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Automated Lead Generation Strategies for the New Generation Buyers 


The current generation buyer is a digital connoisseur where marketing automation can maximise achievements. Even small enterprises are investing in adopting the latest digital marketing solutions for lead generation.  

Data reveals that 79 per cent of the advertisers use SEO techniques - content marketing, word of mouth and email marketing in their strategies. In addition, the new generation of advertisers are spending more on Google search ads than in the last years, and more than 30 per cent are spending on social media like Instagram ads. 

Such strategies are not predictable or linear; it requires multiple strategies at multiple levels. The jobs include problem identification, solution exploration, requirement building, validation, supplier selection, and consensus creation. 

Inbound and Outbound LeadsInbound and Outbound Leads

Lead generation can be inbound or outbound. For outbound campaigns, technology can be used for messaging. Inbound is about creating a worthwhile experience which can positively impact business and attract customers to the websites, blogs, and products. 

Inbound content requires a lot of content, and some companies use automation tools to improve sales and accountability. 

Outbound can be used to build revenues, establish a customer base, and acquire and retain clients in new markets.  


The Significance of Analytics

The Significance of Analytics

One of the key strategies is provided by Google Analytics, which involves CRM, content marketing data and conversion. As a result, the median number of data sources increased by 50 per cent from 2017 to 2019.

Despite the increase in the data source, 47 per cent claim they had a unified view of customer data. Automation provides statistics and can help convert confusing processes into an integrated controlled stream of actions, which can give predictive analytics and be used to design strategies. 

Emails Copywriting Videos Referrals and BloggingEmails, Copywriting, Videos, Referrals and Blogging

Organised outbound strategies to promote products and services include crucial steps like training, motivating and meeting the participating teams. In addition, leads can be gained through email marketing, where the target market is defined and the contact data of buyers are recognised. 

Content marketing helps deliver well-executed information, but buyers have a low tolerance for generic content delivered at the wrong time or place. 

The strategies include designing email templates, and writing follows ups where referrals can be used. Sometimes, the referrals are inconsistent or limited.

The estimated average ROI of influencer marketing is up to $5,20 for each dollar, and for PPC is $2 for each $1. But tracking influencer marketing and digital outreach can be problematic when the space is overloaded with competitive brands. When the consumer gets many competitive ads in the same social media space, it reduces its effect.

Some social media users say they dislike repetitive ads pitched through this method. However, copywriters can boost ROI on lead generation, where content to appeal to the customers embedded with photographs, images, videos, and graphics can be used to tell about the services.

Nowadays, it is important to design mobile-friendly graphics as 60 per cent of smartphone users access the internet and buy products on mobiles. Moreover, blogging can be used where share-worthy content can be published on social media channels. 

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