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One-To-One Marketing on Social Sites


Social media marketing has been overloaded with content where it isn't easy to create a difference. In addition, substantial brand awareness and social media engagement require time and long-term planning. 

Recent reports by Smart Insight claim that in 2018, over 3 billion people were actively posting on such sites, and every second, 11 new users are becoming members of these websites (Skyword data).  

Thirty-nine per cent of Facebook users claim they follow the business pages of the website from where they want to receive special offers, and 47 per cent of the users access the website only using mobile. Also, 80 per cent of the users said videos with auto-playing sounds are annoying. 

Strategies for Social PlatformsStrategies for Social Platforms

Many marketing teams are actively involved in daily posting videos and messages on such sites that offer low-cost marketing provisions. However, strategic planning and investment in human resources can amplify if proper planning and method are not adopted. 

Overall, companies interested in promoting on social sites should have specific objectives and strategies, and they need to measure their achievements regularly. 

The marketers should not try to cover all the platforms. Rather, identify the places where the products can be sold. Such strategies require proper engagement with the users where relevant and consistent posting can get a positive response.  Companies can track leads through site statistics, referral traffic, direct source, etc.

How to Set Up Retailing through Such Sites?How to Set Up Retailing through Such Sites

  • To start, sellers need to introduce their business values and give personal information or company-related relevant details.

  • Facebook or Twitter can be used to explain the company's culture and tell how it can help others.

  • Customer testimonials and video messages can be added to the products or service messages.

  • Some opt to Go Live to build trust and loyalty to promote the authenticity of the firm, as live engaging streaming has the potential to reach more buyers and increase conversation. 

Brand Loyalty on Social MediaBrand Loyalty on Social Media

Ecommerce buyers include a growing percentage of young buyers ordering products through social site recommendations. In 2017, a survey on 5,700 marketers found that 69 per cent were trying to build up loyal buyers through such sites, where users aged 18 to 24 were more loyal than other age groups.


A Chicago-based firm claimed 60 per cent of the respondents were regularly buying on Facebook, and 54 per cent of the sellers believed the businesses could get loyal clients through such sites. 

Reports also find a drop in trust by 41 per cent worldwide caused by privacy concerns and data breaches.  Therefore, it is important to develop trust on such platforms. Transparency and trust are key features. The buyers should be ensured that their data or information will be kept safe. 

Influencers or trusted people on social networking sites can be added as advocates to promote. Even those having smaller trusted groups and dedicated employees in their network can construct reliability to help grow new loyal buyers.

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