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WordPress Website Maintenance


Website maintenance is the process of keeping the website up-to-date, error-free, and optimized for search engines and users. Many tasks are included in WordPress Website Maintenance, such as regular website builder and software updates, security patches, the website backup and restore process, performance optimization and monitoring, database optimization and cleanup, SEO optimization, domain name registration renewal, URL monitoring for broken links, plugins, and others. 

WordPress empowers over 36 per cent of the top one million websites; every two minutes, another 10 million start using WordPress. It has been the fastest-growing content management system for 12 years, and 20.4% of WordPress websites use WooCommerce. Some popular WordPress sites are built on Elementor, WPBakery, or their respective page builders. 

As discussed here, we need the right tools and techniques to back up and monitor a WordPress site.

6 Best WordPress Maintenance & Support Services In 2024 

Regular site maintenance ensures the site functions optimally, even during peak traffic. Also, one must use compatible plugins for smooth operations. Some of the best WordPress maintenance and support services in 2024 are -


WP Site Care— WP Site Care provides automatic or hourly backups to Amazon S3, depending on the plan, and manages core, plugins, and theme updates. The services provide 24/7 real-time security monitoring (through the Sucuri firewall), hack cleanups, uptime monitoring, and version control. WP Site Care starts from $79/month.


WP Buffs - WP Buffs provides 24/7 website edits and basic maintenance tasks such as updates, backups, monitoring, and security. You can even access premium plugins like iThemes Security Pro, WP Rocket, and WP Smush Pro at no additional cost. 

You get a custom email address, as WP Buffs use your name and logo at the bottom of every email they send. You are provided with white-label reports that give certain details regarding the updates and changes. You also get a dashboard to see all the clients' tickets and responses from the WP Buffs. The WP Buffs monthly package plan starts from $79.


Maintainn - Maintainn provides routine WordPress maintenance and support services, where you can purchase credits for custom development work for larger changes. It provides email and live chat support, manages core theme and plugin updates, and provides automotive cloud backups to Amazon S3 (you can get it once or multiple times a day, depending on the plan). 

It provides security monitoring, malware info, hacked website repair, uptime monitoring, a dedicated project manager on higher-tier plans, and weekly service reports. Its monthly package starts from $99.


WP Maintainer—WP Maintainer handles most plugin compatibility issues, malware cleanup, and prevention. It provides a migration system that allows you to switch to WordPress. Also, it handles the switchover if you require a new hosting provider. The basic package per month starts at $99.


GoDaddy—Godaddy WordPress premium support service is affiliated with web hosting services, although it lets you work with them even when the site is hosted elsewhere. GoDaddy Pro has many free features, except for premium add-ons that can cost up to $9 per site. 


GoWP—GoWP's pricing starts at just $39 per month, including most essential care maintenance plans. 

WordPress Website Maintenance Services 

We provide WordPress website maintenance services, which maintain the site's health and performance so it remains secure and optimized. It involves almost everything that takes care of the website and keeps it running smoothly and securely. 

The site maintenance team handles security, performance, SEO, information updates, theme updates, password protection, plugins and user management, user experience, and other tasks related to the site's functions. 

What are WordPress maintenance Services?

WordPress has features that let you manage the content. It has many moving parts, like plugins, which can extend the website's functionality. The major risk involved in WordPress is that the whole stack of hardware and software must be regularly updated to prevent or reduce the risks of software being open to security vulnerabilities. 

In the case of open-source software, vulnerabilities can be found and patched. If the website has many plugins, you must have an update cycle of two to three months to assess and reinstate it. WordPress maintenance services help keep the software used on the website up to date.

What Are Website Maintenance Services?

A secure, error-free, updated, robust, scalable, user-friendly, and responsive website is an asset to your business. Website maintenance is an ongoing service that involves revamping the website to keep it functionally operational, efficient, and secure. Our website maintenance cost in the UK depends on the complexity and size of the website and the number of features required. 

A small business website with a few pages costs less than an eCommerce site that supplies thousands of products to clients in multiple locations. 

Website Maintenance Company

Our website maintenance company delivers fixed-rate basic, professional and e-commerce site maintenance and support services. We have various subscription plans that depend on the level of service the client requires. In general, you are expected to pay £50 – £75 per month for a basic plan and £150 – £200 per month for a more professional / e-commerce plan. 

