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which is a benefit of advertising online?


More and more buyers look for products online as they search for specific attributes and brands. Online advertising provides higher control over the marketing process and stages.

As per Lyfe marketing – 64% of the consumers will click on Google ad when they look for items online and the global digital ad spend is expected to grow over $375b by 2021, where location-based campaigns are considered 20 times more effective as compared to traditional banners and benefit of advertising online.

The study also finds more than 50% of the Smartphone users order new brands or products while searching for it on the device.  Mobile ad campaigns have become 5 times more effective as compared to other methods. Mobile searches can increase brand awareness by 46% (WordStream research).

Digital video ad spends increased 25% y-o-y and 86% of the marketers make use of video content to reach new buyers. Both YouTube and Google launched bumper ads offering creative methods to target customers in a short duration. 

Which is a benefit of advertising online with Google Ads

Which is a benefit of advertising online with Google Ads?

In the case of traditional methods of advertising, one cannot determine the exact impact of each variable involved. The companies are forced to make wasteful expenses towards strategies that do not deliver the desired ROI.

Online tools offer the most powerful digital marketing platform where one can establish trust and use methods to persuade consumers and also identify ways to keep on the top of the advertising, while, measuring constant progress.

This reduces the chance of wasteful expenses and one does not require a massive marketing budget, or a long history of the business, or a huge team to attain the target.

One can meet people who are interested in buying what you are selling by creating a Google Ads account and by searching for a digital PPC agency that can manage the campaigns, or one can directly communicate with the users on social media websites. 

Benefits of targeted advertising

Benefits of targeted advertising

1. Cheap online advertising 

One can completely control the way the money is spent on internet-based advertisements. Finding time to create and manage Google Ads can be tricky but there are many benefits of advertising in such a way where one can determine how much to spend and pay when a person clicks on the ad.

The seller can adjust the bids in a manner to ensure higher flexibility and they can assign a daily budget to each individual where they can use shared budgets that are allocated across multiple campaigns.

The shared budget is ideal if one does not have a lot of time to spend on setting up and monitoring the campaign budgets but would like to get the most clicks possible for your ads within the determined funds. 

2. Automated keywords 

Google Ads offers excellent ways to reach new buyers online where the ad platform allows a person to get specific keywords which can help to target a precise audience. Many advertisers prefer to have an automated system to target keywords.

Earlier SEO experts used multiple calculations to derive the best keywords for a campaign. Google, recently, introduced changes where it offers simplified ways to deal with the entire process. 

3. Smart bidding

For a beginner level user, where one does not know how to start, the bidding feature can be used where one can start bidding or enter the auctions based automatic system to optimize the conversions of the auctions. Smart bidding can be used for the entire bidding process where one only requires to let Google know the goal. 

The benefit of advertising online - The advertiser tells Google about what type of audience they need for their blog posts and Google handles all the bidding process. The system can use for higher ROI.

Drawbacks - The downside of such a system is that it prevents the owner of the campaign from handpicking sites but it has been found that the third-party websites which can display your ad do not help in positively promoting it, rather it may lead to irrelevant posting on sites. 

4. Expert mode online advertising - 

Google introduced the expert mode where an entire range of features and campaign types are offered. The advertiser can control the bidding strategy and also the display network where the person who wants the ads to be on the third party network – can make use of the features to achieve the desired. 

5. Google Discover 

The advertiser can make use of Discover which can replace the news feed and it is superior in comparison to other news feed as it makes use of an algorithm to get user's preferences and once the preferences of the buyers are known, the companies can target only the relevant audience. 

The discovery ad allows placing ads where one can feel things are relevant. The user has to provide the pictures and copy where they will ensure the ad reaches the interested parties.    

What is the benefit of online advertising with Google AdWords

What is the benefit of online advertising with Google AdWords?

One can design a long term strategy for internet-based buyers who are present all over the world and many are young buyers ready to spend online. Traditional methods like flyers, brochures, cold calls, and banners are still being used by companies but the marketers do not know who will see the ad, or who could be the interested buyer.

