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Using AMP for mobile indexing and fast loading


The key technical terms involved in SEO are keywords, crawling, and mobile - indexing, navigation, link building, load speed, image optimization, and SSL. On a website, the high-quality content should be prioritized in the sitemap where those with over 50,000 URLs can use dynamic XML sitemaps.

It should contain actionable and engaging headlines and a compelling image. The initial content of 100 words plays a significant role in keeping the users engaged. 

Google report finds 40 percent of the users may abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load, and on mobile, the users may leave if it takes over 8 seconds. Mobile optimization is everything nowadays and it is necessary to create mobile-friendly designs.

It is necessary to lower the server response time to less than 200ms. The ones with JavaScript takes 100 milliseconds, and with fewer tags, it can show up fast. 

It has become important for websites to be mobile responsive and webmasters should optimize the CSS, use hyperlinks and enable the srcset attributes to enhance the mobile experience. Mobile designs can be made through a combination of CMS and Accelerated Mobile Pages plug-ins or by creating an AMP stripped-down version, which can deliver lightning-fast sites.

The three areas in such pages– the HTML, JS, and CND have been modified for AMP versions where HTML includes a new set of commands and JS allows loading from external asynchronous resources and the CDN optimizes the content and caches the content for fast delivery.  

How to improve speed

How to improve speed?

To increase speed, the images should optimize where the format of the images can be modified using tools like TinyPNG which compresses the files to reduce the size. Image management involves compressing the images and using proper dimensions and formats. Compression reduces the size by almost 50 to 70 percent. 

The indexation rate can be improved by reducing the on-page resources, creating the XML sitemap which is submitted into the search engine, deep links, and increasing horizontal linking between pages. 

Browser caching can be used which allows the resources to be stored at a user computer and this reduces the load time each time the user clicks. 

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Accelerated Mobile pages eliminate the need for third-party scripts like JavaScript that takes more time to load and Google recently announced the rollout of AMP for emails which provided dynamic emailing features and this can be transformational for marketers.

Google is trying to make such code practices a web standard. Mont digital can create such a version that gives fast-loading mobile compatible designs and such properties help to improve the search ranks.

Google has backed AMP and ads in such pages will show up fast. There are criteria defined by Google for such websites which should include HTTPS ads and broader landscapes, and its performance can be tested through the free evaluations of Google PageSpeed Insight. 

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