Mont Diigital Integration of technologically advanced features for better user experience

Integration of Technologically Advanced Features for Better User Experience


Even some of the best website designs, engaging content, and useful ideas go unnoticed due to confusing user interfaces.  Some companies try to identify the viewer's experience by walking in their shoes, testing with multiple permutations and combinations, and integrating technology.

Much research has been done where testing is one of the key areas, and many companies involve a series of testing phases to generate useful feedback. Then, after two or three phases - the reviews and feedback are analyzed.

Some users cannot see features obvious to others, or those who are not tech-savvy may find pages difficult to navigate. If it takes a lot of time to identify how to use the features, it is the UX / UI problem, not the viewers' mistake.

Some of the best designs, such as ATMs at banks, will not require more than 20 seconds to deliver what is needed. Sometimes, designers feel they have created a masterpiece, but it's worthless if the user fails to identify what it wants to convey.  

How to deliver superior UI/UX featuresHow to Deliver Superior UI/UX Features?

Experts claim UI/ UX should include the best technical and design features to promote usability where the user does not feel restricted as he moves from one page to another.

The designer needs to integrate diagrams, studies, wireframes, sitemaps, or videos-- not hurting the eyes or taking a ton of time to download or discover how to use them.  


An experienced designer can develop features such as clicking on an app or website, how identifying, how to share a link, downloading, inviting a friend, placing an order, searching for content, entering credit card information, etc.

One can integrate innovative designs with complicated systems, multiple platforms, and adverse environments but should shield the user from all the system's complexities.   

The Gen Z technologies of self-driven cars and phones – where the booking for a dentist appointment or air tickets are automatically made, can mimic human intelligence to do tasks that can be integrated with technology.

E.g. LinkedIn's AI-based feed helps to identify users' interests, past interactions, brand choices and other experiences to provide relevant information fast. In addition, some websites use data-driven content – to deliver reports and journals, which are highly useful and can draw users to the purchase cycle.

Tips to Improve UI/UXTips to improve UI/UX

The web designer should have some technical knowledge to deliver the best, which can help improve the design. 

The designer needs to identify the to-do list to set priority on the website to share things, allow viewers to comment,  nest tasks, and assign deadlines involving a lot of complexities. Still, as the final page is made, it should look very easy, clean and simple.

Regular updates are needed in designs and integrated technologies.

Proving better experiences involves strategies such as vending machines started by Coca-Cola or chatbots for online and offline purchases. In addition, users can get micro-interaction or app-based services, where the message is directly sent to the mobile device.  

One should be able to personalize pages, E.g. by eliminating interfering ads.

The target should be to re-engage customers lost- using technologically advanced UI/ UX.

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