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What is Web Companion


A web companion is not an antivirus but protects internet users from malicious websites, data tracking, phishing scams and advertisements. It is based on the fast, adaptive, selective online pre-fetching strategy developed on round-trip times for web resources. Therefore, it is potentially an undesirable program designed to deliver advertisements.

Such PUPS modify the Windows Registry and engage in unwanted system changes that hinder general system functions. On the other hand, you can scan the machine using a repair tool to revert the modifications made by such apps. 

What is web companion LavasoftWhat Is Web Companion Lavasoft?

Web Companion is a software program that Adaware(or Lavasoft) developed. The most common release was 4.2.1846.3481, installed on over 33% of all installations.

During setup, the program automatically creates a registration point in Windows to start when the user boots the PC. After installation, it adds a Windows Service designed to run continuously in the background.

It is the strategy that hides the access latencies for slow resources while limiting the network and server overhead and restricting local resource consumption to moderate levels.

It was designed to add an extra security layer for higher protection from Adware, but it is a PUP which gets installed with shareware and freeware programs. The executable file is called Lavasoft.AdAware.dll.

There are 58 files in the setup estimated to be of size 12 MB that run on Windows 7 or Windows 10 (SP1), while 53% of the users of the Web Companion are from the US, which is also very popular in the UK and Germany. 

However, it cannot be trusted & exhibits suspicious protection, and misleads the victim into believing that some bogus viruses infected their systems. 

Furthermore, it disrupts browsing activities by showing unwanted pages or ads and actively pushes the user to opt for the paid versions to eliminate the inconvenience caused by such ads. At the same time, security experts do not believe it is worth spending money on. 

It restricts browsing in the following manner – 

  • It posts fake virus detection alerts.

  • It tricks users into purchasing a premium version to get higher security.

  • It pushes victims to use paid features and get additional add-ons. 

  • Manually stopping the service can stop the function, although it adds the background controller service set to run automatically.

  • Users can delay the service on startup by making changes in the settings of the Service Manager. 

  • A Scheduled Task is added to the Windows Task Scheduler to launch the program at various scheduled times. The App developers accept that it has been distributed through bundling. The FAQ section of the App mentions that it appears on the user's computer without direct permission and starts operating on the system. 

What Is An Adaware Web Companion?

The AD Adware Web Companion is an internet plugin that claims to provide a secure browsing experience. Internet Explorer & Mozilla Firefox users may download it for anti-phishing protection. In addition, it can block sites that try to steal information by impersonating trusted websites.

It is designed to keep passwords and information related to credit cards and personal information safe from hackers. Also, such an application can block the latest viruses before other antivirus companies can detect, analyse or provide a fix for them. 

It can be integrated into Google Chrome, but Google has independently preferred to prevent programs from altering the homepage and search settings. It also prevents security products from performing certain functions on the browser. 

AdAware web companion has been added to the Potentially Unwanted Program list because it adopts stealth techniques to enter the system to sell the licensed version. The way the program works is suspicious, and it can cause trouble to the user, while they may find it difficult to uninstall it. 

What Is A Web Companion App?What is a web companion app

It is an internet security tool that uses the older HTTP extension on its official website and does not have HTTPS certificates to its credit. The old extensions are marked "not secure" by browsers like Google Chrome. It is a free tool without any safe encrypting protocols tools. 

Browser hijacking is another issue where the web companion can be installed on the default web browser to manage and replace the old browser. The web companion may ask to change the settings a few times. 

It states that the software can protect against rogue websites, intrusive ads, data tracking and phishing scams, but users get notifications about detected threats from the App immediately after the first scan. 

The alerts do not expire, and the user is flooded with messages of viruses and threats that hamper their browsing experience.

Unfortunately, it creates additional advertisements, and the associated software is not considered trustworthy. 

It is suspected that such apps are developed to generate revenue by tricking people into believing that their computer has been infected. Hence, it is advised to uninstall it from Windows 7, 10 or another OS.

web companion softwareIs Web Companion Software?

The web companion software was developed by Adware (earlier called Lavasoft) that works like antivirus software. However, it is categorised as PUA (potentially unwanted application) as it is inadvertently installed and can automatically change the browser settings. 

During installation, the installer may ask permission to change the settings, and the users can skip installation. Still, most "Agree to the terms" without understanding the risk factors associated with such installations. 

Allowing such an App to change settings can result in a default search engine, a new tab URL and the homepage options assigned to one of the websites. 

What Is FIFA Web Companion?

FIFA web companion is available on Apple App Store, Google Play and the web. However, it is accessible only on laptop or desktop web browsers. The file size is approx. 78MB for the iOS / 32 MB for Androids. 

For using FIFA web companion –

  • The registered account holder has to log in to the App with the email address on the account (registered to the FUT 23 (Year Number) club or the FUT 18 returning user account). 

  • The user has to turn the verification on, which helps secure the account and then enter all the details related to registration and participation. 

  • The user may be asked to enter the "answer for the security question." 

  • The user cannot access the account when logged in through the console or PC version. Instead, they may have to log out and restart the machine to enter the main FIFA menu or use the web option.

  • The App lets the user manage the FUT -- Club and prepare "your squad for the next big match", where you sign in to your next on the Transfer Market or redeem the rewards to the next levels. 

There is full integration between the App and the console. For example, to access the FUT Transfer Market on the Web App and the Companion App, one may have to play the FUT on the console for a few days. 

After playing it, the system will check the account and unlock the Transfer Market access if the account status is good. It will also send an email. 

