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Retail chat bots interactions can exceed 22 billion by 2023(Juniper Research)


Retail chatbots interactions can exceed 22 billion by 2023(Juniper Research).  Such systems are based on the NLP, which makes it work naturally to serve the customers. It reduces the need for hiring the customer care executives leading to cutting costs by 25 percent.

Voice has always been the most dominating channel for customer care as it accounts for over 80 percent of the interactions and many companies are using voice assistants to handle client's queries.

Robots as Assistants

Robots as Assistants

Conversational robots are used as voice assistants who can process data to gather information. It can send messages in written or verbal format. It is often installed as a customer representative and is useful for businesses as they cut hiring costs and provide safe, reliable information based on facts.

Many websites that initially involved human representatives to attend the visitors' queries are using it. Facebook bots are the most common ones, based on 100 percent automated service. Such services can be provided by software like botsify.  

Enterprises can use the voice responsive system which includes the messaging apps, phoning devices and other assistance that can listen to the conversation, gather the keywords /text content, and search for information, accordingly, to deliver desired operation or data.

The capabilities of such systems require natural language processing, conversation management, intent prediction and response generation. 



Robotic process automation is the system that can get into the difficult communication zones of the firms to help customers. It can be installed back office where the applications related to operations, finance, IT and other departments can be accessed to locate the exact information required to process.

RPA can be used to serve virtual assistants and humans both. These can access data across multiple systems to get to a decision and effectively execute repeatable tasks. 

It can work in batch modes and help to reduce the turn- around time for individual operations. The customer calls can be rescheduled or sorted on the basis of setting up priority. These systems can mimic human workers and their processing loads can be distributed across machines. 

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A number of firms are using such features where they will be expanding in other areas of automation, as the machines help employees to get extra time for generating and implementing new ideas and strategies. It increases the amount of information exchanged each day between the departments and managers.

However, it involves a number of risks like high implementation costs, difficulty in integration, limited skills and difficulty in scaling applications. Such implementations need all systems to be automated and it requires optical character recognition and natural language processing applications to handle different types of processes. There are other risks like data privacy and cybersecurity problems related to such implementations. 

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