We provide a comprehensive website design and maintenance service for £600 per year for a basic service and £1,500-£2,000 per year for additional support. 

WordPress Website Management

There can be two types of WordPress maintenance and support services. For instance, you can have a hosting service 100% dedicated to WordPress that includes features overlapping with the maintenance service. Updates, daily backups, security, and uptime monitoring are part of managed WordPress hosting. 

The WordPress maintenance and support team provides basic support to resolve customer queries if they fall within the scope of the subscribed plan. We also manage updates for the WordPress core, plugins, and theme.

Our website maintenance service team gets automatic daily site backups to secure offsite locations. They provide security monitoring, which involves bundling a third-party service and optimizing performance.  

We manage custom development work. For an additional fee for custom development hours each month, you can access certain specialized services, such as updating content on the homepage or making CSS changes.

WordPress Support Services

45.8% of all the websites accessed by the users are built in WordPress, which is used by 65.2% of all websites using content management systems (W3Techs, 2022). WordPress provides over 60,000 free plugins in the official WordPress plugin directory. 

Yoast SEO has the most active installations. With over 9K free themes in the official WordPress theme repository, over 20K WordPress themes are available for download or purchase. 

Our managed WordPress hosts back up the site once a day, while WordPress support services can get you multiple backups and offer automatic core updates for the WordPress core theme and plugins. Also, it can test the updates to ensure no compatibility issues.

When running the site, we offer white-label WordPress support services, such as site management, maintenance design, development, security, updates, backups, and more. 

Website Monthly Maintenance Packages

Our website's monthly maintenance packages provide:

  • Regular website backup and restores

  • Security scanning and malware removal

  • Website performance monitoring and reporting 

  • Software and plugin updates 

  • Uptime monitoring, live chats and technical support 

Website Maintenance Cost

If you have launched a new WordPress site, you must spend on marketing to get viewers, which can cost between £100- £2,000/month for SEO, social media marketing, and Google Ads.

The cost of WordPress maintenance and support provided by leading Website maintenance companies depends on the level of service required; hence, basic support for a WordPress website may cost £50 per month, and premium support with dedicated hours can cost over £500 per month. 

To lower the website maintenance cost, you must follow the steps – 

  • Define clear goals and objectives, and know about your target customers. 

  • Use tools to fix broken links in your website.

  • Update the content by adding new pages, products and blog posts to make it look fresh. You can use writing tools to add content or hire experts to manage and update content.  

  • Optimize your site by adding keyword-rich information and quickly loading mobile-friendly design.

  • Monitor the site regularly for errors, analyze website traffic, have uptime monitors, and update the pages to eliminate potential risks. 

Website Maintenance Package

Our website maintenance packages are based on the best practices to help your website stay in shape. 

We provide software updates, content updates and security patches to keep the website secure and relevant. 

We manage backups of the website data and files to prevent data loss.

We monitor the website's performance, security, and traffic load and address the loopholes. 

We alert the client of security threats and proactively protect the website.

We regularly test the site's functionalities, including the forms, e-commerce features, and links, to ensure they work properly. 

WordPress Management

WordPress is an open-source platform that has been changing and evolving with time. While users may face bugs and technical issues, the platform continues to upgrade features to meet their requirements. 

To save time and resources, you can hire dedicated professionals to handle multiple issues, data loss disasters, security breaches, server failures, and other problems.  

WordPress Website Maintenance

WordPress website maintenance strategy is required to safeguard your website, and our developers use many tools and tactics to guarantee the best services, for instance – 

We can get frequent backups of the WordPress site using WordPress plugins. 

We ensure the database is cleaned and use tools like AP Optimise for database cleanup.

We make sure the website is indexed in the search engines. We use advanced options to analyze the  SEO issues, broken links, and duplicate content. We monitor the search engine optimization feature and use plugins to scan the content to let you know the posts and pages that can be optimized for higher visibility on the search engines. 

We scan the WordPress blog for malware and temporarily run the site in WP maintenance mode when doing work, such as changing the site's theme. 


