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One of the leading priorities of online marketing is to get a higher organic presence in searches and SEO provides an opportunity to deliver valuable content to the users. Some of the key challenges faced by the marketers are the growing change in the online user behavior as smartphones now account for over 60 percent of the paid Google search clicks.

The users are not seeking or reading the long tutorials on desktop, they want quick answers to their queries. Many seek answers through a virtual assistant which increases the need for creating a site that can load fast, like in 1 to 10 seconds as the probability of getting more visitors or bouncing, increase with the increase and decrease, in load time. 

AMP pages

AMP pages

Higher load time can be devastating for the website. On mobile phones, the page can be displayed in less than 3 seconds where less than 50 pieces of information can be displayed for which the page size would be less than 500KB. 

AMP can provide a way to get fast loading pages. We at Mont digital provide Google-backed AMP pages which provide an open-source framework for creating fast-loading pages, especially, for mobiles, and it can help to achieve the best practice, at the same time as it reduces the page weight.

In many cases, it may not be necessary to convert the whole site to AMP and only the home page and a few pages can be converted to suit the mobile user requirements for better browsing experience. Most paid searches cannot replace organic searches. 

Paid or Organic

Paid or Organic

PPC can get one-time non-branded traffic but organic searches provide a way to get users each time the keywords related to the website is searched. Paid click can be advantages in certain conditions when the page sitting is too many pages deep. Even the best organic listing cannot get the page on the top of all the search results but PPC can provide it. 

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Google algorithm for visual content

Google algorithm for visual content

Google is expecting to make announcements related to visual content to help people get useful content fast. Marketers can use the feature to help users understand the images related to the website through labels, queries, tags, and descriptors. The image with higher load speed and viewability is most helpful in such conditions. 

We at Mont Digital have specialized teams in SEO to help the website achieve a higher organic position in searches. We can provide the AMP version of the website to enhance the mobile user experience. Our web designing team can integrate authentic, viewable and appealing information related to your business into the site images. 

We provide exclusively relevant creative designs to ensure the visitors get the right messages, while, the general visual appeal of the site remains of superior quality.  

We aim to provide real-time optimization using a number of techniques and tools like AI-powered machines. Our research team offers smart automation features like site monitoring, content recommendation, opportunity forecasting, keyword research, traffic reporting, search volume reporting, ranking monitors and a number of other data-driven SEO features.

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