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The role of content, snippets, site speed and link profile in SEO


Google, recently, announced the update in the algorithm where it explained the need for fresh content on the pages as per the latest modifications in trends. Google said the algorithm update will improve the understanding of what information is useful over time and what is out-of-date.

The new mobile-first indexing requires programmers to ensure mobile optimization but if there are two different URLs for mobile and desktop, two types of SEO strategies will be required to attract new traffic. Mobile is important as it accounts for 60% of the traffic, and was behind 40 percent internet-based sales in the last year - November and December.

Topic cluster and pillar content  in SEO

Topic cluster and pillar content  in SEO

A topic cluster refers to the multitude of content that is placed on the website. It is mostly a long exhaustive subject of the content linked to a common subject, also called the pillar content. Adding fresh data helps in keeping the rank up on searches.

The entire topic provides a comprehensive insight into the pillar- mostly focused around a broad keyword where the search volume is higher. It targets certain keywords, having smaller search volumes and can gain traffic for the focused keywords and phrases that have smaller search volumes.

The keywords defined work in a linear progression and the hierarchy should be created in the way that all the information is tied, which allows Google to find the expert source of information on the keywords or phrases in one place. 

Featured Snippets

Featured Snippets

Most featured snippets are populated by pages ranking in positions from 1 to 8. The inclusion of such a paragraph and its intent should help to increase the possibility of being included. Some relevant questions can be written as H1s or H2s and PAAs or as bullets or numbered lists, which helps to provide a relevant structure to the content.

Site Speed

Site Speed

Site speed and speed update for mobile searches have gained prominence in the last year where the key method used to increase the mobile site speed is to improve the overall organic performance of the page. 

Google provides metrics to identify if the pages are loading as desired by the customers or not. It can also tell if the pages can answer the queries of the customers immediately. Improvement in these metrics improves page load speed and optimizes the customer's perception of the website.

Google's PageSpeed Insights provides in-depth analysis of the site's capability and tools to improve the capability of the site where the right metrics can help the site to score a hundred out of hundred. 

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Authoritative links

Authoritative links

Most authoritative links should be included in the pages to create a valuable link profile, which can score higher on Google metrics. The internal links should provide a clear structure of the relationship between the pages and the relevance of each link.

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