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Mobile-friendly, Organic and Voice Searches 


The way people are looking for content on engines has undergone dramatic changes in the last few years and a responsive website is required to meet the Smartphone user needs, where new strategies to support voice queries are helping in maintaining the ranking position of the sites.

Visual branding is the traditional way to gain new visitors but sound and smartphones based searches are the latest strategies used to connect and communicate with the buyers naturally. Consequently, it is necessary to design content for voice searches.

There is a difference between looking for products on the desktop by typing the keywords on Google engine and conducting voice searches where the conversations sentences are longer like how to know about something..? Or where I can get the best …?  

Voice involves mostly complete questions that can be asked by the visitors in any language and this helps the website to target local and global visitors using the same strategies.

To prepare for proper response against voices queries the company should provide clear answers to queries related to their business, the location, working- hours and other details. For a website, it should provide a clear answer to some of the common questions that users always ask like the type of industry, its clients, how to access services, charges taken for providing the service or product, etc. 

Voice works for websites supporting organic

Voice works for websites supporting organic

The websites which are not optimized organically will not come up during voice searches because the voice is not a separate type of option; it is integrated with organic SEO strategies.

The volume of queries has widely increased on mobiles and it continues to magnify the impact of brands. The latest report on trends finds mobile organic is one of the most difficult areas to break where zero-click are increasing and mobile accounts for most of the zero-click.

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The promotion for aggressive SERPS and instant answers has resulted in a fall in such clicks. In such situations, marketers need to look for areas where Google is not directly involved and the website should add practices like optimizing for snippets and adding schema markup to meet the latest user behavior. Companies can use strategies of App store optimization and techniques like PWAs, AMP, AI chatbots and alternative code practices to attract visitors.

A recent report by Merkle claims the organic traffic declined on a year-on-year basis and visits declined 6% across the search engines. Organic accounted for 23% of all the site visits and 21% of the mobile site visits in the second quarter of 2019. Google share increased across all devices, which accounted for 93 percent of the visits as compared to 92% of 2018.

The highest increase in mobile organic was reported for DuckDuckGo. In Google, 49% are no click and zero-click has grown in the last three years, where the click-through rate on organic has fallen by 13% to 47.7% but the click-through rate on search ads has increased to 3.69%.

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