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What is AB testing in digital marketing


AB testing is used by retailers and web site owners to learn about the shopping habits of the customers. A successful eCommerce site constantly tests the layouts, the buttons, the colors and various other features to attract customers. The physical stores can be trickier and may not transform on a minute to minute basis.

Some provide free Wi-Fi or refreshments and have a display window with the brand name in the front to attract buyers where they let them know more about the brands. Brick and mortar stores are using sensors on the ceiling, or installing devices like a heat map, and trying to find areas where the customer spends most of their time. Without these methods, the stores may remain ignorant of shopper's behavior.

AB testing methods

AB testing methods

Innovative AB testing works on technology-based methods where the main purpose of the method is to fine-tune the marketing campaign by adopting multiple methods. The testing can determine which part of the ad is working. It can tell if there are methods that can be used to improve the service or products. 

Social media and onsite advertisements provide common platforms for AB testing. A hypothesis can be created where the call-to-action button can be added. If the call-to-action button has a low conversion rate – changes in button's design or color or position can be implemented to improve the conversion rate. It may happen that the CTA is not standing out against the background or is not much prominent and looks like an alert signal.  

What are the key tests that can be conducted in AB testing

What are the key tests that can be conducted in AB testing?

Businesses are experimenting with the user's behavior but this may not be based on the scientific and statistical data. Some managers may end up adopting wrongs methods, which can lead to the generation of irrelevant responses from the customers.

AB can be a time-consuming method where the marketers have to wait for long to gather information. It is essential to adopt appropriate methods for testing. 

A form can be used where the customer can be given the form where they click on your advertisement and fill in details to confirm the subscription. The length of such a form can have a significant impact on the responses.

In general, 27 percent of the people may abandon forms – as these appear irrelevant and time-consuming. It is advised to post short, easy to fill forms.

A split test can be used where the promotional on social media sites like Facebook targeting segmented audiences can be posted and then the data from the users can be collected through queries and forms. The segmented lists can be targeted for conversions. 

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The tests should have a compelling headline to attract visitors. Check the key message of the headline, where the landing copy should have appropriate images and videos. The landing page copy should provide information about the firm and help visitors identify it.

The different groups that are provided discounts or gifts should be targeted individually. Minimal design and relevant messages should be included with a prominent call to action to get a fast response. 

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