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How to Harvard reference a website


Harvard referencing style is a style of writing reports, journals or an article where you follow a set of standard practices to write and put references or use in-text citations via a specific way of mentioning the resources. Most academic institutions in the UK use 'Harvard referencing in academic papers to quote origins. 

However, Harvard's referencing is a common expression regarding parenthetical timeline citation (for example, a citation form where references are cited mostly by the writer's surname and reported dates mentioned in brackets) though you must follow a standard format for Harvard referencing style. 

Mont Digital provides quality academic and non-academic content with APA, MLA and Harvard referencing styles per its clients' requirements. The standard framework is determined by the criteria like paper margin and font of the paper and the citations in the text, and the list of references is given as required. 

Harvard style is commonly used in Arts, philosophy and Behavioural Science, though one can use it in other subjects.

The standard approach used to cite is given below – 

  • Quotations in the article 

  • In the form of text quotes, one may indicate whether concepts or content from several other places have been utilised in your writing.

  • List complete references at the end of every shift

  • You must list all the quoted texts alphabetically at the end of the text(page), such as in articles, journals, media sites, podcasts, or conferences. Each reference must contain all you need to recognise the object source.

  • Type of content reference

  • The root category (for example, novel and academic journal) is always to be established, and the appropriate reference layout, a manual, is used to make such references accessible. 

  • In addition, there will be a bibliography if you incorporate objects that aren't explicitly listed but are linked to the context and may be relevant to the audience.

It is mostly intended how individual readers can see the references you listed in your research to provide the same uniform connection (except conferences for academic or recorded conventions).

Ensures you provide accurate details about the nature of the product, the title or name of the object, whoever created it, the date, and the location.

Every instance is aligned to the content throughout the list of references, regardless of the feature type. So when you look at the reference, you can find what has not been included to generate references to resources that are not included in each manual.

Harvard Reference Lists and Bibliographies

Harvard has been adapted to suit many different publication styles. Other standards like Author-date are also known as Harvard System, so all styles are different, but one can use the system for reference. Every style of writing is based on certain standard formats, rules and regulations, and to write a research paper, you can include the Harvard styles. 

Yet, you can mention the sources you used in your work in any version of Harvard references. You must add a list of references (a list containing only specific origins listed in the assignment).

Mont digital has a team of academic writers who write essays, reports and journals with standard Harvard referencing

Depending on the method you use, the precise layout of a Harvard reference can include the following formats - 

  • Put the reference before the explanatory notes just at the end of the chapter. 

  • Sequentially list the works, sorted alphabetically as per writer-name 

  • Enter the names of all authors 

  • Using italics for titles, articles and papers with independent works.

What is Harvard Referencing?

The reference listings are mentioned at the end of the research paper, written in a specific format, per the rules. Some in-text citations and information from the text require the author's last name, publication year, and the page number. When you put information together in a paper, you must ensure the content is researched on certain parameters. 

For books, newspapers, seminars, forums, and perhaps even clips, references must be given to enhance the credibility of the information offered in the journal or the article. 

College students use Harvard papers to gather knowledge from different sources and interpret, so you must try to mention a researched fact and explicitly use the paraphrase referencing an origin.

If you write such researched academic papers, you must maintain a separate folder that holds all the resources you utilise, along with textbooks, media sites, articles, and references.

The citations, Oxford, Chicago, and OSCOLA formats (used for law) exist in various formats. The Harvard style is considered the most prominent one. Harvard references roots mostly an entire document instead of using a reference number such as this '[1].' 

You use the corresponding reference number along with the quotation in such an expression. It mentions the narrator's second name when you use the period mostly with the numbering of the section.

After writing the project or paper, the reference lists and detailed quotations of references used are displayed. Reference lists provide the source to ensure the authenticity of the information and find origins. Every quotation is a list of sources that comprises separate bits of information, such as:

  • Pages, page numbers 

  • Exact Title   

  • Published place 

  • Author(s) name 

  • Publishing firm 

  • Released in the year


Authors With More Than One Publication

In the Harvard style referencing, you maintain a margin of 1 inch from all sides of the paper to make the paper look clean, and while you write, you must use a particular font. Harvard referencing style allows Times New Roman or Arial in font size 12. 

You must give double space between the lines of the content and keep in mind that the text should be aligned left. Your indentation should be 0.5, especially when you write the first line or start a new paragraph. Before starting, you should mention a noteworthy title and align the title to the centre of the page. 

Mention the headers and page numbers, and it is advised to give double spaces between the lines. You must follow the rules to write the headers, the title and the page numbers. In addition, you must capitalise the first letter of the word of the title, and you can underline or use bold or italics to highlight the title. 

The paper must be divided into sub-parts, and you should organise the content using subheadings in the sections. Add keywords in the headings and subheadings to highlight the topic discussed in the paper. 

The first page of the paper is called the cover page, and the most important information - the one you are discussing in the paper is mentioned on the cover page.

Depending on the type of format you are using, you have to add your name and align the content to the centre, and then you start writing. 


Referencing The Source 

You need to add the list of references in the reference section where you mention the heading of the paper and the title as a reference list. Then, you mention the bibliography entry for the source you cite and also give the list of references for all the sources in the Harvard format. 


Quotation Of Various References

You can use multiple quotes throughout the script and direct them from some of the most popular references in the opposite direction to distinguish each origin from a punctuation mark (;). If several articles are written that year, arrange certain documents by the writer's name in alphabetical order.


Several Writers 

The quotation should include the initial and subsequent writer ('and others) in case there are three or more writers in such a journal.

