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How to search for a word on a web page


Finding a word or phrase on a web page or looking for a word in a document can be a real pain, so most applications designed on computers like word processors and Microsoft Word have search features where you can find words or phrases. In addition, you can search for any information on search engines by typing keywords or phrases in the search input box. 

But you should know How to search for a word on a web page, as browsers have built-in find options to allow the users to scan information on the page. 

Searching is free on the internet, but it is not all free. Search engines use algorithms that are a collection of formulas that determine the quality and relevance of an ad or web page to the user's query. So, to provide the best results, Google collects user information and stores it in a unique profile to provide relevant results. 

The data collected by the engines are based on previous searches. For example, the crawlers generally collect data related to medical conditions, hobbies, location, and preferences; the information gathered from the browsing activity provides the outcome.

It is also used to show ads to visitors. Such pages store the user data in the history pages, keeping a record of the previously explored keywords. Also, one can see the filtered words coming in the list as you type in the search textbox. 

Web page technology enables you to use web pages on your computer. A web page is created on a server, but having the file on your system is useful.

Users get ads related to the previous lookouts as the engines store information about the visitors to know which ad may interest them. 

It means that online visitors provide a lot of private information to the data collectors on major net crawlers except Duckduckgo, which does not track user activities and provides easy ways to change searches or engines on multiple operating systems like iOS and macOS.

How To Search For A Word On A Web Page ChromeHow To Search For A Word On A Web Page Chrome?

Google Chrome provides tools to search for a website and find specific words or phrases on a page. 

Chrome can search in real-time and provide the number count of matches while typing the first few alphabets can give many results; the site provides the exact count as you specify the word.

One can use - Ctrl+F to bring up the search bar on the top right side of the browser window on Chrome windows.

How To Search For A Word On A Web Page Mac?

How to search for a word on a web page Mac

Google makes more than 99,000 searches every second. Such diggings can be more than 3.5 million in a day and even more in the month where the share of each person is small like one may look for 3 to 5 times in the day, but those who work online, like writers, conduct multiple searches in a day, while, researching for the books and articles. 

People use different types of net crawlers like MacOS. Most commonly, users use three types of browsers on macOS.



To look into it, Safari > preferences, and then click on Search. Safari allows using Yahoo, Google, DuckduckGo and Bing. 



Firefox can be used to investigate several crawlers where the user has to type into the location bar and then set up a crawler on the search bar. Clicking Add more crawlers to Firefox can allow the user to integrate add-ons, which lets the user search keywords on it. 



One can use Chrome > Preferences, which allows the users to look into the Search section of the Settings page. One can choose from Yahoo, Google, Ask and AOL, and you can tick on the Manage web spider feature to choose crawlers like or In addition, Google can be the default web spider to enable voice search. 

How to search a page for a wordHow To Search A Page For A Word?

On a laptop, using the key control (CTRL) and "F" simultaneously helps the computer find words in the document that you are browsing. It works on documents like Word and PDFs, and it also works on iPhone browsing.

Pressing the keys narrows the inquiries, and one can easily find words or phrases. You can even see how often the word or phrase has been used on the page, as depicted on the upper sidebar (upper right corner).

When the user clicks the menu option, it opens, and one may automatically get buttons that push locating the word on the web page easily, as it appears multiple times. 

Using "control F" to search a website for words and phrases is the same on different browsers like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. 

How To Search For A Word On A Website?How to search for a word on a website

The technique mentioned above, Control plus F to search a website, can be used along with advanced methods. For example, one can specify the title, text, and URLs on the required page to narrow the searches.

  • The page title shows in the result and on the browser tab, but it may or may not be present in the content. 

  • The text in the body of the site page's content or the article can be searched directly. 

  • One can specify the URLs and the words between them to look for specific words on the site to find matching results. 

  • One should eliminate unproductive symbols or words, like small dashes, hyphens or minus, to search a website as the web spider excludes it before starting the Search. 

Method of de-cluttering searches, for example, typing marketing –online, will exclude the online term from the searches, and it helps in improving results. 

How to search for a word on a web page on WindowsHow To Search For A Word On A Web Page On Windows?

In Windows, Ctrl and F are pressed concurrently to search for text or phrases. In Windows 10, the Microsoft Edge search box can provide the results using the same controls, and then one can view the words.

