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The growing role of mobiles on E-commerce sites


Businesses need to modify their e-commerce concepts if the native solutions can no longer meet the changing demands. The marketplace on the internet is not just growing; it is becoming intense and highly competitive, where at least 75 per cent of Americans believe free shipping can determine their decision to buy a product.

The new buyers are no longer ready to wait longer to receive their ordered purchases, and 52 per cent of the buyers will not buy from sites where they face a bad interaction. 

Mobile operations are becoming more important these days, where one-third of the customers engage in business activities. The business functions on reliable, secure data which can be used to engage with customers and send notifications, rewards or support.

Smartphone applications can make offers like discounts and customised services. Instead of scanning or searching through pages, one can create a personalised profile to get tailored recommendations and relevant data. 

In the last few months, Amazon announced to shut down its local operations in China on July 18 the and will continue to operate other units like Kindle and cross-border operations. However, it confirmed the commitment to the market remains strong, and the company will continue to invest.

The decision came as the company struggled to gain against local e-commerce giants Alibaba and JD. Still, recent studies found it held just 0.6 per cent of the market shares, even as Alibaba and JD controlled 85 per cent of the share. 

While some companies believe they can attract users through responsive web designs, many other strategies are becoming popular. 

Companies need to provide quick and secure payment options and offer alternatives to store data, access browsers anytime, get geographical locations of shops and, without remembering the web- link, access the pages.

Millennial dependent on Internet Based ShoppingMillennials Dependent On Internet-Based Shopping

The biggest users of such systems are millennials, that constitute 54 per cent of the buyers in the UK; as anticipated by Nasdaq found that, in the year, over 18 per cent of the purchases will be made online. As a result, there is a need to innovate ways to improve the experience.

Online sellers introduced services like home delivery, cash on delivery, buyback and free shipping. Amazon is expecting to start the remote unlocking through Smartphone as the delivery driver comes with the parcel and the autonomous parcel cars, eliminating the need for the delivery person.

In such sites, the online platforms are designed for product merchandisers where the platforms support the capabilities where product information management like short descriptions or long descriptions, pictures and videos or detailed specifications, risks, warnings and reviews are provided for the user in a well-designed manner.

Web content and digital experience management platforms can give additional capabilities where well-designed functions can create better support for the digital retaining ecosystem. 

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