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User experience has a huge impact on the way the products are viewed by the customers and their overall experience during a product sale.  There are various technological features, upfront development, engineering, and design aspects involved in UX. 

The designer and the technical experts need to identify the concept on which the designs are to be made. From a number of designs, one final is selected, which is tested through a series of technical and design parameters.

The final design should appear reliable, not hurt viewers' eyes, the user should be able to understand it and be able to perceive what the company wants to market in a minute.



The most tech giant has user-centric strategies and they do well to prioritize UX. But how to measure it and what are the standard metrics used in defining it? A survey by Clutch found 21 percent of the viewers find Amazon's UX better than Facebook and YouTube. 

Social media sites YouTube and Facebook were liked by 83 percent of surveyed viewers, Gmail UX was identified as good by 73 percent of viewers, Netflix 60 percent, and Instagram 47 percent.

The user said they would like to revisit a website if the content was useful and reliable. Untrustworthy content and higher load time can jeopardize viewer page visits, and 50 percent of the surveyed said they would stop using the website if the content was undependable, or if the load time was higher, whereas, 63 percent said they would permanently abandon such sites.

Some of the key factors for great UX involve the conversion rates where better UX can have conversion rates up to 400 percent. Such metrics can provide information into the average order value, usability measurement, and performance.

Mobile friendly

Mobile friendly

Mobile viewing continues to eat into the share of laptops, desktops, and the entertainment share of television. Switching to mobile audiences can help in improving contact with new viewers.

A top digital marketing company Swapalease was able to increase conversion rate by 30 percent by shifting focus to mobile. One-touch options for payment and other user-friendly features can promote the sociability of the websites on smartphones.

The factors where the user can see a design and get information, subsequently, without breaking down the user touch point helps to improve conversion rates. Also, the written content should be clear, user-friendly, and load time short on mobiles.

Risk factors and security

Risk factors and security

Most UX related features require the website to collect information from the user and there are no shortages of risk factors on the internet where hackers can hit the data or steal login information. Cloud services are adopted by companies to prevent such risks. Two-factor authentication and a strong password can improve security. End-to-end encryptions can prevent leakage of information.

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Future and AI

Future and AI

The future of UX lies in AI where it will be able to connect to users directly to enhance user engagement through better data analysis outputs such as heat maps, usage data, tests, etc. It can improve the purchasing experience and offer faster outputs.

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