  • In Microsoft Edge, one can navigate the page and use Ctrl+F to elevate the search bar.

  • Firefox can be used from the Desktop to go to other sites, where Ctrl+F can be used to open the search options. For example, on Firefox, one can use the words and look for small and capital letters in the word.

One can use the match case to match the phrase or sentence to find words in the same format. 

How To Search A Website For A Word?

How to search a website for a word

Internet-based marketing searches can show different results on different crawlers depending on the factor to where the keywords can have different strengths. One can use specific keywords or simplify the search terms to eliminate the stop words and eliminate suffixes to narrow the searches.

To know how to search a website for a word -

  • One should simplify the search terms and avoid suffixes.

  • Quotation markets can narrow the searches to phrases or words, and one should remove the misdirecting words from the search terms.

  • The searches can be refined using operators based on search sites or combining certain terms. 

  • One can narrow searches using operators or terms, which give targeted results like the Wildcard searches using the symbol *. The symbol searches for the richest, oldest, tallest or most known. It is also useful for not knowing the full phrase or keyword.

  • One can use combination searches that are based on the OR operator. It helps to get searches of two or more terms simultaneously. It is the most useful type of Search. For example - On typing selling OR retailing, the pages will show where either of the terms is used. 

  • If you are trying to search for a specific site, you can limit the Search to a single page and use the symbol colon in a format like the site to get the results. 

One can use to get a range of similar URLs. 

How to find a word on a pageHow To Find A Word On A Page?

To search for a word on Microsoft Edge, the user can navigate the page to search for the text and click on the More button on the top-right corner to find it on the page, or Ctrl+F can be used as a shortcut.

Automatically, the web browser may move to the first instance of the phrase or the word, and then the user can click on the right and left arrows to find words on the page taskbar on the top of the screen to move across the instances of the phrases or the words.

The user may have to hit Enter to move forward. 

How To Find A Word Using The Browser Controls?How to Find a Word Using the Browser Controls

  • While surfing the pages, one can use the Find Word function of the browsers or the Google web spider to search for a particular word or phrase. For example, searching for the word Command or Ctrl+F can be done on Chrome, IE, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Safari. 

  • One can use the keyboard shortcut methods, which involve stages like an opening page to search, where you press Ctrl+F in Windows and Linux, and using Command + F on Mac, then type the word to search and press Enter.

  • The page may scroll to the nearest occurrence of the word, and if the word occurs more than once on the page, one can press Enter to go to the next occurrence. You can select the arrows on the Find Word window's right (or the left). 

On the Mac menu bar, one can go to the Edit option, where the browser may use the Find option, and depending on it, one can use the above steps to find words or phrases. 

How to Search for a Word Using a Search Engine (Google)How to Search for a Word Using a Search Engine (Google)?

A web spider looks into more than 625 million URLs to provide the desired content, and they may favour one against others, but this should not restrict any site from reaching the top PageRank. 

  • Google engine can return results with the largest catalogue of pages, and the other crawlers like Bing have extensive auto-complete results. At the same time, Yahoo can provide a wide range of services and may depict News or Shopping results. 

  • Every web spider is inclined towards certain types of keywords and searching styles. 

  • To search for a word or phrase term using Google, one can use the browser's functions designed in a manner to support it. 

  • One can also search a specific website where you type (:) and the website name to search. For example, it may look like the site Then, one can leave the space and enter the search terms like "site: android apps."

On pressing the Enter key, the search result may show the website entered after the symbol (:). The visitor on the web page can further narrow down the searches by enclosing the required terms in quotations.

How to Search for Text Within a Web Page in Safari?How to Search for Text Within a Web Page in Safari

  • One can launch Safari from the Home screen and then tap the Smart Search bar at the top of the browser. Then, type the phrase or keywords to search and use the Go button at the bottom right of the screen. 

  • One can use the keywords to search and tap the Bookmark to navigate as per the Bookmark and the History headings. 

  • The smart search bar can be used for a specific web page on the iPhone or iPad using Safari. For example, users can search for the words or phrases under the On this Page section.

One can use the navigation buttons to move to each instance of the word, in case there is more than one word and then click Done to finish it. 

How To Search for a Word Within a Google Chrome WebpageHow To Search for a Word Within a Google Chrome Webpage?

