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Social media marketing (SMM) provides a valuable tool to small business owners who are highly customisable and traceable for small organisations. Moreover, it often delivers results in a minimum time frame with little upfront investment.  

It helps to improve brand authority and expand its audience. Overall it provides an effective solution where one can find ways to build brand awareness and grow the website traffic along with the number of followers.

SMM triumphs over PPC in many ways as it provides variability in tools that advertisers can utilise. Eighty-eight per cent of small firms plan to invest in such areas where the most popular social media is Facebook and the second most popular is YouTube. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn account for 90 per cent of the total B2B and B2C traffic.

Many of the latest technologies have been integrated into these platforms and are now not just used to share or chat. It provides a full-fledged solution involving customer service, e-commerce, and AI-based customer assistance. AI provides easy-to-manage customer service. 

social media marketingThe buying habits of millennials and Gen Z's buying habits are completely different from previous generation buyers. With the support of new technologies, they search for products and other information on social media, where the use of AI can create a 24/7 online presence.

The machine-powered systems can respond to customers' questions where the answers are based on natural language processing and machine learning systems. Seventy-nine per cent of people in the US have a social media profile, and such changes are dramatically transforming businesses, recreating customer relationship dynamics, and inspiring trust.  

As per the 2018 State of chatbots report, 69 per cent of the buyers prefer machine answers for quick communication. It is supported by several other features like image recognition and data interpretation. An effective strategy with AI and other advanced systems in the area can help companies in many ways.

Machines can follow up with the clients in different phases of the customer journey and create a way for new leads and help generate avenues to nurture prospective ones. 

There are certain areas like healthcare where such systems can battle misinformation and educate the audience on health issues to provide them with specialised personal healthcare ideas.

The client can receive timely feedback and suggestions, products or services delivered as desired at the time of urgency. Doctors or experts can answer the patients' queries at the right time to ensure credibility. Other ways to send information like general posts, videos or demos to educate.

Firms can use prominent websites to send daily or weekly email and messages. social media firm

With a finite budget, it is necessary to plan the strategy as the modern buyer pays more attention to the most relevant, credible and personalised content. We at Mont Digital offer our clients the most relevant social media marketing solutions.

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