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Eliminating the mistakes to increase website ROI


With the growth in e-commerce websites each year, sales are not picking up for several businesses that intend to grow fast online. Web design is the basic template for growth where the features like the logo, appearance, usability, and brochures must be properly designed to enhance the experience.

The website with fast load times and a clean homepage attracts visitors. However, the study by Kissmetrics Infographics shows that sites taking more than 4 seconds to load may lose 25 per cent of the viewers. 

Optimized PagesOptimised Pages

The pages should be optimised for mobile access as the number of computer users has declined, and the number of mobile users is growing. 

Therefore, the e-commerce site should be optimised for mobile users where the sites should not just adjust to the screen size, it should be easily accessed, and its navigation should be understandable. 

Avoid Distractions

The first impression is made by the design, graphics, videos or the bold content written on the top of the website – these aspects should be extremely catchy and vivacious to keep the visitors glued. 

On the other hand, one should not put distractions on the landing page and eliminate content that creates confusing steps on pages, as required when filling a form.

Avoid Complexity

The research by Nielsen Norman Group finds visitors form an opinion about the website in just 0.9 seconds, and only 16 per cent of the users read the text carefully. 

Providing too much information, which appears complex in the first instance, should be avoided. The pages should not contain too little where the users do not find relevant information on the landing page itself, which can be a mistake. 

It can result in the loss of buyers. The process of checking out should be simple.

Integrate Enhanced TechnologyIntegrate Enhanced Technology

AI can be used to identify customer behaviour. Data management platforms can be integrated to collect third-party data, where the company can find ways to target customers who are potential buyers and eliminate the ones who are unlikely to convert. 

Instantaneous customer support through digital marketing experience provides quick ways to resolve buyers' problems. 

Today website builders are used by firms, where tools like Alexa or Siri can identify customer patterns and talk to them to create designs faster as per the expectation of the visitors. As a result, website building has been changed from text-based HTML codes to website builders, an amazing tool for first-timers. 

Creating a Wiki pageCreating a Wiki Page

Companies have plenty of avenues to drive traffic or generate sales-ready leads. Several small and large businesses create their Wikipedia business page to promote products and services. 

Companies are using such pages to maintain their online reputation, which helps to give more exposure and improve business credibility in the competitive market.

Several customers conduct online searches to buy things. Wiki pages can provide much information that comes with citations and other details and appear more reliable. It also helps to improve the search engine page ranks and reputation as Google finds Wikipedia relevant and trusted. 

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