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These days web designing and development refers to cross-browser compatibilities, web engines, interfaces and screen-sizes to suit an assortment of devices, smartphones, laptops, desktops, and tablets. The websites built on new technologies are searchable and attractive.

The coders ensure the pages do not struggle with the extra weight that increases page load time, and the use of client-side validation through JavaScript has reduced. Still, there are many areas to explore to make use of the conveniences, where many online features are still undervalued by web developers and designers. 

Originally, in the late 1990s, websites were made in languages- XML, ASP, and JavaScript. These days coders use PHP and ASP. NET as key languages and the internet is more about compelling videos and graphics, where the market share of PHP continues to increase.

The new trends involve features, which are, exclusively, designed for different platforms, operating systems, and screens, for sensitive navigation, online text translation, and document management.  

The reach of online messages and marketing plans is beyond countries and continents, hence, companies are spending a lot toward the integration of innovative technologies to promote global accessibility and user-friendliness. 

Current trends in web development involve

Current trends in web development involve

Integrating UX revolution where the user interfaces should be unique and built on standards and should be compatible with both Apple-based and Google platforms.

  • Various business apps are designed with such themes where it requires zero training for the users to download and use such apps and websites. 

  • The browser is built in a way to deliver faster information and operate with the utmost interactive features, as well as, store data for faster downloads.  

  • The latest technologies target to improve the speed of website development through an open-source framework (such as Spring Boot, Apache, and Bootstrap etc.). 

  •  New website development tools are used where media components and visualization can create sophisticated web applications

  • Methods to improve the quality of applications and unified frameworks with adjusted technologies at a low cost are adopted by the companies. 

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With the growth of artificial intelligence (AI), there are many other concepts floating. The intelligence of the machines will grow to automate activities involved in the web development process. The process starts with the concept where machines learn technologies, and then develop as per user demand. 

There are technologies, which can create add-ons, tools, and apps to integrate with the larger systems. Such machines can develop a single system for both Android and Google. 

Some companies are targeting to build adaptive designs, where the websites gather and use the information on demand, to present it to the client, in an effective manner.

The ECommerce sector is expected to be a prime user of such technologies, where the use of AI in retail will be seen, very soon. Currently, more than 70 percent of online retailers are ready to invest in such machine learning systems, which can be integrated into their websites by 2020.

Such systems will promote image recognition and offer virtual shopping experiences. Machine aided research and keyword focused output will be delivered through such platforms. 

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