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Mobile-SEO: Ways to increase online traffic in Service Sector


A website provides a platform to sell ideas. It is the main marketing hub that can handle the demo requests, enhance leads and get higher ROI through effective content distribution. The distribution of content should be tracked through integrated CRM software.

The prospective client should be mailed relevant content which offers a number of clicks. To optimise results, tracking performance, views, shares, conversions and change strategy per the visitors' new demand is necessary.

The content provider should have knowledge of the topic and the industry. Well-researched data and video/audio support can improve the users' overall experience. 

Several companies in the service sector are concentrating on online options to drive sales in areas where traditional advertisement methods are no longer gaining new buyers. 

Content marketing is one of the best and most promising ways of driving traffic towards a website in sectors where social media, advertising, PPC and prospecting cannot reach.

mobile SEOSuch strategies are growing in the travel and hotel space, where the sites and emails are stuffed with content and advertisements.  

Content marketing offers engaging ways to tell about the core values and ethics of the company. It can be used for posting content on blogs, white papers, guides, webinars, and videos.  

Such methods have numerous benefits as they increase visibility on searches, drive sales leads and traffic, and advance qualified audiences to nurture the prospects along the path of purchase, renewal and upsells. 

In addition, the content can be used to share experiences, discuss complex topics concisely, find solutions for everyday challenges, get answers to common questions, examples and best practices, or get relevant data through reliable sources. 

Suppose the website of a restaurant or hotel is not optimised. In that case, people may never know about it as more than 43 per cent of the people search for restaurants online, where the traditional methods of marketing in the sector fail to deliver expected results.

Mobile - SEO has become an essential element in the digital marketing sector as most restaurant websites have online booking options regardless of their location mobile SEO marketing

and the device used to book is mobile.

  • Location helps to optimise the website to ensure local visibility.  

  • Online directories can optimise the place in the building listings and help people get the name and address in their area. 

  • It opens multiple communication channels for sharing content with subscribers and can keep the guests updated.

  • Such channels include WhatsApp messages, emails, SMS, etc.

  • Most such businesses have graphics-heavy sites with several videos and pictures, which can increase the load time. The designer needs to compress heavy graphics to use features like AI and responsiveness to identify customer needs and reach a new audience. 

  • Responsiveness is significant because 19 per cent of the users seek such options on their smartphones. 

  • The website navigation and booking experience should be clear and easy.

  • Restaurants can sell Chef Special; Festival offers discounts, Happy Hours Offers, and others to gain new buyers.

Using multiple low-traffic keywords and site map improves quality traffic as the customer becomes aware of the latest deals. 

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