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Why is Digital Marketing Important?


Digital marketing can be considered a non-serious procedure by some, but it is a full-time job and highly complicated, involving multiple strategies and methodologies. Since the reach of internet marketing is growing, companies cannot ignore it. It provides valuable ways to design a marketing strategy and brand awareness.

One can promote products using the latest technologies, where the material can be distributed easily across online channels like emails, social media, games, audio, video streaming, etc. These channels offer multiple tools and applications.

The latest research statistics by leading companies find people are becoming aware of the products offered overseas, and 58 per cent of the consumers are ready to buy internationally. 

Digital media to sell products overseasDigital Media To Sell Products Overseas

The survey by the Rakuten Marketing firm finds people are purchasing international products, and the trend is higher in buyers in the age group from 18 to 34 years, where 37 per cent of the shoppers want to get products from overseas. 

In addition, 43 per cent of consumers in the UK are willing to pay for international items bought through the internet.

The region-wise survey found that buyers in the Asia Pacific regions are most interested in getting such items. Sixty-five per cent of the buyers in the Asia Pacific regions are interested in investing in international products. 

Approximately 99 per cent of the buyers from Singapore have purchased goods from outside their country, and over 60 per cent say they are ready to make more purchases online in the coming years. 

How To Start Digital Marketing?How to start digital marketing

Planning is the key activity where the company needs to plan their social media marketing posts and determine how they will identify the opportunities at each stage. Technology and applications can help schedule the activities in bulk and map out ways to put the posts and emails appropriately. 

Project management and social media tools can be used to plan and post customised services and filter calls. Posts can be scheduled for Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. 

The growing requirement of the consumer to buy products from other geographical regions can be tapped by the sellers who can use an online platform for brand awareness, where SEO is one of the key methods adopted by firms to attract new buyers. 

Digital Marketing strategiesDigital Marketing Strategies

A marketing strategy involving keywords can be used to get in touch with the customers and can be a useful tool to increase the page's search engine optimisation. In addition, multiple applications and search engine marketing tools can be used to reach the audience cost-effectively to target overseas buyers, ultimately increasing sales.

The growing awareness about a product can help improve local traffic to the website – ultimately selling more and getting more powerful prospects. 

Emails provide valuable ways to send alerts to customers where news and offers can be sent, whereas automated emails and scheduling help send an alert on time. Blogging helps in telling buyers about the products and their features. 

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