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Interactive Web Design

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Interactive Web Design

Organizations are using newer techniques to reach target customers as competition is getting tougher and markets need to find pioneering ways to keep the buyers engaged. These days more companies are offering responsive designs, reaching directly to the customer through mobiles as the number of mobile users increased significantly. Research finds 89 per cent of the media time of the current generation user is spent on mobile apps and 11 per cent on websites. To promote user response - apps and interactive material designs are used.

Web designers play a crucial role in keeping the viewer engaged where they need to add interactive content to catch attention of new buyer. Landing page state of art involves choosing the right Google font, honest videos, hero images, chatbots, live chats / virtual assistants, minimalist designs and a clean look suitable to mobile screens, instead of, elaborate heavy landing pages, that takes time to download. Further, landing pages taking too much time to download can distract viewers to other pages.  

Responsiveness – Customization, chatbots and user features

Some websites are made interactive using customized CSS, motion UI for navigation, JS animation library, prototyping and various other engaging user features. JavaScript has brilliant framework and is based on technologies and libraries where the fundamentals of web development methods, call-backs, closures and nodes can provide easy ways to make the website interactive.

Chatbots and interactive user interface have a key role in engaging the buyer, which allows the user to tell and give instant messages. The auto reply functions and virtual assistants ensure the buyers are able to shop easily from the offered list of products. Virtual assistants can cater to queries and overcome barriers of navigation. Hero images or featured images, visuals or bold geometric patterns and slideshows are now found on the home page where videos can keep the audience engaged and give extensive information in a few seconds.  

Professional approach

Web developers need to make use of the RAIL strategy (Response, Animation, Idle and Load), define UX, where one can identify the actions of the user (– tap, drag, and scroll and likes) which offers goals for critical actions.

Engaging content videos and all around UX with enjoyable video content, proper language and resources on web pages, wireframes, concepts, editorials, charts, maps and presentations can keep viewers attracted for longer. Such responsive content can converts viewers into customers and promote trustworthiness. A professional approach can get valuable customer feedback and testimonials.  

Landing page - Clarity, security & Ease of use

Programmers are adding light fast loading landing pages, where the user is glued to graphics, features and templates. Reduced content and only bold texts with images are used on the landing page to tell about the website. It is advised to reduce heavy designs, as a substitute, allow short simple content, which is comforting to the eyes.

Security is considerable feature where the site should integrate latest techniques to provide protected, integrated and creative content for different platforms / OS, and also offer adjustable screen size for an assortment of devices.

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