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Media Buying, Selling & Planning Strategies for 2019


In 2019, social media integration may provide features to allow customers to register online to access their website and sign up for emails using their social media accounts to get videos and other marketing products that will allow businesses to connect to the users to generate an emotional connection and promote products.

The upcoming strategies in media buying will be influenced by factors such as cost and inflation. 

Influencers are asking for supplementary budgets to handle the growing competition through social media and other platforms, and the price per post can go up to $1 million for celebrity influencers. The digital marketing platforms use strategies where even some reliable and endorsed ads cannot create trust.

The major challenge on the internet is the trust issue, which can lead to an increase in marketing costs and poor ROI. As a result, marketing companies adopt other strategies for promoting brands where coaching programs and onboarding programs have been suggested to stimulate sales and develop sales skills.

Identifying the TargetIdentifying the Target

Generation Z is where 57 per cent prefer online shopping to be offline. They are technologically proficient and use social media and other internet-based platforms to fulfil their personal and social needs. 

In addition, they are aware of global issues such as environmental issues and geopolitical/economic conditions. 

Sales and marketing teams initially targeted millennials as this generation's buying power is growing. Still, the number of generation Z buyers, i.e. the people born between the 90s and 2000, is increasing who are the youngest buyers.

This generation is spending between $29 to $143 billion on internet-based shopping and will become the biggest consumer in the coming five years. 

Coaching Videos, AI, Chatbots, AR/ VR And Other Customised FeaturesArtificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one area explored to promote sales, enhance efficiency, and identify in-depth analytics to fill the skill gaps.  

Customised marketing will be the new field where the content will be different for exclusive deals and offers, where the ads will be able to cater to the varying needs of the customers living in different geographical locations or cities. 

AR and VR are already transforming the online retail platforms where such systems will be able to deliver on time. 

Chatbots can mimic actual conversation and work like a 24X7 customer care executive and answer various queries of the buyer. Such automatic systems can troubleshoot and help customers book services easily or make purchases without directly talking to the company's sales executives.  

At least one-fourth of the global population will be using messaging apps in the year, and chatbots can provide hassle-free services. 

In short, in the coming years' media buying, selling and planning will be about developing strategies to meet the requirement and choices of generation X, generation  Z and millennials, where the machine-based sales team, including chatbots, AI, AR and VR, should be able to offer customised marketing solutions at a low cost.

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