Our UK WordPress website management service can help you make decisions through modelling and knowledge bases if you want to update or change the website. A dedicated account manager, anti-spam software, and backup plugins can give you the tools to install and manage premium plugins to improve readers' experience. 

It also handles uptime monitoring in real-time, so server access is not compromised, and you can get reports about the traffic allowance. 

Our service plans are useful in case of website downtime when you need a backup or support to run the site quickly. Depending on the hosting service, you need to handle the downtime. 

UK WordPress website management can streamline the complete process. It can help find and fix problems such as poor bandwidth allotments or malfunctions caused by unknown factors. 

How Does A Developer Wordpress Manage?

Maintaining a WordPress site can be difficult without the support of the right technical skills. Experts can handle the maintenance of the site and ensure it is protected from risky intrusions, hackers, and malware. 

The WordPress website maintenance team keeps the pages up and running 24/7 and optimizes them for speed and performance. They monitor traffic, collect actionable insights, and update your core themes and plugins without breaking the site. 

Why Use A WordPress Website Maintenance Service?

The WordPress website maintenance service package handles the following functions – 


Managing Core Updates- You get the core files updated on the website. The hosting service may not install WordPress on your computer; however, the WordPress maintenance service handles all the software programs that require regular updates.


Theme Modification: The themes must be updated occasionally, though not as frequently as the site pages. It must be updated when something goes wrong with the theme, malfunctions, or does not look right. You can have an automatic update installed. 


Plugin Conflicts —It handles theme modification and plugins. You do not require too many plugins, but you generally need a few to ensure the site works smoothly over time. If the plugins used in the code conflict, the site can crash or malfunction. A website maintenance service can resolve plugin conflicts. 


Automatic Backups—Automatic backup settings allow you to create regular backups of your data, which can help you cope with any data loss on the site. 


Speed and Database Optimization: WordPress website maintenance services can be used to optimize the website. Too many plugins, media content, unwanted heavy files or other factors often slow down websites. Speed optimization features improve websites' overall response time. 


Scan for Malware / Harmful Downloads—A WordPress website maintenance service handles security optimization and screening. It optimizes the database and scans the pages for malware and harmful programs downloaded through unknown sources. 

How To Do Maintenance On WordPress Website?

Professional assistance provided by experts can help you manage and maintain your website. You can get 24/7 WordPress support services, troubleshooting, security monitoring, content edits, and SEO optimization. 

The WordPress support services assist e-commerce websites by setting up online stores, optimizing product pages, integrating payment gateways, running security scans, managing inventory, and resolving specific issues in the eCommerce site as they can provide emergency help to address critical issues, ensure the site remains operational, and competently manage any potential downtime.

Troubleshooting is a main part of WordPress support services. Only experts can identify and resolve broken functionalities, outdated tools, compatibility issues, and other website errors. 

How Much Does It Cost To Maintain A WordPress Website?

A WordPress website makes use of free or premium plugins. The cost of premium plugins varies from £40 – £300, and they have a yearly license that you must renew regularly to get version upgrades and ensure the plugin is always working and not causing compatibility issues. 

For instance, the premium plugin for booking functionality on the website will cost £50 – £150. Still, if you have a team of developers who write code for booking functionality code from scratch, you may have to pay more for it, while you can get customized functionalities for your special requirements that the plugins may or may not provide.

The upfront cost for a WordPress website in the UK varies from £1,000 to £15,000. The cost depends on the website's size, the design's complexity, and the level of customization needed to create the features and functionalities required to meet your business goals. Small business websites can cost £1,000 – £3,500, and ongoing work can be priced up to £400/year. 

The upfront cost of an e–commerce site can be between £ 5,000 and £15,000, and the average ongoing WordPress maintenance cost can be £1,000 and £3,000/year.

Mid-size business upfront costs can be between £3,500-£6,000, and maintenance costs can be £500-£1,000/year.

The upfront cost of WordPress for a large business organization is between £ 6,000-£10,000, and maintenance costs vary between £ 750-£2,000/year.

These are the general rates. Two projects in the same industry with similar functionalities and features can be completely different. A small e-commerce site can cost £2,500. 

In contrast, large organizations with various features, such as custom searches, integrated email marketing segmentation for customers, and specific pricing for certain groups of customers, can cost over £15,000.

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