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How to start up a dropship business?


Dropshippng is one of the business start up ideas, mainly, involving a supply chain management method where the retailer does not hold goods in the inventory. They do not require a warehouse to store items as the items are directly picked up from the supplier or the manufacturer to be sent to the customers. Such a business became popular in the last decade as it had a low barrier to entry.

With the growth in online inclinations, it grew very fast. It is a competitive business but can provide an alternative to the hustles of 9 to 5 jobs where one can sell without holding the products. The buyer purchases from store at retail price and the order is forwarded to the supplier – who can give the same item at the wholesale price. The order is received and is shipped to the customer directly –where the margin can be earned as profit. It requires the firm to have a suitable web design uk, get online buyers and handle orders. 

These days even local shopkeepers use the internet-based options to get global customers where they post the items they can supply, and as the buyer places the order, the item is directly shipped from the place of production or godowns to the customer. There has been an increase in retailers opting for drop-shipping where it accounts for 34% of the products sold on Amazon.

dropship business

How to implement such business start up ideas and what are the risks?

One of the key issues faced by such traders is that it is difficult to establish a positive relationship with the suppliers. It requires long-term motivation and proper work ethics to manage the venture, although, a low investment may be required at the start. One requires products to sell, a supplier, a website and the sales tax ID at the start. 

Try to identify the niches in the market like Bluetooth devices or try to find something new which is expected to emerge as a trend in the coming months. There are multiple opportunities and one can add such items to the website to get more buyers.  

The manufacturer only produces the products, handles the inventory, ships to the buyer and replaces the defective pieces. Drop-shippers need to choose the right products and manage buyer inquiries and complaints. 

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dropship business

Risks involved in such business start up UK

  • Try to recognize the competition, like if the market is oversaturated in a specific category it can avoid.

  • Do not spend effort on things that may not get the desired profit margins.

  • The section dominated by leading brands may not allow smaller brands to grow fast.

  • The cost of shipping of the business start up UK can be reduced by searching for low-cost packaging.

  • Some products get seasonal buyers and then the market may get down. Such products should be avoided.

  • Discounts or festive options can be offered to attract customers. The average price can be determined and a list of the supplier should be maintained.

  • Feedback and customer reviews can tell if the business is moving in a positive direction.

  • Ensure the product listing includes great products with positive reviews.

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