Many such campaigns required long term spending without many results, whereas, online one can use Google Analytics to see if the ad campaign is moving in the right direction or not. 

The seller can target a global audience where specific strategies can be used for branding and getting copywriting where one can unlock the true potential of the online tools and persuade customers and convince them to buy what you are selling. 
Online advertising is an all-inclusive, easy to use and affordable method.

It provides easy ways to reach the new buyer and get multiple opportunities to enhance sales where the marketers can use strategies to get in touch with the viewers and maintain connectivity with the buyer even during the after-sale phase. 

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Which of the following is not a benefit to oxo of using social media and online advertising

Which of the following is not a benefit to oxo of using social media and online advertising?

In the last 25 years, OXO changed its marketing strategy to meet the latest requirements related to the changes in the microeconomic factors where OXO had to reevaluate the strategy related to competitors and customer demand. It is a company that creates universal products that are accepted by a wide range of people.

The key factor was that there have been some changes in customer behavior and needs. It invested in the blogger network to enhance word to mouth marketing in 2011, and the firm got a chance to meet new buyers where it developed one to one relationship with the visitors to the blog site, while, often interacting in person at events and conferences.

 The site was also benefited from actively engaging the blogger network where they used multiple strategies and tools to measure the success of their online strategies. 

Importance of online advertising

Importance of online advertising

The online advertisement provides ways to find the right people to target those who are interested in buying what you are selling.

One can use multiple tools like videos, social media and display ads, to meet the audience that helps in further generating more leads and making the campaign a success. The tools can be used to track conversions and measure the effectiveness of the ad campaign.

The reach of such a business is beyond the geographical location, where one gets to meet new buyers every year. The growth prospects are higher when the company offers service on time in an effective manner.

Buyers are waiting to see some new strategies in the year 2020 where Amazon is growing with the record-breaking Prime day and many brands have flocked to the firm for getting the revenue-generating ad abilities. 

It is believed that paid searches will continue to dominate where Google will retain the upper hand where it introduced several new features and tools to help marketers.

Similarly, Facebook is expected to retain its position amidst controversies where it is preparing to launch the Facebook Watch and Automatic Placements features. Instagram Explore feeds will be launched in the coming year – that offers a great chance to reach new audiences.

 One of the biggest stories of the next year will be the growth of eCommerce to the next level of business where the number of shoppers continues to increase and in the US itself, the number is expected to cross 300m. The next year will also be about voice searches and visual searches where automated systems will be adopted by the websites to get a better response. 

Similarly, the technologies - AI and ML will get more acceptance where AI-driven technologies will enable testing and smarter strategies, and Google will offer advertisers with the abilities integrated with ML to reduce the need for A/B testing. This will help to deliver engaging and relevant ads.  

Disadvantages of online advertising

Disadvantages of online advertising

There are certain drawbacks of advertising on Adwords as compared to natural SEO where you have to pay for promoting your products and services.  Paid advertisements are like paying rent for the people who visit your store and if the budget is not adequate the traffic may stop instantaneously – where you may not even get the chance of benefiting from previous visits.

In a PPC campaign, the client may ask for an audit where they are not aware of how important it is to have control over the campaign and the distinction of the marketing material online. 

The Google Ad tools help to identify the loopholes in the strategies that can be modified to the earliest to ensure the campaign gets the right response. The past performance of the Ads affects the bids made for the newer keywords and it is advised to lower the bids to get going.

The Google Ads campaigns can be complicated where the business can outsource the work to third party organizations to speed up the production of content, and work with the right kind of experts to ensure the marketing strategies get completely dedicated attention.

One can set up the campaign at all levels for specific hours, geography, day of release, keyword specific, campaign budget, excluded keywords, and related queries. In certain cases the campaign is mismanaged and lost, which can lead to loss of time and money and one may have to pay again to get the services.

The price of the keyword is based on competition and the criteria for the relevance of the ad concerning the keyword and the landing page can affect the cost per click. 

If the ad campaign has to compete with others with a larger budget, then the budget spends on marketing may increase automatically. The competition is very high and sometimes, the advertiser has to pay up to $25 for one click.

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