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Web Services & Integration: Revolutionary Technological Advancements


Adaptability to innovative technological changes is the key to handle competition in web services. Even cloud IP traffic is set to grow at the CAGR rate of 27 percent from 2016 to 2021. Cisco expects cloud processing to grow 94 percent by 2021 (market share) where Gartner sees it to account for 28 percent of total IT spending.

Centralization and virtualization have been realized and now technologies are expecting to fragment and automate. Another research by Accenture claims AI will double the annual economic growth rate by 2035 and completely change the work environment creating a better relationship between man and machine. 

Iot Investment

Iot Investment

  • According to IDC the investment in IoT can grow up to 1 trillion by 2020 that will fund 30 percent annual growth in connections in the next five years (as per Ericsson data).

  • The high-end applications using the technology will be linked to robots and virtual/augmented reality, AI, and machine learning systems. 

  • 5G can enhance the capabilities of cognitive computing and will support certain applications such as self-driving cars and devices.

  • Such technologies will be widely integrated into manufacturing, public safety, logistics, transportation, emergency, defense, and smart city systems. 

Autonomous Vehicle

Autonomous Vehicle

While the cloud's main advantage is data storage and AI is based on data. The new devices in the coming decades will be wireless, biometric, and based on environmental sensors, interpreted easily through wearable, drones, vehicles, and a number of new smart devices.

The new autonomous vehicle will be able to process video images to identify the surroundings, the pedestrians, fixed objects, and complete the journey without any hassle, even better than humans.

IoT, 5G, and Retail

IoT, 5G, and Retail

  • Retail web services will continue to grow. The new developments in IoT (internet of things) may involve larger adoption of 5G with massive LoT of deployment, where improved connectivity will be required.

  • IoT remote monitoring, remote assistance, AR / VR, and connectivity with devices may be promoted.

  • Amazon shared the roadmap into future plans and services where a GitHub post said the company is concentrating on container services and open source software projects.  

  • This will allow the company to provide messages, which can help organizations to make better decisions. It is also jumping into blockchain and AI, where the company is trying to start new trends with limited risks.

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Security Issues

Security Issues

There are multitudes of trends where many new challenges, security issues, and risk factors are growing. Some web services may die fast and some applications virtualization tools will be widely adopted by the users.

Experts are even predicting the death of OS and platforms, as the real-time customers are not concerned about the background applications or the operating systems, but it may take time for it to really happen.

 Change in the work environment where more independence and better access to information will be offered and there may be small teams operating in large corporations handling different modules, even though, the public sector companies will continue to work to remove legacy applications to fill the gaps. 

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