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Search engine optimisation helps to deliver traceable results. Companies that are not well placed for their products or services can boost traffic through website referrals, content, and integrated marketing techniques.

The right content helps to share through videos, free magazines or tutorials, and these can assist the buyers in gaining information about the product to promote brand loyalty. In addition, relevant content, word-to-mouth, business branding, social marketing, and referrals can help promote a new brand.

Digital referrals can be bought for incentives as it provides a great way for e-commerce retail product promotion. Some e-commerce websites adopt the affiliate marketing technique, which is a key driver for getting new customers.

The pay-per-click marketing campaigns can help to focus on advertising for selected audiences. Content sharing can increase the total amount of referral ads.

Voice and SEOVoice and SEO

As per the SEL reports, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said voice constitutes 20 per cent of the hunt on Google mobile app and Android devices.

Google launched its voice command in 2012, and it took at least two to three years for the users to adopt the features of voice, where Alexa and Google Home voice assistants are becoming the centre stage for marketing. 

Therefore, it is necessary to change SEO dynamics to meet the new dynamics.

Mobile optimisation, ranking, schema, PageSpeed, and conversational longer searches are increasing.

How Does SEO Need To Evolve For Voice Commands?How SEO need to evolve for voice commands

The traditional desktop trends are now changing into voice command, where small businesses are getting huge opportunities for viewers who want to get services from a nearby location to place an order.

  • Studies claim by 2022, 90 per cent of the car offers may come through voice recognition, and even televisions will use such systems to improve services.

  • These programs can enter mainstream banking and financial transactions once such plans' security is approved.

  • In the text methods, users used only a few keywords of what they wanted to see, but in the voice command, they can tell a story.

  • Such voice commands can be conversational, with a long tail of keywords.

  • The questions will provide superior insight into the intentions of the viewer. However, companies need to optimise the monitor PageSpeed and mobile page to trap the opportunity, where over 60 per cent of the commands come from mobile voice searches.

How to optimize a website to handle voice searchesHow To Optimise A Website To Handle Voice Searches?

The SEO dynamics are changing the digital marketing trends, so the websites should be modified to deliver high-speed results. In addition, the site should be streamlined and secure, where the images should be optimised and load fast. 


The use of standard HTTPS can bring such sites to the top on the Google voice search due to higher security integration.

The FAQ of the website should be changed to deliver results on the voice query. The user using an iPhone or TV should be able to recognise and distinctly understand the language.

Concise short, easy FAQs can be used for several searches, where Google can use some part of the website as snippets where it believes the website has authority over the topic or the subject. Reports found that 53 per cent of the voice queries deliver snippets as results. 

A website with proper navigation, tables and charts can come up during voice queries to deliver structured content.  

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