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Improving user experience on Mobile screens


Smartphones have become indispensable tools for humans, who are constantly dependent on such devices, and their influence is growing with new technological advancements.

The screens provide opportunities for audiences to access products and services quickly that companies can harness to connect ingeniously with the buyers.

Businesses can develop long-term trusted clients by recognising the opportunities presented by these future technologies and by developing strategies to step-by-step expand their audience base. 

Role of SEO-based Video Marketing on Mobile ScreensRole of SEO-based Video Marketing on Mobile Screens

Search engines occasionally upgrade their algorithms. Therefore, it is necessary to change the site designs, to meet the new ranking criteria to promote user-friendly, engaging websites.

  • Research claim videos can be shared 1,200 per cent more than links and text marketing; both put together. In addition, videos can develop emotional connections with the viewers.

  • The keywords should contain the images or pictures, the concept, the theme, descriptions and the URL.

  • The videos with questions can come up in searches. The content should be optimised to render relevant, timely and engaging videos that can increase social media response and generate higher ROI.   

  • Earlier, most videos are designed for wider screens and horizontal viewing. In addition, some companies use videos for commercials, originally designed for large screens such as TV or laptops.

  • A recent survey by Sublime found - Over 80 per cent of the global mobile ads are original and designed for the horizontal environment.

  • In such cases, the mobile users may not get the pictures or content or have to readjust the screens to get a complete view.

  • It is necessary to create designs for easy vertical viewing to increase engagement. Furthermore, the vertical designs should adjust involuntarily to the mobile screens for the messages to be communicated successfully.

Brands seeking ways to design websites for mobile users must create user-friendly vertical designs to guarantee the content is prominently displayed without altering screen size or presentation. 

Interactive Engaging UIsInteractive Engaging UIs

The designs should have interactivity where the brands and advertisements based on certain tools should promote 360-degree engagement of the user where the video should be augmented and supported by AI.

The latest videos should be able to display store locators, slideshows and AR/VR content without complexity. 

This is because the attention span of mobile users is not beyond 20 seconds, whereas 27 per cent of the video contents are based on over 30 seconds of the display.

A direct, impactful, optimised message display that is short and compelling ensures the impact is positive. In addition, the strategy should ensure the video displays the logo and the brand name as it connects with the user.

It should provide a platform for conversation on social media where user posts and comments can help identify problems and encourage brand loyalty.

Mobile screen advertisements can be targeted through geo-fencing, where the businesses can use location targets to develop awareness about the company. Digital ads for mobile viewers in a specified geographical location using geo-mapping can increase the store's location-based credibility. 

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