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How Much Do Web Developers Make


Web development is often related to coding practice; nevertheless, many other integrated tasks include client-side scripting, network security configuration, server-side scripting, eCommerce development and content management(CMS). While web development has been around for decades, it has been growingly adopted in all areas of life; with the integration of artificial intelligence, you click or tap to get everything you want. 

Given the rapidly increasing number of internet users, web development is expanding, and the profession of a web developer is expected to grow by 13 per cent faster than other technology-related careers. So, if you possess the requisite expertise and can keep up with the latest trends, you can ensure employment in the sector even in the coming decades. 

Mont digital is a web development company offering expert services in website design, digital marketing, lead marketing, SEO, SEM, and related digital marketing sectors. 

If you wish to make a career in web development and marketing, it will help if you consider the following - 


Careers: Web developers operate in all markets, industries, and public and private sectors. You can work independently or join as a traditional full-time employee. So, a freelancer may collaborate with clients and work independently on each project. 

On the other hand, a full-time employee works as a part of a development team where the responsibilities are distributed per the specialisation and project requirements. 


Position: - The jobs may include new website development, implementation, testing, fixing bugs, website management, digital marketing and finding ways to enhance user experience. The job promises success and stability in your career.

Besides high starting salaries, extra incentives are not specifically expressed in the scale, regardless of web development qualifications.

Also, it includes flexibility in work-timings and perks offered on accomplishing certain projects. The salaries of web developers differ depending on the geographical location, country, job type, job role, designation, work-time like part-time or full-time, contractual or whether you operate remotely. 


Salary: - You will be glad to know that the bureau of labour statistics estimates web developers' annual pay of £59,506. It is considerably higher than the previous average wage of £33,116.

Remember that earnings may significantly depend on circumstances such as business type, qualifications or experience, strategic location, and whether you are an individual employee or otherwise. The bottom 10% makes less than £32,568, and the remaining 10% earns over £106,258 per year.

This article will discuss certain important points related to the jobs offered in the web development sector. We will discuss what it means to be a web developer, the salary, work format, what they make, how much a web developer can earn per hour, and also evaluate the earnings of a full stack web developer!

Who are web developersWho Are Web Developers?

A web developer works as a coder, designer or expert in the related field, he can work independently on a contract basis, or he can work with a team of developers who create and manage websites, perhaps not a separate project, but they often work on multiple projects. 

Although web developers need to consider the practical aspect, they are the architects who ensure the maintenance and marketability of web pages as well. Web developers are usually divided into - front-end, back-end development and full-stack.

The job of a web developer is to write code to create a website's visual content, user interface, navigation, contact forms, its back-end, and integrate AI apps, social media, and other relevant features. 

In contrast, those in back-end development need to design the database and the gateway to get relevant details like contact details, payment details and other types of information from the users. 

Back-end developers specialise in repositories and databases. They play a significant yet largely overlooked role. Individuals maintain the process of holding, maintaining and extracting the data acquired from the site visitors. 

Such developers maintain millions of records and extract the relevant data on request at the required time; they secure the data and keep the data history and other transaction copies to prevent data loss. As a result, they are likely to earn more than front-end developers, designers or marketers.  

What is a Web Developer's Salary? What is a Web Developer Salary

You can consider various details as you analyse a web developer's annual salary. One should not assume it depends on specific factors like job experience or educational qualification; it may depend on many other factors like the market demand, the wages offered by other competitive firms or some firms may offer salaries per the project type.

Communication is the key area, and web developers may have to interact with the client, visit the project site, and obtain key information to design the basic structure. 

The coders may be asked to write the code for websites in certain languages like CSS, Java or HTML. Depending on the specialisation and project requirement, the web developer may determine the front-end and back-end languages. 

The company may be located in one city or have branches across the country or overseas. Hence, the development team must identify the hardware or software requirements depending on the client's prerequisites. 

The developers need to test the application before implementation and ensure the functions of the application are accurately deployed on-site. For example, they may have to create custom controls, navigation menus, dynamic pages and integrated mobile apps. In addition, the developers need to test user interface elements to identify and eliminate bugs. 

The web development team must coordinate with the associated members to offer integrated efforts and make the best of the time and budget allocated to the project. The team may include project managers, designers, business analysts and quality assurance engineers. 

Such organisations utilise various approaches to determine programming competencies and develop expertise. In addition, they train employees working in the development team to help them compete in the technically advanced sectors.

Web developers, either at entry-level or fresher, may have just commenced their careers, mostly from college through basic training development programs. 