The General Structure Of A Reference

  • Headline or name 

  • It is the headline of the entire project. Any published text that uses a section or quotes something from another published paper mentions the name in the reference. 

  • Title 

  • It is the title of the project. 

  • Source 

  • Typically this is a URL or browser address. 

  • Even when one cannot find an alternative referenced source, users can find the most useful info with the details like -

  • Form of an object with details 

  • One can reference specific items in EBook, Tweets, Digital downloads, and Audiobook, where you include the publisher details, the website address or the links. 

  • Maker or the creator 

  • You mention the details of the individual or entities that created the content you used to reference. 

  • Date 

  • It mentions the year, the months or the date. 

  • Data regarding publication 

  • You mention the location/ place and include the address of the object publisher. 

Harvard Referencing Manchester

The library Harvard Manchester provides the 'Harvard Manchester' style as a default endnote. It is equivalent to another 'Harvard' type standard End Note. The Manchester Harvard quote demonstrates writer titles, as generally found in Harvard style, instead of in the capital letters, throughout the reference section or even in the bibliography.

The Multicultural University of Manchester has a common Harvard type of reference named MMU Harvard. One can apply any media (for instance, archive, journal, webpage, and many more) as usual throughout the Harvard MMU model. 

The Harvard reference framework is a tradition that represents the lists and contents of references but not the formatting, and one can use standards for all formats. You can consult your teacher or advisor about any unique style requirements in the section for more information.

How Does Harvard Reference A Website In The Text? 

The in-text quotations in each research should be included within the character limit using the same referencing style. 

The list is often written in alphabetical order by the writer's name. 

As default for introducing any researched content, a variant of the Harvard referencing (creator period) can be used. At the same time, you add the writer's surname and the publishing year to the reference. 

Some key points to remember are – 

  • You will have to use the page numbers throughout your references by using a paraphrased quote, either suggestion of a particular page or a series of articles. For the section, the abbreviation is p. or pp. for several pages. 

  • You can mention the Publishing month. 

  • Many styles and standards are used for writing quotations, so you must know what style the client or the institution wants and uses the basic standard format, like Mentioning the Title or family name of writers or publishers and using chapter headings and endnotes.

How To Cite A Harvard Website, Harvard?

To cite a Harvard, you must put the title and year of publishing and italicise the title's font. You use the basic format as given below - 

1. References: Author Surname, Initial Year (page created or revised), the title of the page, Publisher (if any), viewed Day, Month and Year.

There are some essential terms you need to mention as you reference a website or a document -

  • Author (person or authority)

  • Year (or most recent date page created or revised)

  • Title of the page or document

  • Publisher or the name of the sponsor (if applicable)

  • Date viewed (Day Month Year)

  • URL

For other source types, like books, PDFs, or websites, check out other guides available on the internet. Again, you can use many sources, and we at Mont Digital use different ways to mention citations from different sources, as directed by the client. In addition, we can help you find a free citation generator to help you cite a website in Harvard style.

How Does Harvard Reference A Speech?

If you want to cite a speech for your content or webpage, you will have to find a transcript or recording of the speech and cite those in your documents as per the terms of the source (books, articles, or recordings) and rules for citation of the specific content. If you could not find any of these, you will still be able to reference a speech on your webpage by following the given format –

Format - Speaker, AA Year of speech, 'Title of speech', speech, Description of speech, Location, Day, Month of speech 

For example - Donald Trump's 2016 'Howdy Modi' speech, admiring PM Modi for election outreach at the Australian Veterans Memorial Service, Lightning Ridge, NSW, 11 August.

If there is no author - substitute the title in the place of the author.

Format -Title of work Year of Publication, Publisher, Location. Suppose the location is unknown - substitute n.p. in place of the location (there are no guidelines for citing works with no publisher in the Style Manual).

Format - For Authors, Editors, and Printers. It is acceptable in other styles to use the location and date. You can consult our experts or talk to your guide before citing material without a publisher. If the date is not known - substitute an approximate date in place of the year.

Format - Author, AA c. year, Title of work, Publisher, Location.How To Reference Legislation, Harvard?

Acts of Parliament: Title of the Act and year(in italics), jurisdiction abbreviation (in round brackets), and section/s if applicable. Italics are not used for Acts of Parliament of other nations.For Example - Modern Slavery Act 2015. (c.30).

For Bills: The name of the Bill and the Legislative Body- there are no italics, and the jurisdiction abbreviation (in round brackets),

For Cases: Popular title of the case (in italics). Year (in round brackets).Volume number

How To Reference An Online Article, Harvard?

For referencing an online article in Harvard style, you should follow the given points – 

Author (surname followed by initials).
Year of Publication (in round brackets).

  • Title of article (in single quotation marks).

  • Title of journal (in italics).

  • Issue information - volume (unbracketed) (where applicable), part number, month, or season (all in round brackets).

  • Page reference.

  • Do (if available).

As the journal reference provides enough bibliographic information for the article to be located, you mention the URL to simplify journal referencing; other elements no longer need to be included, for example, [Online], database title, and URL.

Each bibliographical entry must start from a new line. In the case of in-text citations, the style is parenthetical, where you include the author's surname, publication years and the page number.


You can even use the exact words from any source to quote and can use links to websites to quote a website, but for a standard Harvard-style academic paper, you must follow the rules. Here in this article, we tried to provide you with all relevant deta+ils regarding academic or research-related Harvard referencing and explained how to Harvard reference a website!

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