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What the heck is responsive web design?


Today, mobile phone users account for over 90 per cent of the global population, and the number of internet users continues to increase where social media users are constantly escalating. Mobile-first cannot work independently of responsive web design

When a website is created, it is necessary to have the mobile-first approach as it allows the pages to be optimised for mobile interfaces, which makes it viewable to maximum users.

Mobile-first is one of the key concepts of SEO. In 2017, Google announced that the number of phone requests was more than the number of requests made from computers in the US. Adobe found 73% of the content must display on small screen resolutions for the user to remain engaged, and longer sessions and click-throughs allowed the engines to know that the user likes to visit your domain. 

One cannot do away with responsive pages, which provide a way to enable users to view content easily without disruption. 

Responsive web design can eliminate the set of pages or texts unfit for smaller screen resolutions because the pages with larger fonts and bigger images do not appear clearly within the screen resolution of phones; consequently, it is necessary to integrate features to remove and include certain content. 

Responsiveness And SEO In Visual StrategyResponsiveness and SEO in visual strategy

  • Certain pages include search engine preferences that serve fast, reliable, integrated and engaging sites. In addition, there can be multiple algorithms where mobile-first indexing helps to improve user experience.

  • Responsive sites are faster because they are based on single Googlebot user agents that require crawling, and there are no redirects or multiple versions with different URLs. 

  • In addition, search engines can determine the audience to serve, lowering the risk of common errors with user agent-based redirections.

  • The code on such pages is not repetitively reviewed, which helps the page to load fast. Google always prefers faster pages, and it also prevents the risk of losing the audience without displaying content.

  • Responsive web design is adaptive to forms. Such pages allow users to plug in information through a simple drop-down menu. The websites use the concept of collapsible menus with extra scrolling that allows the text sections to be grouped, and it becomes clickable in a drop-down fashion. 

  • It is like an accordion where compressed content is visible to search engines. Hence, the sites can improve the UX and remain searchable.

  • Overall, it helps improve traffic flow where the Smartphone friendly pages can be viewed easily, and the search engines serve the screens organically. The sites have faster load times because the mobile versions contain less content. In addition, the bounce rate reduces for such pages as improved UX helps retain clients and prevent abandonment.

In 2014, app usage on mobile created new records as users accessed social networks and read interesting articles and blogs on small-screen devices. Lately, Google released an algorithm update targeting mobile users and their experience to serve better on multiple devices and screen sizes, which are constantly changing. 

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