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Voice search is one of the key SEO 2019 trends 


Today SEO has become a highly saturated field where sites are changing strategies swiftly to attract technically proficient younger customers with Voice search. As a result, several website companies are investing more resources and time towards identifying and targeting a significant market.

Several key strategies integrated appropriately and supported by modern technologies can help promote the websites. Content optimisation and link building have an appreciable impact on the promotion, and if these key areas are weak, the site may not be able to deliver as expected.

Keyword stuffing using the researched keywords at the right place and time can deliver higher results. For effective SEO implementation, the website architecture should be linear, which is the technical aspect of the website. In addition, the growth in the number of people using voice assistants in the last few years raises the need for websites to incorporate such features. 

SEO is not just based on tricks; it should create a foundation where the website can improve its overall performance and create a long-term impact on the audiences. The websites with a robust backend may offer multiple features appropriately, but it is important to have attractive screens and front-end designs.

Some websites use keyword-stuffed landing pages for a particular location to get a city-wise rank. Keyword stuffing is important, but the technique was used in the 1990s.

The correct keywords and texts should be used, but duplicate or thin content should be removed as the poorly written irrelevant content can lower page rank. Using metadata for images and first-party testimonials helps in such strategies. 

Growth of Voice SearchesGrowth of Voice Searches

Studies find that 35.6 million people in the US use voice-activated devices, and one in six use smart speakers. Voice assistants make it easy for customers to search on mobile devices.

Experts believe that over 50 per cent of the searches by next year will be through voice as more and more users will seek answers for their queries by using "Ok Google", where the machine-generated exact result is extracted from hundreds of data stores.   

Website providing short, clear answers to some of the common voice queries, where the answers are, typically, within 29 words – can see their texts coming up in voice searches.

Such searches offer localisation where people directly get the customer care services through automated data, and customers can be benefited as they can get an exact idea of the nearby shops, dealerships or restaurants. This increases the chance of companies reaching customers who are interested in buying.

There are many benefits of such searches. The assistant can provide an answer just like a customer care executive, and voice search can direct the customers to the websites that answer their queries reliably and satisfactorily. In addition, such technologies allow the customers to seek exact information where they can use more than just keywords to find answers. 

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