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New developments in Email Marketing

Bg image New developments in Email Marketing

New developments in Email Marketing

Email marketing has been used as the key method for promoting products to new consumers at a low cost and it offers the method to directly send messages to the prospective client.  But the method requires right content and messages that could convey message quickly.

The method enhances conversion rate and markets can use segmentation of customers to identify the verticals being sold to.

The strategy using these can employ cross platform systems to promote access e.g. promoting ads on desktops and mobiles, where mobile is more and more becoming the tool to buy product online.

An easy mobile supporting user interface and proper content – to tell a lot in a few words can help the buyer to identify the real value offered by the seller and take decisions immediately.

Use of responsive designs can help the buyer to know all about the offered product or service fast.

Changes in email marketing

This year marked 40th anniversary of email marketing.  The method was first used on May 3, 1978 when the company Digital Equipment Corporation marketer first sent an email to 400 business clients. The receiver of the emails made complaints against the marketer for using it – as it raised privacy concerns but today many users get such mails which are listed as spasm. The first company using the feature was able to generate $13 million from sales through these methods.

Marketers send these messages to all the registered customers, that includes many who were not willingly subscribed to the feature but, even then it is not considered inappropriate now. This method as called electronic mail, first time, in 1979, but the term was added to Oxford dictionary in 1989.  The word spam was first introduced in 1998, and in 2003; the US government passed the Can Spam act to regulate commercial practices where the user has the right to opt out.

In 2007, iPhone introduced improved screens and devices which were widely adopted and used by customers to buy products.

This sector got saturated around 2010, the time when the inboxes were filled with unwanted mails and marketer had to search for alternative methods to improve delivery of messages. Dynamic content, newsletters and reliable method of communication were developed to promote interaction with clients.

In 2018, new data protection act has been made to prevent access to private data of the client and to bar marketers to reach client – without their will.   

What Next?

Fast communication on internet allows users to shift from one to other product without difficulty and the marketers need to use newer ways to differentiate from competitors. New marketing channels online are responsible for 20 per cent of the business revenue (as per the 2017 Relevancy Group study with OneSpot).  

Many new systems try to use sophisticated methods where the segmentation of customers and personalization helps to deliver higher conversions.

Sellers are mapping content and using urgency tricks – such as offering a deal for limited time to get early response.

Interactive message and artificial intelligence techniques are being developed to generate call to action.  

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