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The role of web hosting service and management 


Websites need an efficient hosting service because as the user arrives at the website, they respond quickly and the speed with which the features are displayed and the messages of the website are conveyed to the user plays a key role in keeping the user engaged to the site. Most bulk sites with a relatively poor web hosting services face SEO issues; on the other hand, fast hosting sites can boost overall performance. 

Security of hosting providers should be ensured because many websites are facing security issues. Recently, the ECB shut down one of its websites that were hacked and infected by malicious software where the malware was injected on the server hosting site that was trying to get the email address, names and the titles of subscribers from the database files. 

The performance of a host can be ensured by checking the online data sources and third-party monitoring services. 

Cost is one of the key factors which are considered by most companies but a low price can create poor uptime and lower bandwidth. 



Bandwidth determines the capacity available with which the website is broadcast on viewing the site. It is relevant as the search engine crawlers look for the fastest networks and the sites with appropriate bandwidth will load fast. The website with lots of heavy images and videos may take a longer time to load and this can affect crawler experience, creating a negative impact on search ranking. 

Hosting helps in ensuring the uptime 

A website that is down at the time when the search engine is crawling can have a poor uptime and this can be a bad thing for the website. It reduces the value of the site in the search algorithm matrix and this can be avoided by having an appropriate hosting service.  



The network used for broadcast can have a huge impact on website performance. A fast network at points of presence in the UK regions like London and Manchester can help website load fast and with ISP with negotiated priority routing can improve the speed. Hardware with a multi-machine system and redundancies can prevent downtime and failure.

CDN can improve load time and reduce bandwidth requirements and it also provides a way to co-locate the image and video content. Images and videos on distributed networks can deliver sites locally. 

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Functional websites work on database and with a static site the website may not be able to deliver but the website with database connectivity and images takes time to load. Hence, the database should be backed with hardware/software to increase speed. To ensure the hosting services are supporting SEO, user experience should be appropriate that includes the navigation features and others.

Posting engaging content regularly related to the business and about the company can help online users know more about the firm. Social media platforms and image optimization techniques should be integrated into the pages. SEO tools can be used to monitor site performance.

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