanning redirects and restricting their use. Excess redirects add a few more seconds to page load time and can sometimes accumulate and be overused on pages. Websites with multiple owners may have unnecessary redirects, which must be avoided.

The designers at our Web design services Birmingham prioritise and map the relevant content for each section or page and use consistent CTAs styled and positioned in an identifiable manner on each page so the users can easily recognise and search for them.

We help streamline the CTAs to present clear user journeys on the pages and prompt the user to take a specific action, such as clicking the register now button or learning more. 

Web Development Birmingham

A CMS-based website can be managed individually, but if the company grows and there are additional demands on the website, you need to handle multiple challenges like delays or inconsistencies. You may have to hire freelancer developers or Web development Birmingham team to make changes, which may require many expenses.

Content editors will have to work more to resolve issues if the website admin interface is messy and out-of-date. It is advised to have a modern CMS and use a front-end development framework to resolve inconsistencies in design or hire an expert in Web development Birmingham to handle the problem areas.

Wordpress Web Design Company Birmingham

WordPress is a free website-building tool that can be used to design blogs. It is considered more complex for building websites, but it does not require a lot of technical skills to create and manage the site, and the website can be easily handled even by those who do not know coding or programming languages.

These days, over 15 per cent of websites are developed using WordPress, and the number of such websites continues to grow because WordPress has a library of themes; you can pick from the library and instantly change the website's look. 

With WordPress SEO plugins, you can handle the SEO, get regular version upgrades of various apps to secure the site, and optimise the site with some basic SEO plugins, meta descriptions, meta titles, and H1 tags.

WordPress has responsive themes that adjust to different screen resolutions on various devices, such as tablets, mobile screens, and PCs. 

The main disadvantage of using WordPress is that you cannot customise the theme completely according to individual requirements. Further, many updates and security patches are released every year, making your site vulnerable, and hackers can take advantage of various loopholes to which your website is exposed.

WordPress requires regular security updates and maintenance, which can combat hackers and pirates who can install apps on the site to hack data. Hence, you need a professional WordPress web design company in Birmingham to avoid such risks. 

Magento Web Design Birmingham

We provide more than design; we provide Magento Web Design Birmingham, backed by powerful SEO features and a safe e-commerce site.

We can help you redesign pages, especially when they have a cluttered layout, there are too many menu options, the structure of the website does not match the institutional structure, there are many poorly labelled links, overly technical terminologies and acronyms are used, and there are undesirable dead ends which can confuse the visitors. 

Web Design Specialists Birmingham

If the visitors get too many options to click on, when there are mistakes in the information architecture and poor content governance, the visitors may be overwhelmed and not click on any page.

Our Web design specialists in Birmingham simplify the website layout and menus, organise the content with taxonomy, have clear labels and directions and make the menus responsive. 

For any content-heavy website, where the images or videos are placed randomly when the website owner is not sure if they are in the right place, it seems there is a lot of work required to understand the flow of content; in that situation, the user may search elsewhere to get a better experience.

In such a situation, we will break up the content, add visuals, gather facts and figures based on the new user's interest, and present quality over quantity. 

Responsive Web Design Birmingham

Some of the most visited sites are responsive websites that work even when the internet connection is slow, or the user has an uncooperative device. Google encourages testing products on slower 3G connections instead of regular corporate Wi-Fi.

A Responsive web design allows the website to scale its size to fit the user device to adapt to various screen resolutions displaying relevant content when changing design, such as moving from a two-column layout on the desktop to a one-column design on a mobile.

A responsive website improves search engine optimisation because Google ranks mobile-friendly websites higher, and the Google algorithm prioritises mobile-rendered versions of the webpage instead of desktop views when ranking sites. 

Even e-commerce website builders, such as Squarespace and Wix, have mobile responsive themes that can be customised, and WordPress can be used to customise the website.

First, test websites on mobile devices for user experience, and then test on Android and iOS devices. So, if you have a website that does not work properly on a mobile device, add the viewport meta tag to the head tag.

This will scale the website correctly to different device screen sizes. It is very important to declutter the web page, especially when the user navigates on a smaller screen resolution. 

Also, the pages must have white space so users can see everything, keep the content organised, and remove outdated content so it does not take up unnecessary space or confuse users. There are various ways to test whether a website is mobile-friendly. 

Custom Web Design Birmingham

Custom-built websites are created by experts who try to deliver specialised designs. They use various programming languages and frameworks, including ASP, PHP, Python, JavaScript, Laravel, and Ruby. We create custom Custom Web Design Birmingham when the site owner requires specific features or modifications that WordPress cannot provide.  

A custom-built website has certain advantages over WordPress sites. For instance, it can get a higher search engine rank than one built with WordPress CMS templates. You need custom designs when promoting an uncommon brand concept or when you want to make your brand name and idea appear different. It helps you gain leads and increase conversions.  

A custom design created by our Custom Web Design Birmingham team gets more support than ready-made templates. Since it can be created from the start, the original developers can always fix errors or bugs. 

Websites built from scratch initially require more expenses than WordPress sites because everything is customised, and professionals work on every feature. Completing the project takes more time, and implementing changes may also take more time because you must rely on your developers' time and availability.

Web Design Consultant Birmingham

Web design is the process of planning, conceptualising, and arranging website content. Designing goes beyond aesthetics, which includes the website's overall functionality. It also includes web apps, user interfaces, mobile apps, and user experience.

There are two ways to design a site: a desktop app or a website builder. The tools chosen depend on the resources, budget, technical aspects, and type of site you plan to build. 