How To Uninstall (Remove) Web Companion?

Since such apps are unintentionally installed on the PC, marketers use the "bundling" method to trick users into downloading and installing the potentially harmful software application. 

Of course, many users wish to uninstall it, but such apps are coded to remain hidden, and they will not appear in the Custom or Advanced setting options of the download or installation setups. 

The setting files will not appear as PUAs, as the features must be properly disclosed. The user may need help seeing the danger associated with such downloads/ installations, and many skip many steps, but still, the installation happens. 

To avoid installation of Web Companion – 

  • Check all the Custom and Advanced settings and deselect all the unwanted applications. 

  • Avoid downloading apps from malicious third-party providers or untrustworthy or unofficial sites. 

  • Check the list of Installed programs on the computer. Uninstall software or apps that appear suspicious and automatically run a malware scan to eliminate it.

Cybercriminals may invest time and money into ad design and post intrusive advertisements that may appear legitimate; once clicked, it can result in redirects and ads that result in automatic downloads from unwanted sites.

If you get any such redirects, check for unwanted extensions, add –, or plugins installed on the browsers. 

How To Uninstall Web Companion Unwanted Application?

To get rid of the Web Companion - Press the Control + Shift + Escape button (CTRL + SHIFT+ESC) and run the Task Manager to locate whether the DLL file is running. Choose the End Task option to stop the file.

Then go to the Start button and type App & features to locate the App and uninstall it from the settings. 

For Mac OSX - You can find it in the applications list. Click the Finder, select the App, Drag it to the Trash, then Empty Trash. 

Remove rogue extensions from browser settings, especially if you get unwanted app or site ads. Windows XP users can run the initial.cpl command, click the Advanced tab, and Reset it.

Windows 8 users can click the Gear icon on Internet Explorer to find out the malware and remove it. In the IE, check the Advanced tab and Reset default settings, then Click the checkbox to delete the Personal settings like home pages, temporary internet files, cookies, etc. 

In Google Chrome – go to the settings << click Reset (Restore settings to their original defaults). Click the Reset option to remove the malicious files.

On Mozilla Firefox, select Add-ons and click the Extension to remove all recently installed suspicious browser plugins. 

Select Preferences << Click Extensions on Safari to locate and uninstall the suspicious installed files. 

On Edge, select Extension and use the Remove button to remove recently installed suspicious browser add–ons.

What Is Web Companion Windows 10?

Web companion software mostly runs on Windows 7 or Windows 10. It is an EULA. Lavasoft can collect data about the operating system like bit architecture, release, and version, and also get information about the applications installed on your device like the install source, display name, version or location. Such apps have the potential to impact the IP and services of Windows. 

The machine running such software may face issues like 

  • During the setup, a tool creates a registration startup point in Windows that allows for automatic start whenever you boot your PC.

  • Once installed, it includes the services that run without fail in the background.

  • Manual stopping can cause the programs to malfunction, although a Background control system continues to run automatically. 

  • Such installations can delay the start of the Controller Service through the Service Manager. 

  • A Scheduled Task gets added to the Windows Task Scheduler, which launches the program at the scheduled time, depending on the release dates/time and version. [The primary file associated with the program is Lavasoft.AdAware.dll.]

Is Web Companion A Virus?

Is web companion a virus

The App is classified as PUA, the program that is not intentionally installed but appears on the computer screens. Unfortunately, the developers promote deceptive methods like bundling; hence, it is often installed unintentionally, and the users find it hard to remove. 

  • Users should be careful and not trust applications on misleading providers' sites. 

  • It is not intended to harm the user, but many other PUAs can be in the package, including apps with attributes like browser hijackers and Adware. 

  • Many such systems are named X registry cleaner, power PC Care Advanced Care, etc., which can appear useful. Still, these can reduce browsing speed and quality and deliver unwanted ads, resulting in unwanted redirects.

How To Remove Adaware Web Companion (Uninstall Guide)?

Steps for Web Companion uninstall 

  • Click the Start Menu (Windows 10 users can right-click the bottom left corner of the screen to run the Start Menu). 

  • In the Control Panel << find Programs. 

  • Either use the Click to Uninstall a Program (on Windows Vista/ 7 /8 / 10) or Click on Add to Remove Programs (Windows XP).

  • Choose the Web Companion and remove it.

It has been found that only 20 per cent of the users can uninstall the App from the device. Moreover, since it is dangerous software that captures critical data from the machine, other malware detection may be required to find its presence. 

For example, one may require sophisticated malware or antivirus software to remove it from the system registry. 

How To Uninstall Lavasoft Web Companion?

The software can be installed as a part of the free installation package, and its distribution system can be legitimate. However, the user must identify and reject it to avoid installation by Quick or Recommended installers' settings. 

You can follow the steps to avoid it – 

  • Use Custom or Advanced methods to install any such program to know the steps involved in the installation and avoid installing a PUA where you can deselect pre-marked checkmarks.

  • Run a system scan with a professional antivirus after the installation.

  • Always be careful when installing a program and monitor the installation process to avoid automatically deploying unwanted executables. 

Users can opt for automatic or manual elimination methods to remove the web companion Lavasoft. First, open the Task Manager to check if the application runs on the system. If the software appears in the Program list on the Control Panel, you can search for web companion Lavasoft to uninstall it.

Experts believe the best way to protect the computer against such executables is to install a stable antivirus that uninstalls unnecessary applications or software bundles into your system. 

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