Individuals new to software development can work as team members under a team leader or project manager, write basic code in some languages, or fix minor coding errors. Instinctively, their earnings continue to rise and increase as they work to enhance their abilities.

Junior developers with many years of professional experience can be promoted as senior developers or team leaders, where the compensation is defined under the medium wage level. 

What does a web developer doWhat Does A Web Developer Do? 

Web developers are responsible for implementing scripts for websites. First, they create a plan to design a website; then, they determine the script required for getting the required functionalities in the website, and then the basic layout and designs are made. Finally, the graphics and the content are added in the later stages. 

The user interface generally embeds information through repositories or back-end infrastructure incorporation. In addition, the layout includes spaces for certain links like chat boxes, registration forms, or social media platforms. 

Although metadata is held in the initial HTML codes, the graphic component may change from time to time when the website is enhanced to improve the features significantly and add technically advanced functions or when the number of pages increases with functionality. 

To design a website, the developer must know the customer's requirements based on clients' feedback. First, they need to determine the user interface and database functions, and after creating the basic plan, they need to get approval from the client. 

Knowing what their users expect can help developers use their technical skills to build sites that satisfy such specifications.

Several developers concentrate on certain website styles or give services to improve the website design or content during the development process; many further provide comprehensive infrastructure or platform-level support, and some may develop each website from beginning to end. The Website development teams may be involved in important activities like

  • Integrating everything into the website, like video, sound, and visuals. 

  • Analysing consumer preferences and desires. 

  • Checking errors or handling accessibility concerns on different domains

  • Developing and implementing site apps, including plug-ins 

  • Time scheduling, execution and branding

  • Creating attractive integrated designs, marketing material, logos, brochures, flyers, page designs and others with the graphic designers. 

  • Traffic management 

How Much Do Freelance Web Developers Make? 

How much do freelance web developers make

According to the growing number of vacancies and job roles in the web development sector, numerous positions have been created to handle certain developmental roles. 

You can find people working as freelancers, part-timers, full-timers, and remote workers, sometimes working full-time or on contracts. Many like to work independently; they like to get flexible working hours. 

Some may work in contractual, part-time salaried job positions, and some seek stability or consistency through conventional full-time jobs.

Website development continues to grow across industries and businesses, and freelancers bill around £51.41 or perhaps an hour on average.

Senior site developers and technical experts with higher wages earn as per the work designation. On average, freelancing web developers earn £64630 a year ( according to average income calculations by Glassdoor and ZipRecruiter).

Though newcomers without much experience or educational background may fail to get the same, the salary depends on how much you can bargain with the employer.


How much do web developers make per hourHow Much Do Web Developers Make Per Hour? 

So how much a web developer's hourly earnings rate is? Such rates might differ considerably according to the quality, location and job roles or the services offered by web developers.

Based on data from websites, developers estimate that they can receive an hourly wage rate of around £52 to £68. However, you need to become a specialist or consultant in specialised sectors to earn more. 

For example, web developers may charge higher prices for specialist consultancy services where they design strategies to get customers, maintain correspondence and handle purchases. 

As we have already mentioned, the prices are distinct. For example, the client may have to pay £1713.65 for a new website and £17136 for a website update.

An expert may demand £128.52 an hour for work, and a beginner may charge £25.70 for one hour, even for a difficult task. 

Full Stack Developer Salary Full stack developer salary

There is a strong market for full-stack developers. Furthermore, businesses search for skilled people with more than one profession to maintain pace with the demands. They might hire a full-stack developer for certain assignments.

You may find that developers in full stacks are offered huge wages because they can handle front-end and back-end coding and are experts in designing web pages, managing the pages and providing back-end server support. 

In addition, individuals are paid more as such experts help to develop a transparent, reliable system to manage operating expenses. Moreover, they remain in high demand because of their ability to integrate numerous technologies and services. 

To get such a highly-paid job, you must get a Master's degree in the required field. A full-stacked developer's average work experience should be more than one year. The average Full Stack Developer Salary in the US is approx. $75,057 per annum: A Full Stack Developer get approximately £35,504 a year in the UK.

Is there a high demand for web developersIs There A High Demand For Web Developers?

Web developers plan, design, create, deploy and maintain websites. Although they may have to work on page code, they may also work like artists and do their paintings well. 

For example, they may choose colours and pictures for photos and computer graphics, so almost the entire web page starts to fit in the special effects.

A large number of developers have no formal qualifications. Yet, many companies use common terms to hire developers, coders and web designers, so check through the recruitment process in detail; check the work experience required for the job, the job role and the educational qualifications needed when you are applying for positions. 

