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AMP to get mobile first indexing on Google


Progressive web apps (PWA) are used for web experiences that compete with many applications. AMP is an open-source initiative by Google, launched in October 2015, where the pages are lightweight as its code is based on a subset of HTML with certain extensions.

It offers an accessible framework for designing fast-loading pages. AMP is known for showing only the content. The pages eliminate JavaScript, stop blocking ads, images, and videos, and provide a short laneway to reach sensible content. In addition, it works with instant preloading at the first viewport.  

The website can be responsive using Media Queries, which lets the display adjust to the device without changing the content. It provides a CSS introduced as CSS3 where the relevant style sheets can be applied, following the normal cascading. 

Mobile use growing globallyMobile Use Growing Globally

There has been an increase in the number of visitors and customers coming to e-commerce sites through smartphones. Sixty-three per cent of the users access the net on mobiles, and over 60 per cent of the Google organic search traffic comes from such devices. 

Google Consumer Barometer study finds that mobile internet access increased across 63 countries by more than 50 per cent, where people ask simple questions on mobiles.

They see answers related to business, jobs, commodities, shopping, and education, which can lead to a decline in desktop-based searches. Google search spiders need to crawl pages to see if the content meets the mobile display standards to evaluate factors like formatting, the width of mobile content and site speed on smartphones. 

How AMP Helps In Improving Mobile Indexing?How AMP helps in improving mobile indexing

From July 1st, 2019, Google said mobile-first indexing would be used to crawl and rank pages.  The indexing will reward web pages having mobile-friendly content. 

It appears that Google may never go back to desktop-only indexing, which means mobile-first can improve the overall SERP, customer response and ROI. 

AMP provides frictionless entry through a great built-in distribution feature without any installation. 

It gives instantaneous loading of pages with one click on smartphones. The HTTP requests can be made to various web page parts - images, style sheets and scripts- increasing the site's load time.  

The time taken to process the CSS and JavaScript codes is reduced in AMP and eliminates redundant data while boosting the speed.  In addition, it can optimise the image for fast browser downloads.

It minimises server response time to improve the web server performance, enhancing the hosting service's scope and quality. In addition, since the pages are served from the cache, the HTTP requests to the server are reduced.

Some websites provide a link to move from AMP to PWA. Other websites do not need more than AMP but use a combination of AMP and PWA to get the desired content and features like the dynamic functionality, Push notifications and Web Payment, which allows offline access to content, and has an Add to Home screen banner, but the load time increases in such pages.  

We at provide AMP versions of the website to ensure higher visibility, better page rank, and ROI through Google mobile-first indexing.  

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