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Advantages and disadvantages of social media bots 


Innovative development led marketers to employ AI to increase the audience base. The computer-based programs can converse with the users based on the given keywords and provide information, services, or help to view, select and order products on e-commerce websites.

The chatbot business is expected to grow to $1.34 billion by 2024. The chatbots can buy products depending on specifications given by the buyers by using the specified search criteria - comparing rates and choosing the best available options in markets.

Demand for advanced Chatbots is expected to IncreaseDemand For Advanced Chatbots Is Expected To Increase

The use of smartphones is growing, where 98 per cent of the users spend 1 to 7 hours, on average, on mobile phones daily. The majority (29 per cent) spend at least 3 to 5 hours every day on it, for several purposes like to give a response, for immediate needs, to buy, to travel, to start work and for information. 

Some of the questions like When to travel to a city? How to travel? can be answered by bots. 

Social media provides a chance to interact with buyers, where the brands can use innovative tools to increase the influence of such strategies.   Social media bots can be integrated into social accounts to increase interaction with online users.

Such programs work like real humans and are based on AI, where they can send emails, reply to queries, and follow/unfollow. Moreover, they use data mining techniques to deliver relevant answers to the viewers' queries. 

How Does It Help Customers And Companies?How does it help customers and companies

The software can access the latest events and provide information based on it. It can be bought or accessed free of cost.

  • The key advantage is that they can be programmed to do several tasks efficiently and fast and can assist humans in delivering prompt and accurate answers based on a set of data.  

  • They collect data through videos, classify information, tweet/retweet and comment on social media websites. 

  • They can effortlessly conduct repetitive responsibilities with precision. 

  • They are reliable and can be used to create a bank account or search for a real estate opportunity, depending on the criteria. 

  • It is easy to install and set up on social media websites, saving a lot of time for the users and the companies offering the service. 

It can connect to people living in diverse geographical places chatting in different languages. Moreover, it simultaneously supports multiple social media account integration, where companies can gain valuable customer responses.

Since it can interact and engage the viewers and handle several queries simultaneously, it successfully improves website traffic and its relationship with the audience.


Although AI-supported social media websites provide precise and safe solutions, anything posted inappropriately, thoughtless or irrelevant can have immediate repercussions. 

Moreover, personal data leaks, account hacking and cyber crimes increase the risks of using such tools online.   

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