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Identifying the significance of Mobile presence in Online Business 


Technology directly influences how companies define marketing strategies as some widely used devices like the phone play a key role in selling products.

Such devices are part of everyday life and routines. It has become fundamental for the users to gain information, guidance, access, and entertainment, and get everything from mail to social media, bills, games, books, music, videos and TV shows - on smartphones.

The report finds people are buying more cell phones than toothbrushes since 2011. As per estimation, globally, 3.7 billion users are accessing such devices, and the number is expected to escalate.

In the US, Pew Research states almost all Americans, over 95 per cent, are accessing cell phones, 77 per cent more than the previous survey of 35 per cent (2011).

Online trade started in the 1960s, and with the introduction of secure online shopping, the development in this sector expanded in 1994, when enterprises invested in technologies to combine advanced digital features.

With the increase in mobile users, shopping has been the key cause for users to access websites. Some of the highest gains can be made by shopping apps where, in 2017, a 54 per cent increase in usage was reported compared to the previous year. 

What the new generation shoppers are looking forWhat The New Generation Shoppers Are Looking For

  • Multi-device compatibility –browser independence

  • Multi-channel experience

  • Personalization data analytics / statistics based views / preferences / activities

  • Multi-layer security, which includes secure, centralised payment options using biometrics or other methods

  • Easy navigation and reduced complexity

  • The users are seeking designs that are more interactive and spontaneous with attractive designs.

  • Experience-centric apps 

Millennial BuyersMillennial Buyers

Millennials are the most difficult shoppers, who can be easily targeted on the smartphone. As per the study, millennials spend over 188 minutes daily on cell screens, mostly using them to access the internet and seek information. 

In 2017, the number of minutes spent by such users was 223 minutes a day.

Today users can easily download apps and shop anything from anywhere. In addition, cell phones provide easy access to online shops. 

The reports by Baymard show cart abandonment rate is the lowest, only 28 per cent of mobile apps. On the other hand, it is 68 per cent for the website.   

Mobile EfficiencyMobile-Efficiency

Companies need to create reliable mobile platforms where people can use cell phones for all browsing needs. 

In addition, they should be provided with simplified navigation across pages where the designs should be able to give the digital consumer a method to connect with the company without losing interest directly.

The visual appeal of the pages should be able to attract customers and provide an advantage over competitors.

SEO Based InvestmentSEO Based Investment

Over 90 per cent of the users start their online experience through searching, so companies need to keep up with their search and page ranks to ensure the app- pages come up.

The study on ideal websites found more than 91 per cent of the online content may not get any traffic; hence, the companies need to keep a tab on the online activities and user visits where the keywords should be integrated into the website, where the new Google bots can find what the company wants to sell easily and bring the page up when the user enters the keywords or does a voice search online.   

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