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How effective is social media marketing?


Traditional media channels are no more able to deliver desired success and firms are seeking multiple digital marketing formats where videos to social media are implemented but such methods do not provide instant success and there are many risks involved.  Such strategies have been generating brand awareness and conversion and it requires regular communications to adapt to the community to be able to convince others.

A record amount of money is spent on digital ads but not all methods are able to get the desired response. The modern promotion plans are not just based on advertising, it requires businesses to identify and understand their customers to network and sell.  

Google found that more than 51 percent of the phone users search for new offers on the internet where social sites provide a method to put the content, products, and solutions accessible to the buyers.   As per Shopify estimates, their eCommerce sales will grow to $4.5 trillion by 2021 as many new shoppers are looking for online options each month, where they discuss their preference with the people in their contact and place an order on the suggestion or recommendation of a friend. 

Role of internet marketing and future strategies

Role of internet marketing and future strategies

The sites like Facebook had over 1.47 million daily active users and the study finds 91 percent of the sellers find such platforms helpful in increasing brand visibility and improving user experience. It provides an easy instrument to create a buzz about a new firm. It provides cost-effective methods, where the firm can create a page and post updates of their services.  There are many advantages to posting. It enhances communication and engagement.

Social media campaigns provide a method to enter the audience space. It allows the company to directly connect with the buyer who can give their reviews and experience. Firms require proper social media marketing strategies to implement the plans effectively where the firms know from the start their business goals, which helps them to advertise their profile in a specific direction and expand brand reputation.

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At the start, the social media manager needs to conduct research. The role of the social media manager is to find answers to questions like - How to create and distribute the tasks with the team members? How to use tools like Google Analytics, Adwords, Canva and others? How to design and promote graphics and videos? How to be productive and be clear in your approach? Studies find 25 percent of the influencers are frauds, who have been mobilizing, engaging and generating real-time buyers and buyers are now aware of the risks of influencer marketing. With changes in the user's response, the campaign strategies need to change. 

The team can examine the analytics to recognize the followers, their likes and their posting frequency, or check the time of the day when the buyers are most active, or the type of content liked by them. The effectiveness of methods adopted like blog posts video posts, webinars, slides/powerpoint, FAQs, press releases, buyer guides, buyer news, and case studies can be extensively studied to plan future strategies. There are analytics tools available, which allows the firms to find out if their efforts are getting the desired response or not.   

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