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SEO - Mobile-friendly screens and tips to use pop-ups 


From 1st July 2019, the mobile-first indexing will become a default on all the new domains (as per Google's latest)  which means Google bots will crawl all new websites for mobile-friendly content to see if it contains structured data.

Many sites have been delivering such content to get new buyers on smartphones. Still, in the last few years, Google added features where it could tap the signals of pages to determine the smartphone ranking, where slow-loading content can be ranked low on mobile searches.

Several companies are creating three versions of their sites suitable to each device - tablet, desktop and smartphone to ensure the pages meet the requirement of the device. 

Responsive UXResponsive UX

Google has been looking for such versions of websites and may rank pages depending on their responsiveness. It states that it may look at the desktop version but first will check the mobile versions to provide a ranking on it.

Google has been improving its algorithm to push down sites with SEO built on unethical tricks like discount cameras, cloaking, portrait package, doorway pages, and invisible texts.

It supports an affiliate that adds value to the site by offering original product reviews. It does not consider duplicated images copied but requires fresh content to differentiate new sites. It is necessary to modify site content to keep it new and connected to the main pages to lift the rank.  

Using the most user-friendly designs to create and manage tappable information within these different style sheets is important. Some companies use a short version of their pages for smartphones and tablets. 

The websites may have hundreds of pages on the desktop, but on a mobile, it shows only two to three through the subdomains.

For Google, one of the biggest issues is the page load time, which changes depending on the memory and speed of the client's computer, where single-page applications can download faster in comparison to heavy sites. Those with unusable links may not download well and can go down in search rankings. 

How To Avoid Pop-Up Related SEO Mistakes?How to avoid pop-up related SEO mistakes

Google may not penalise the non-intrusive pop-ups like the legal aspects of the page, the verification, and the cookie notifications, but other pop-ups like banner ads, tabs, inline, slide-ins and others taking up a larger area of the screen can be allowed, only if it can be easily dismissed.

Most developers are advised to avoid using full-screen overlays and ad models to avoid UX disruption. 

Instead, the page owners can check Google Analytics to see if the interstitials, like the related posts, sidebars, share buttons, coupon pop-ups, and live chat boxes, are not negatively affecting the SEO of the page.

However, the sidebars with relevant content that is not a random link to another site are mostly considered supplemental content and add to the page's quality. 

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