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Why it is necessary to have an AMP version of the website?


AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) promotes the return of users through mobile searches. A Google web protocol has been introduced to make the sites run faster.

It is not considered an official ranking factor but results in prioritising the pages and helps in improving the overall ranking on searches as it improves the overall experience on mobile searches and advances the click-through rates while reducing the bounce rate on pages. 

How it can benefit companiesHow Can It Benefit Companies?

Today more and more visitors are moving from desktops to smartphones, seeking all the features of web pages on small screens and getting a better experience with the fast download time. 

So basically, Google has been supporting the official AMP plug-ins as it makes it easy for users to build fast mobile-compatible pages.  

The content is accessed fast, and load time is reduced significantly. In addition, the improved responsiveness helps companies increase their accessibility where new buyers get easy data which can drive traffic to the blogs or other publication pages.  


The AMP CodeThe AMP code

These are pages coded in traditional HTML with unique tags that can load faster than the HTML5 document. JS is used to fetch resources and eliminate unnecessary content, and CDN is the configuration that optimises the network to cache.   

The Google search engines that work on the rel-amp HTML tag favour such searches with AMP caches.  

The code works if the user clicks on the AMP version instead of the canonical version. The code reduces the duration to fetch a document on the server by almost 77 per cent, but many UX elements on the page are eliminated during the process.  

The pages reduce the number of advertisement tags and eliminate some code implementations related to the plug-ins. The website study finds it improves the user experience and results in about a 20 per cent increase in sales conversion compared to non-Amp pages

AMP servicesMont Digital AMP Services

Mont digital provides AMP-based websites having fast loading that can, on average, increase the leads by almost two times. In addition, we can convert the traditional pages into AMP to reduce the bounce rate and increase page session and session duration.

Our clients can access the analytics to examine how such codes have been improving page statistics, where every action on the page by the user is recorded in the Google cache.  

Our experts at Mont digital are committed to providing better sites with improved loading times, user experience and higher ROI. Especially our Amp versions are designed in an attempt to create fast, portable and smaller web units – that appear preloaded.

The pages are preloaded in the background but not tracked until the user clicks on the links. A number of businesses are working towards conversion to such features as it provides a genuinely competitive edge to website owners. 

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