The reach of Google is boundless, and sometimes, the user has to look in-depth and get a result from a single web domain instead of looking for the keyword across internet marketing. One can scan a single URL to get results that match the website's terms. 

If the user knows what to look for, they can easily yield the results and get fast and accurate results. 

Here are some tips to know how to search words on a page -

  • Google mostly works for ease of use and simplicity. The web spider provides advanced options like looking for specific phrases to search using the quotation market and combining it with the required URL.

  • One can search on a web page for a term or words by putting the term directly in the address bar in a manner that supports it. For example, you can use – This format can be used on many websites like YouTube, Facebook, and Amazon.

  • The users can also search on Google Drive directly from the web browser where they open Chrome and then create a Custom Web spider which performs the Search. 

Unfortunately, such features cannot be added to Firefox searches.

How To Search For A Word On A Web Page iPhone?How to search for a word on a web page iPhone

Apple's Safari (iOS) provides multiple methods to search on the web page. It does not make it obvious, but it is right before you. To find words or phrases on the web page iPhone, tap the address bar and then look for the word.

A sheet can be used with word suggestions that can come up as you search for it. At the bottom of the list is a section called On This Page, which has options to Find words required by the page visitor. 

One can Tap find to see the highlighted words and use search options to get additional mentions of the word on the page

One can use other ways to search for words, like the Share sheet, where you can Tap at the bottom of the screen and swipe to the left to find the page. In addition, one can enter the word to search on a web page for it and use the next buttons to search on the document. 

How do I find a specific word in an entire websiteHow Do I Find A Specific Word In An Entire Website?

  • Certain crawling tools can be used to extract web data automatically. Such tools are used to get data in the desired format, which helps avoid the repetitive work of copy and pasting. 

  • Tools like Octoparse can be used to extract data from websites. It can be used in Advanced or Wizard mode by non-programmers for cloud-based extraction. It can get real-time data, and it also helps in keeping track of website updates. 

  • WebCopy is another tool that can be used to copy partial or full website content locally on your hard disk and can be used for offline reference.

  • Tools like HTTtrack can mirror one site or more than one site simultaneously. 

Shared links can be used to get a copy of the different websites, and one can set options for concurrently downloading web pages from different URLs.

How To Find Keywords On A Webpage?How to find keywords on a webpage

One can use the keyword check tools to search on the web page. The SEO tools like the keyword density checker can indicate if the words or phrases are repeatedly used on the page, especially in the description and title section. 

For example, combining two to three words can be used to see if it is present 60 to 70% of the page. 

  • Internet Marketing Ninjas keyword tools help to get keywords on the page. 

  • The Keyword Explorer can be used to get keywords for a web page where the user types in the URL and selects the country where the audience is based on looking for the top-ranking keywords.

  • The website owners can track the ranking keywords for their website to analyse the progress against the competitors, for which they can select the keyword explorer and then the audience locations to get it, or they can use the Add To on the right end and select option Campaign from the dropdown to track the words.

Monthly search volume varies for each keyword, and the users can add competitors' options to see if the keywords are stacked against other industry websites.

How to search within a website on GoogleHow To Search Within A Website On Google?

Google will add a new feature that allows linking directly to words or phrases without any special markup on the page. It makes it easier to share a part of the page relevant to the person viewing it rather than reading the entire page. 

  • The new feature allows the user to check the Scroll to Text feature, which allows the user to link directly to words or phrases linked to a website. 

  • As per the latest data, only 1 per cent of the users use the Find to page feature as it allows the users to link to certain sections of the page. It also makes it easier for visitors to find the content they are searching for. 

  • Searching and navigating across the page can be cumbersome when we follow a link to read a specific page part. In addition, users searching for specific content on mobile may need help getting the content easily as they navigate across long articles.

  • Only a few users can use the Find in Page on Android. Therefore, Google proposed generalising the support system for scrolling the elements based on fragment identifiers. 

  • This ability can be used for multiple websites like Wikipedia reference links and search engine result pages, and the end-users can use it as they share links from the browser.

The feature also uses specialised URLs that depend on the home. It is created with a link directly to the word or phrase on the page. To link to a specific phrase, one can use a URL containing the first word followed by the last word.

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