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Upcoming Website Security, SEO and Designing Trends


The latest web designing trends include text, monitor resolution and many other user-friendly features, which can cope with the new demand of Gen Z users where the online society is growingly influencing the daily decisions and lifestyles of viewers.

The last two years faced changes in web conception, where companies have avidly promoted mobile friendliness. The site should have a fast downloading speed, and the waiting time for the loading page should be in a few seconds.

The survey by Aberdeen Group found that 5 per cent of the users abandoned websites with the delay in page loads. Users prefer flat, clutter-free and clean designs. Micro animations can be integrated for better presentation and should be made with captivating visuals and graphics.

The major challenges Security and data protectionThe Major Challenges: Security And Data Protection

There has been a growing concern for protecting personal data, one of the most vulnerable areas where the emergence of sophisticated technologies is creating massive data breaches.

The governments have proposed many new regulations in the EU, Australia, the US, and other countries to regulate cyber concerns related to data loss and privacy. Therefore, it is necessary to identify public recognition in this area, where regulations should be able to enforce minimal national data privacy standards. 

ADA Compliance

ADA compliance is another area where the websites need to provide features. Unfortunately, many websites are blind to proposals to meet ADA, like- keyboard access for users who are unable to use their hands to navigate pages, Alt descriptions for each image, easy-to-read text for sign-ups and use of proper heading subheadings and other structural elements in the page code. 

Mobile-Based Designs

Mobile-based designs allow easy anytime access to web pages that can provide a tool to engage new buyers and create interactive strategies. Artificial intelligence and chatbots have become part of every mobile user, and these devices are impacting day-to-day activities. Cortana and other digital assistants on the web pages can provide methods for easy and fast communication and better customer service.  

SEO Compliance and NavigationSEO Compliance and Navigation

It is not easy to create an SEO-compliant website where one needs to fix all the areas related to all the standards for SEO. For incorporating SEO, proper hosting and security features should be installed. 

The title, description, URLs, headings and Alt tags all should contain the combo of keywords and topics, which can improve searches. It is necessary to regularly update the content on the website to improve web page ranking. 

The flow of information and navigation should be smooth, and there should not be roadblocks or dead ends. The descriptions and fonts used on the pages should be comprehensible, and the videos should be engaging.

SEO involves on-page optimisation of the website pages and the updates, where fresh content is updated on the sites. The under-optimised pages should be removed to keep the site restructured and simplified.   

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