Desktop apps require an expert web design consultant Birmingham, who can create and send the designs to the technical team to convert the design to code. The designers focus on the overall look and feel of the website.

The technical challenges are transferred to the developers, and the website is not limited to the feature set of the website builder. The process can be expensive and time-consuming, as you need a professional team proficient in various technical skill sets. 

Website builders offer a wide range of features and services. For example, Wix, PageCloud, Webflow, or Squarespace, which vary in design capabilities, price, template options, and overall editing experience, can create adaptive or responsive websites.

Experts in the field can tell which builder best suits your project needs and advise you on using tools and other attributes to accomplish the project goals. 

Web Designer Birmingham

In 2012, a 4-second page load would drop page views by 40 per cent, and in 2016, mobile sites taking longer than 3 seconds were abandoned by 53% of the visitors.

Nowadays, visitors are not attracted to aggressive tactics that use blocking popups and lightbox overlays; users search for the close X and immediately close the page if they are bombarded with unwanted ads that block the screen or if they get auto-playing sounds or videos or websites trying to trick users into clicking certain wrong buttons or the users directed to irrelevant pages or "sign up for our newsletter" message in a few seconds of the visit to the page.

The Web designer Birmingham takes care of the site's appearance and functionalities; they integrate the various elements and tools to maximise the overall usability and performance. You get well-written and well-placed text and colour scheme, and the appearance and text go hand-in-hand to create a cohesive design with balanced elements. 

Our Web designer Birmingham, will make sure the site includes the following:

  • Various usability elements.

  • An easy-to-navigate interface.

  • Easy-to-download relevant graphics and images.

Design Agency Birmingham

Images take the longest time, which can be reduced by image optimisation, which involves reducing the resolution and dimensions of the page and compressing the image file itself. So, to improve the site's performance, our website developers measure the site's current performance using performance measurement tools such as Google Lighthouse or Cloudflare Observatory.

One can start by testing the core web vitals - the Largest Contentful Paint (it measures how quickly the largest element on the page loads), First Input Delay (it measures how quickly a page responds to user input), Cumulative Layout Shift (it measures the visual stability of the page elements), Time to First Byte( the time it takes to begin the loading), DNS lookup speed (it is how quickly a page's Domain Name Service translates a domain name into an IP address) and Time to Interactive( how quickly a user can interact with a page).

We ensure the page quickly and easily provides visitors with the information they are looking for, comes up in the ranking, has higher searchability, and has the speed and ability to get new audiences and hold present visitors.

Freelance Web Designer Birmingham

The demand for Freelance web designers Birmingham continues to grow, and the average Freelance web designer Birmingham salary varies between £27,500 and £29,000. The price of freelancer graphic designs is often higher than that of in-house web designers. Freelancers may charge depending on their work, which varies from contract to contract.

Web Design Packages

We have many low-cost website design Birmingham packages, including the start-up business website package and other custom-built packages. We start with designing the logo, integration to local SEO, linking the site to social media and much more. Our basic business website design

Birmingham package includes

  • Website design and build

  • Responsive web design

  • Custom domain name

  • 12 months of premium web hosting

  • SSL certificate

  • SEO & Facebook integration

  • Custom email address that matches the domain and 24/7 support.

Web Design & Search Engine Optimisation Birmingham

Wrong metatags and outdated websites can hinder SEO, so you must always have updated content, use semantic markup and logical defaults for metatags, have readable URL architecture, use proper redirects, add an XML sitemap, use the right keywords, descriptions, and titles and tools for keyword research, get a mobile-friendly Web Design & Search Engine Optimisation Birmingham; and use content compliance monitoring tool and implement analytics to create event tracking to identify and leverage the content to get converting users. 

If you do not have a mobile-friendly web design, it can lead to poor navigation, poor performance, and content that is difficult to read on mobile devices. The decorative content may clutter the pages on the small screen, so you must have a mobile-first approach to design, especially for users primarily accessing the site on mobile.

Convert the PDFs to web content, use testing to expand the number of devices, browsers or operating systems, and ensure you have interactive features; you must identify elements to remove the mobile experience, such as decoration and large images.

Web Hosting Birmingham

All websites and blogs require hosting where you register the domain name, code your site, find your IP address, point the domain name to the IP, find out the ISP support, check the computer support hosting and add security features. IONOs, HostGater, BlueHost, and MochaHost are some web hosting services.

We provide the best web hosting and web application security to filter out malicious traffic without slowing down legitimate incoming traffic, use CDN to cache web content on multiple locations and DNS to translate domains into IP Addresses, and provide Web hosting Birmingham with a server with an average response time of under 200ms. 

How Much Do Web Designers Charge UK?

The average cost of website design Birmingham can range from £500 to £5,000 or more, depending on factors such as project complexity, designer's experience, scope of services, and geographic location. 

Why Choose Web Design Services By Mont Digital?

Though there is no guaranteed blueprint for strong website performance, our developers at Mont Digital use standard practices to enhance the site's speed and reliability.

We have strategies to eliminate outdated, low –quality or incorrect content, data or addresses, duplicate content or broken links, and pages that have proper metadata or tags; we remove unwanted obsolete test content and codes that different users write by having a content audit where one can identify the content that requires to be updated, merged or removed.

We check the accuracy of the content, prioritise pages depending on their popularity, update dates, use the right governance model and content calendar and improve the consistency of the content.

We solve SEO and Google-related issues where the search results are not right, which means relevant content does not show up on the top search lists, by testing the search interface, reviewing the tags and categories, refreshing the search index, adding summaries or key metadata, configuring the search engine to prioritise content based on search terms, and using a faceted search interface.

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