The job role can be divided into basic: front-end and back-end programming.

The company may hire individuals for specific projects and extend the job tenure once the project targets are accomplished. Sometimes after the initial few technical and HR interviews, the company may hire the candidate suitable for a specific role and reject the other applicants. 

Sometimes, the candidates are hired for a project that gets delayed or may not start at all; in that case, the hired individuals are shifted to other ongoing projects and then the company may not give certain perks or benefits associated with the role that was associated with the cancelled or delayed project. 

How Much To Charge For A Website?

There is no magical way to determine the rate; if someone seeks employment with commercial retail or local industrial websites, no one can inform you of the exact salary structure. For example, Internet designers typically ask $ 75 per hour, and a business website can be priced between $ 5,000 and $ 10,000. 

However, the average cost for an original internet site's deployment/installations, designing, development, and content creation is $ 6,760, and the price compensates for the customers' long-term commitment.

A digital enterprise may have multiple in-house employees specialising in different fields like designing, building, and advertising a website. The cost of in-house development includes the salaries of employees working for the project, the project cost - the hardware and software, the cost of supervision and the related employment privileges.

For uploading a website, the cost will depend on what kind of site you need and the capabilities required to maintain and set up the site. 

Is Web Development Hard? Is web development hard

It is hard to know where to start if you consider becoming an Internet developer. 

Many companies hire employees as trainees who work on a stipend on certain projects and become key members of the team after they work on the projects as they learn through industrial exposure. 

So those with basic educational qualifications can start as trainee developers or designers who work under a team leader and project manager and learn through the real-life project development and implementation process. 

Designers may have to work on innovative layouts to get the desired website design, marketing pages, brand logo, phrase, online funnel, and search engine optimisation. 

You might have thought about mastering the programming language or becoming an internet developer. Nevertheless, industrial project developments may be based on something other than a specific set of programming languages. As a result, you may have to learn and update your skills to work on the latest coding practices. 

There are even several exceptional development platforms that seamlessly switch to simple static HTML pages. Those skills can help you stand out from other applicants for the same role. As with any task, you can groom your web developer skills over the years.

How To Become A Web Developer?

Web design is an important part of modern marketing strategies. With a website, you go beyond the limited marketing zones at a lower cost, and you can get in touch with the clients to know their views on your offers. 

In addition, you require the skills of designers to create graphics and grid drawings to help illustrate the marketing schemes and predict the outcome of implementing a marketing strategy. You can also predict future growth through the grid drawings.  

However, graphic design is sometimes typical of a developer, where you can start as a designer and eventually develop into a full-stack developer. Many web developers specialise in either front-end or back-end development. 

To become a successful freelance internet designer, you can take each step carefully, learn through the process, upgrade your skills and get started.

What Is the Difference Between A Web Developer And A Software Developer? What is the difference between Web Developer and Software Developer

Web Developer:

They operate with business managers to get accurate site layouts and design attractive websites to get clients for your business. The professionals integrate the most relevant technical elements into the websites and web packages to get you a useful and functional template to grow your business.

They create databases where you can save the client's response. You can adopt different approaches to work on websites, and your choice depends on the client's requirements and budgetary limitations. 

The responsibilities include discovering the right content to upload on the website and finding the right tools to get the most useful response from the visitors. Hence, they are in demand in most IT companies and other sectors.


Software Developer:

Software developers write codes in specific languages and design applications that can deliver technical functionalities to users. They are responsible for conceptualisation, development, programming, deployment, maintenance and documentation work. 

They follow standards to write codes, test the code and deploy the program. In software development, the main focus is to get speedy calculations and communication to accomplish industrial works and integrate different work areas ( finance, budget, HR, manufacturing, sales and others) in different industrial sectors across multiple work locations in one program that is audited through a central control system. 

It can get daily, monthly, weekly and annual work progress reports and accurate business projections for many years.


The above section discusses various aspects associated with the job of a software and web developer. However, anyone can start as a junior developer and grow their earning potential by continuously learning through the process of on-job work. 

Many organisations allow their employees to work remotely, which gives them certain benefits. For example, they may have fixed working hours but do not need to report at a specific time, or they do not need to get ready to go to the office, or they do not need to travel to job locations. 

The barrier to entry into the area is quite low, and the job demand continues to grow yearly. The call for website designers and developers is higher than related career paths with similar educational qualifications. In future, the demand will grow as the reach of the Internet and advanced technologies continue to rise.  

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